Episode 509.
WA:       It is not uncommon for Dr. Harry Miles to leave emergency 
          surgery and return home in the dark hours of the morning.  But 
          today, at 4:00 a.m., he comes home knowing that somehow he must 
          deal with a growing family crisis.  A crisis that was 
          interrupted by the medical emergency.  Now, as he enters home 
          he makes a decision.  A way of handling his own wife and son, a 
          way that will force them to come to him and tell him 
Intro:    Dr. Miles drives in the darkness and goes in his front door. 
Scene 1:  Dr. Miles has coffee and talks to his wife a short while.  He 
          talks about the blood alcohol content of Fred Russell.  Dr. 
          Miles tosses the detective's report in the fireplace.  
          Destroying evidence was a running theme in the series. 
Scene 2:  Dr. Michael Rossi goes to the old Carson (Mackenzie) 
          house to see Marsha.  They kiss, they talk.  She offers him 
          food.  He asks where Carolyn is.  Marsha tells him that Carolyn 
          is upstairs sleeping, that she has finally dozed off.  Marsha 
          has been cleaning house. 
Scene 3:  In a quiet area off a corridor at Doctors Hospital, Carolyn is 
          wheeling around in a wheel chair talking to Jeff Kramer.  
          Carolyn says she expects Fred to die.  Jeff offers to take 
          Carolyn to the wharf to eat seafood. 
Scene 4:  Betty Harrington, acting much like a Century 21 agent, shows a 
          couple the Rodney Harrington and Betty Anderson Harrington Cord 
          Harrington house.  The man fusses at the lady for saying 
          positive things about the house.  Steven comes in.  He says 
          he's going after the will, without Betty, but by himself. 
Scene 5:  Carolyn is talking with her mother in Rossi's office.  Marsha 
          mentions that neither of them has eaten for a long while.  Dr. 
          Rossi comes in and Carolyn goes over to his bed and kisses her 
          father.  Marsha joins them.  Carolyn has an accumulation of 
          mis-information.  They go back out in the corridor.  The nurse 
          leaves Fred's room. 

Scene 6:  Rossi walks through the corridor into Fred Russell's room.  He 
          finds Fred unconscious.  Rossi goes out and tells Marsha and 
          Carolyn.  Marsha says, "He's dead, isn't he?" 
Scene 7:  The phone rings at the Information desk.  Police Sgt. William 
          Wilson Walker calls Dr. Rossi to check on Fred Russell's 
          conditon.  Dr. Rossi informs the police sergeant that Fred has 
          expired.  Rossi mulls over the situation. 
Preview:  Dr. Miles talks to his son.  Norman and Rita talk.  Rossi talks 
          to Steven. 

          DM:  Nothing seems to be important to you anymore.  What's the 
               matter.  You're not man enough to say what you mean. 
          NH:  The police are going to ask a lot of questions.  
          RJ:  I'd do anything to help. 
          NH:  What do you mean, anything? 
          RJ:  I would lie my head off. 
          DR:  One thing you need to know.  Fred Russell named me as 
               being responsible for his injury.