Episode 511.
WA:       Marsha Russell's former husband, Fred Russell, has died, 
          following surgery for a severe skull injury.  And the man 
          Marsha had planned to marry, Dr. Michael Rossi, has been 
          arrested, booked, and jailed on a charge of suspicion of murder 
          in connection with Fred Russell's death.  Now Marsha hurries 
          into the courthouse building to see Dr. Rossi, and to try to 
          ease the burden of what she is convinced is a false accusation. 
Intro:    Marsha Russell drives over to the courthouse and goes in.  
          Rossi sits up in his cell, seeing Marsha approach, stands up 
          and puts on his suit coat. 
Scene 1:  In his cell, Rossi is standing and talking to Marsha.  She 
          kisses him.  They sit and talk about Rossi's dilemma.  She says 
          that Carolyn will be all right.  

          However, Steven Cord joins them and tells them that bail has 
          been denied.  Steven leaves.  Rossi understandably is rather 
Scene 2:  Eli climbs the steps to Maggie's house, knocks, and is let in.  
          Eli again asks Maggie Riggs to marry him.  She tries to take 
          her old ring off.  It doesn't seem to budge.  She says "Yes, 
          I'll be Mrs. Eli Carson."  Joyfully, Eli announces to the 
          world, out the front door, that Maggie has agreed to become 
          Mrs. Eli Carson. 
Scene 3:  Susan Winter goes in to Ada Jacks' Tavern to talk to her 
          ex-husband Tom.  She says that Rossi needs to dump Steven, and 
          get an expensive lawyer.  She says that her father will be glad 
          to help.  She says that Steven is too busy trying to get his 
          hands on the Peyton money to do justice to Rossi's case. 
Scene 4:  Dr. Miles and Steven are in the courthouse having seen Dr. 
          Rossi.  Alma Miles greets Steven and then leaves. 
Scene 5:  Mrs. Miles invites her potential daughter-in-law, Vickie to 
          stay with them. 
Scene 6:  In his jail cell, Dr. Rossi is visited by his potential 
          step-daughter, Carolyn Russell.  She sits on the cot and talks 
          with him.  Carolyn apologizes for the way she acted at the 
Preview:  Steven talks to Marsha Russell about Fred Russell's 
          philandering.  Betty talks with Norman about the Peyton money. 
          SC:  I thought your embarassment about Fred's adultery was over 
               by now. 
          MR:  Steven, obviously I am not getting through to you.  
          SC:  Are you still worried about this kind of testimony coming 
               out in court? 
          BA:  Why should you let Steven walk off with what's yours?
          NH:  If you can't have the money you can't stand the thought 
               that Steven might get it. 
          BA:  Can you?