Episode 512.
WA:       Dr. Michael Rossi has been jailed on a charge of suspicion of 
          murder involving the death of Fred Russell.  The whole town is 
          shocked and angrily divided into camps of guilty or innocent.  
          Dr. Rossi, swearing innocence can only pace his cell and wait 
          for his preliminary hearing.  Marsha is attempting to reveal as 
          much positive information as she can to Steven Cord, who is 
          working hard on Rossi's case.  Steven attended a coroner's 
          inquest last night and today he is convinced that the defense 
          has at least some place to go. 
Intro:    The courthouse.  Rossi is in his jail cell, folding a blanket.  
          He is wearing a suit, and vest, but no cravat and no belt.  A 
          jail worker, wearing a badge, accompanied by a guard, brings 
          Rossi a tray with his breakfast:  Oatmeal, grapefruit, coffee, 
          a muffin, water, a napkin and tableware and places the tray on 
          a small table in the cell. 
Scene 1:  Marsha enters Steven's outer office.  She is wearing two 
          strings of white pearls around her neck.  Steven's secretary 
          miss Nolan offers Marsha some coffee while she waits for 
          Steven.  Marsha asks how the baby is.  When he arrives, Steven 
          takes her into his inner office and asks her for information 
          about Fred's associates.  She mentions Donna Franklin as Fred's 
          girl friend.  Steven asks if Donna's Husband, Bob, ever 
          threatened Fred.  Steven asked if Fred had any business 
          enemies.  Marsha replied that Fred had many business enemies.  
          He was often in court. 
Scene 2:  In the square, Jeff Kramer and two other boys are tossing a 
          football around near the Pillory as Lew Miles walks up.  Lew 
          mentions cowboy movie star Hopalong Cassidy. 
Scene 3:  Betty goes in the motorcycle shop and talks with Norman, who is 
          drinking an orange soda.  He offers her a soda.  They talk 
          about how Betty has been driving to and from Boston.  And how 
          she is enjoying the Harrington house.  They are pleasant, at 
          first, and then shift into the confrontational mode. 
Scene 4:  On the wharf, Marsha Russell goes over and talks to ex-Rev. Tom 
          Winter.  They go aboard his boat, then b'low deck, and talk.  
          She tells Tom that Michael needs him, now.  She asks him to 
          take care of Fred's funeral services.  He agrees to do 
          something simple and non-denominational.  Marsha makes pleasant 
          small talk and leaves. 
Scene 5:  Upon returning home, Marsha talks with her daughter, Carolyn.  
          She talks about Fred's funeral, Tom Winter and Steven Cord.  
          Marsha tells Carolyn that she wants her to go visit her Aunt 
Scene 6:  At the hospital, Dr. Miles reluctantly talks with his son.  
          Lewis follows him into the conference room.  Dr. Miles makes it 
          clear he does not want to talk to Lewis now.  Dr. Green is 
Preview:  Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker talks to Dr. Miles.  Susan 
          Winter talks with ex-husband ex-Rev. Tom Winter.  Rossi talks 
          with Rita about helping, but not lying. 


          SW:  Tom, I have hated you.  I have hated you.  
          TW:  [Slaps Susan]. 

          MR:  I have the feeling you want to do anything you can to help 
               but not by lying. 
          RJ:  It will probably keep you out of prison.
MEL:      A man by the name of Larry Burrows fingered Lew as the driver, 
          in the NYC felony hit-and-run accicent.  A warrant is being 
          made out for the arrest of Lew miles. 
Joe Feury as policeman, jailer. [Real-life spouse of Lee Grant.]
Hopalong Cassidy-William Boyd was a popular 1940's cowboy movie star.