Episode 506.
WA:       Tonight, Marsha Russell and Dr. Michael Rossi made quick plans 
          to drive across the state line, stand before a ustice-of-the-
          peace, and take the marriage vows.  Both were convinced that 
          their marriage would force Marsha's former husband, Fred, to 
          stop his harassment of them and of Marsha's daughter Carolyn.  
          But neither Marsha nor Dr. Rossi counted on the strength of 
          Fred's refusal to accept the new order of things. 
Intro:    Marsha walks up to the porch of her house.  She pauses, appears 
          to take the key out of the mailbox, and then goes inside.  
          [Back in those days, burglary was rather uncommon and Peyton 
          Place evidently didn't have a locksmith, because Fred 
          apparently had no trouble getting in Marsha's house.] 
Scene 1:  In her house, Marsha hears someone and calls out, "Mike, Mike?"  
          It is not Mike.  It is her ex-husband Fred.  He asks, Where's 
          Carolyn?"  She is pleasant enough, showing no fright.  Marsha 
          tells him that Carolyn is spending the night at her friend, Pat 
          Porter's house.  He has prepared a fire in the fireplace.  He 
          offers to helps her off with her coat.  He tries to be 
          charming.  He offers her a drink.  She asks him to go.  She 
          says Mike will be there any minute.  He helps her off with her 
          coat.  He compliments her.  He attacks her.  [This is one of 
          the flashback scenes used in episode 514].  The door bell 
          rings.  Fred goes to the door.  It is Jeff Kramer.  He has come 
          to apologize to Mrs. Russell.  Marsha locks the door and puts 
          on the chain.  Fred says he'll be back.  She calls the hospital 
          to talk to Dr. Rossi.  Rossi asks her what is wrong.  She begs 
          him to come over right now.  He tells her to lock the door and 
          that he'll call her later.

Scene 2:  At the Colonial Post Inn, the desk clerk hands some mail to an 
          unidentified blonde lady.  Dr. Rossi walks up and inquires of 
          Fred Draper, the bartender if he has seen Fred Russell.  Rossi 
          goes outside and drives off in his sporty red convertible with 
          the rag-top in place. 
Scene 3:  At home, Dr. Miles talks with his wife.  She gives him a letter 
          from their son, Cliff.  At the hospital, Dr. Miles had received 
          a detective's report and is now preparing not to read it.  [The 
          inhabitants of Peyton Place seem to have a habit of ordering 
          detective reports and then not reading them.] 
Scene 4:  Vickie Fletcher goes into Lew's room to talk with him.  He is 
          listening to his grammaphone.  He is playing a 12 inch LP [long 
          play] album.  She talks about Larry Burrows, her old boy 
          friend, and hustler.  [Larry Burrows is not likely kin to Mr. 
          and Mrs. Burrows who resided on the farm next to the 

Scene 5:  Rossi goes into Ada Jacks' Tavern and asks her if she has seen 
          Fred Russell.  She says he was in a while ago and may be back 
          and for Rossi to have a seat.  He goes to a pay phone outside, 
          drops in a dime, puts the receiver to his ear, and dials 
          124-3133.  [This was before the era of cell phones and 
          mandatory ten digit dialing].  When the Colonial Post Inn 
          operator answers, he asks for Fred Russell's room.  Fred 
          answers but Rossi doesn't reply.  Rossi has zeroed-in on Fred.  
          Rossi hurries off toward the Inn. 
Scene 6:  When Steven returns to the Peyton mansion, he finds Jennifer 
          Ivers in the foyer, Martin Peyton's nurse, and then his mother, 
          Hannah Cord at the top of the stairs.  Hannah apologizes for 
          going upstairs, but explains that she wondered what changes 
          Steven had made. 

Scene 7:  In the foyer of the mansion, Steven talks to Jennifer Ivers and 
          Hannah joins them.  Jennifer leaves.  Steven talks with Hannah.  
          Hannah tells Steven that she still considers him to be her son.  
          He allows as how he doesn't share that sentiment.  She says she 
          learned a lot from Martin Peyton, and that she gave up a lot.  
          She asks for some of his grandfather's brandy.  She compliments 
          Steven on his longer hair.  She tells him that she had gone 
          back to live in Europe.  Hahhan says that there is a way for 
          Steven to inherit the money.  Hannah says, "You don't need 
          Betty."  Steven smiles. 
Scene 8:  Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker and Marsha Russell walk up to 
          room 9, Fred Russell's room at the Colonial Post Inn.  They 
          find Fred and Dr. Rossi.  Marsha asks Rossi what happened.  He 
          doesn't explain what happened.  Rossi picks up the phone and 
          calls the hospital for an ambulance. 
Preview:  Alma talks with Harry.  Marsha asks Dr. Rossi if Fred is going 
          to die.  Dr. Rossi says it is too soon to know. 

          AM:  I'm against using it as a club over his head.  I want him 
               to talk just as much as you do, but not this way. 
          HM:  He's waiting for us to blow this wide open because for 
               some reason this is too tricky for him to do himself.  
               He's waiting for his parents to start acting like parents. 

          MR:  Is it critical?
          DR:  I'm afraid it is.
          MR:  Is he going to die?
          DR:  It's too soon to know.
Telephone calls were still a dime at that point in time.