Episode 508.
WA:       Tonight, Steven Cord received a phone call from Dr. Michael 
          Rossi requesting some legal advice.  Ordinarily a routine 
          matter.  But the advice Dr. Rossi is looking for, concerns the 
          sudden and unexplained collapse of Fred Russell, the ex-husband 
          of the woman Dr. Rossi had planned to marry. 
Intro:    People walking on the darkened street.  Rossi arrives at the 
Scene 1:  Steven comes over to Rossi's office.  Marsha is there.  Steven 
          and Rossi talk about Fred's injuries.  Steven says absolutely 
          no statements.  Carolyn comes in and hugs her mother. 
Scene 2:  Carolyn continues to talk with her mother and Dr. Rossi.  Dr. 
          Miles comes in and tells Carolyn her father, Fred, is in a 
          coma, and that they have relieved the pressure on the brain.  
          Rossi says he will be back as soon as he can. 
Scene 3:  At the Miles house, in Lew's room, Alma Miles talks to her son.  
          Lew says he can't go on hurting the people he loves most.  They 
          chat at length. 
Scene 4:  At the courthouse, Steven knocks, and goes in to see the Asst. 
          D.A. Jerry W. Carter, who is the prosecutor.  They chat about 
          the case more or less off the record.  Carter doesn't relish 
          taking a pillar of the community to court. 
Scene 5:  Fred Russell is resting in his hospital bed with an IV 
          container connected.  Marsha is there with Fred.  She speaks to 
          him.  Fred says that he loves her and that "Rossi did this 
          to me". 
Preview:  Dr. Miles talks with his Alma.  Betty scolds Steven.  Marsha 
          talks to Carolyn. 
          DM:  Well, if you're talking about Lew.  
          AM:  I am.  He'll come to you.  I know it.  I know he will.  
          DM:  When?  Next week, next month, next year? 
          BA:  It doesn't bother you that you couldn't get anything from 
               your grandfather while he was alive.  But that you have no 
               qualms to take it now that he is dead. 
          MR:  Whatever happened between these two men it couldn't be 
          CR:  Sure, sure.  
          MR:  Now listen to me. 

Asst. D.A. Jerry W. Carter-William Sargent.