Episode 510.
WA:       Dr. Rossi, along with many Peyton Place townspeople, spent the 
          night waiting for Fred Russell to recover from surgery.  When 
          he died, during the early morning hours, Dr. Rossi became a 
          suspect to his murder.  Marsha Russell heard Fred's deathbed 
          confession naming Dr. Rossi responsible.  Marsha, like all the 
          others, must now wait and see, then decide to speak or remain 
Intro:    Carolyn Russell standing and Marsha Russell sitting, in front 
          of the Pillory.  Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker and another 
          policeman on either side of Rossi and Steven, walk across the 
          square.  Marsha joins them as they walk to jail. 
Scene 1:  Marsha is asked to leave as Dr. Rossi is being booked.  Rossi 
          empties his pockets, removes his ring, his belt and his 
          necktie.  His fingerprints are taken.  
Scene 2:  Steven talks with and comforts Marsha.  He says that he will 
          apply immediately for bail.  Dr. Miles arrives and regresses to 
          the booking area. 
Scene 3:  Dr. Miles comes to visit Dr. Rossi.  Rossi sniffs the ink on 
          his fingers.  Harry has come to talk to Rossi about the report 
          to the trustees.  He is working with a Dr. Morgan. 
Scene 4:  Steven Cord is allowed to visit with his client, Dr. Rossi, who 
          is scrubbing the ink off of his hands, in his jail cell.  Rossi 
          says he didn't remember the cells being this small. 
Scene 5:  At the Miles' home, the doctor talks with his son.  They 
          discuss the disadvantages of death. 
Scene 6:  At home, Marsha looks out the window and sits down to do some 
          needle-work as Carolyn walks in.  They reminisce about dead 
          Fred.  But Carolyn would rather talk about her future. 
Scene 7:  Lewis Miles talks with his NY girl friend Vickie Fletcher. 
Scene 8:  In Marsha Russell's home, Steven arrives to talk with Marsha.  
          Steven thinks he can get Rossi released on bail.  Marsha says 
          she wants to marry Dr. Rossi, immediately.  Steven leaves. 
Scene 9:  In the apartment over the Pharmacy, Norman and Rita talk.  Rita 
          tells Norman that Fred Russell died and that Dr. Rossi has been 
          arrested.  Sgt. William Wilson Walker comes in the apartment 
          and talks to Norman and Rita.  Sgt. Walker tells Norman that 
          Dr. Rossi has been arrested.  Walker leaves.  Norman and Rita 
          continue to talk.  Rita asserts that she won't testify against 
Preview:  Eli announces his engagement by shouting to the town, out the 
          front door.  Steven tells Marsha and Rossi that bail has been 
          EC:  Hey out there, did you hear that?  Maggie Riggs is 
               going to be Mrs. Eli Carson. 

          SC:  Bail has been denied.
          MR:  I don't understand, Steven.  You seemed so sure.
Asst. D.A. Jerry W. Carter-William Sargent.
George, Policeman, jailer-Joe Feury, real-life spouse of Lee Grant.