Episode 513.
WA:       Dr. Michael Rossi had planned to marry Marsha Russell on this 
          day.  But the death of Marsha's former husband, Fred Russell, 
          and the arrest of Michael Rossi, charged with murder, has 
          demolished those plans.  The evidence against Michael Rossi is 
          highly circumstancial, and to Marsha and most of the residents 
          of Peyton Place, it is a combination of events which simply put 
          Michael Rossi in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Be that as 
          it may, Michael Rossi is today facing a very different kind of 
          life sentence than the one he had hoped a judge would pronounce 
          for him and Marsha.     
Intro:    In his jail cell, Dr. Rossi impatiently runs his hand along the 
          chain which supports the cot.  The guard brings him a 
          newspaper.  It is probably a Clarion but it appears to be 
          larger than a normal Peyton Place Clarion. 
Scene 1:  In the Peyton Courthouse, Marsha comes to visit Dr. Rossi.  The 
          jailer admits her to Rossi's cell.  They kiss and talk.  Marsha 
          says she wants to get married right away.  She wants them to go 
          to Owen's Ridge.  Rossi explains that this is a hearing, not a 
Scene 2:  Eli comes to visit Maggie Riggs.  He kisses her on the lips.  
          She invites him in for some hot cereal.  She tells him that if 
          they are going to be Mr. and Mrs., they must share the good and 
          the bad.  She offers to watch the General Store while he is in 
          court.  He declines.  He talks about the townfolk in the Cider 
          Barrel making wagers on the outcome of the hearing. 
Scene 3:  Meanwhile, back at the Cider Barrel, Charlie serves coffee to 
          Dr. Miles.  His son comes in and talks with him for a while.  
          Lew mentions that he knows that there are only five black 
          neuro-surgeons in the entire country.  Lew leaves.  

          Sgt. William Wilson Walker comes in and talks with Dr. Miles.  
          Sgt. Walker says that the New York police talked with a man 
          named Larry Burrows. 
Scene 4:  Inside the church sanctuary, Tom Winter comes in and talks with 
          his ex-spouse, Susan.  She says that she has wanted to talk to 
          Tom.  She begins to rant and rave.  She says that she hated 
          him.  Tom slaps her and she begins crying.  She leaves the 
Scene 5:  Back in his cell in the Peyton County jail, Dr. Rossi washes 
          his hands in a lavatory just below the barred windows.  Rita 
          Harrington is let into his cell to talk with the doctor.  She 
          has brought him a small transistor radio.  [They didn't have 
          Bose Wave® radios back then.]  She tells Rossi that she 
          will not testify against him.  He admonishes her to be honest 
          in her testimony.  Not to lie.  She tells Rossi that she has 
          been having nausea.  He asks if it is in the morning.  He asks 
          her if she is pregnant.  She says that she thinks so.  Rossi 
          tells her to go see Dr. Morgan.  He scolds her for not seeking 
          medical advice sooner.  Rita kisses Rossi.  Rossi calls to 
          George, the jailer.  He lets Rita out.  

          Norman, wearing dark slacks and a sports coat, joins them just 
          outside the cell and asks if Rita is sick.  Norman says that 
          they are behind him all the way.  Norman and Rita leave. 
Scene 6:  Outside the courthouse, Norman and Rita walk to the bandstand 
          in the square.  In the background is the Jewelry store which is 
          the first store to the east of the Clarion, with an intervening 
          grassy alcove about eight feet wide.  Norman picks a flower for 
          Rita.  Rossi is seen watching them through the bars of his 
Preview:  Marsha testifies.  Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker talks with 
          Lew Miles.  Norman answers questions of Steven. 
          Ju:  I want a direct answer, Mrs. Russell.  Did your 
               ex-husband tell you that Dr. Rossi was responsible for 
               his skull wound? 
          Ma:  Yes, that's what he said.  He accused Dr. Rossi.
          WWW: And, I don't have to worry about you, do I?  
          LM:  Hey, I'm not going to take off, if that's what you mean? 
          SC:  Did he say anything else?  
          NH:  He said it was a good thing that he didn't hit Mr. 
               Russell, or he would have been in a lot of trouble. 
Judge-Michael Strong.