Episode 507.  
WA:       Tonight, three lives are on a collision course.  Marsha Russell 
          knows that Dr. Michael Rossi is out looking for her former 
          husband, Fred Russell.  And Marsha knows that Dr. Rossi is 
          bitterly angry.  She knows, too, that Fred is bitterly angry 
          and that he is capable of violence.  A few minutes ago, Marsha 
          persuaded the town police to let Sgt. Walker stand by while she 
          reasoned with Fred and talked him into a cool and rational 
          attitude.  She was not aware that while she talked to the 
          police, Dr. Rossi had found Fred Russell. 

Intro:    Outside the Colonial Post Inn, Marsha Russell awaits police 
          Sgt. William Wilson Walker.  Sgt. Walker walks past the red 
          over blue public U.S. Mail box.  Marsha is waiting by the sign 
          which has the symbols for four service clubs which meet 
          regularly there at the Inn.  [Bears and three others.] 
Scene 1:  Rossi is trying to revive Fred.  Rossi phones the hospital to 
          get an ambulance to the Colonial Post Inn, room 9.  Marsha asks 
          the doctor what happened.  Rossi speculates that Fred had 
          imbibed too much booze.  Rossi said that Fred had keeled over 
          before he got there. 
Scene 2:  On the wharf, Eli calls over to Charlie.  He wants Charlie to 
          play him a game of checkers.  Charlie says that he can't play 
          that night because it is his wife's anniversary.  He is taking 
          her to a show. 
Scene 3:  Eli walks into Ada Jacks' Tavern.  Ada asks why he is alone.  
          Eli says he has come in to eat. 
Scene 4:  Dr. Harry Miles is having supper with his wife and son at home, 
          as Rossi calls to ask for assistance with Fred Russell. 
Scene 5:  Norman is making a "Just Married" sign.  He and Rita go outside 
          to put the sign on Rossi's car.  Norman and Rita go to Doctors 
          Hospital and check in with miss Choate.  This is apparently the 
          last appearance of miss Choate in the series. 
Scene 6:  Dr. Harry Miles arrives and goes into Fred Russell's room to do 
          an examination. 

Scene 7:  Marsha is waiting in Dr. Rossi's office.  Rossi comes over and 
          explains what is happening. 

Scene 8:  Dr. Miles peeks into Fred Russell's room and Dr. Rossi joins 
          him in the hall.  The x-rays of Fred's skull are already in the 
          viewer.  Two police officers are sitting patiently waiting.  
          The doctors view the x-rays.  Dr. Retton, a lady M. D., points 
          out various features to the other doctors.  She was also seen 
          viewing Rodney Harrington's injuries.  Out in the hall, Dr. 
          Miles says that Dr. Jenkins will assist. 
Scene 9:  In Rossi's office, Marsha and Rossi talk about the hit-and-run 
          accident in New York City that Lew was involved in.  Fred has a 
          severe skull injury.  Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker knocks 
          and comes in.  He asks Rossi to drop in to the police station 
          later on. 
Preview:  Alma Miles talks to Lewis.  Steven Cord talks to Dr. Rossi. 
          AM:  The fact is an innocent human being was hit by a car.  I 
               want you to face that. 

          SC:  And there seems to be a very real possibility there could 
               be a charge of premeditated murder.  And the man who's 
               responsible, and that is you, Mike.  And you know it. 

Charlie, of the Cider Barrel, is hen-pecked.
Dr. Retton-