First COLOR episode
First B & W episode
Episode 514.

Written by Del Reisman.
Directed by Everett Chambers
Produced by Paul Monash.
Series adapted for television by Paul Monash

Introductory Credits:

Ed Nelson                  Dr. Michael Rossi
Barbara Parkins            Betty Anderson
Christopher Connelly       Norman Harrington
Patricia Morrow            Rita Harrington
James Douglas              Steven Cord
Elizabeth "Tippy" Walker   Carolyn Russell
Percy Rodriguez            Dr. Harry Miles

And also Starring:

Barbara Rush               Marsha Russell
MEL:      Ryan O'Neal was not credited in the last several episodes.  
          Rodney Harrington had moved to a college apartment in Boston.  
          His last episode was 501.  Ryan O'Neal plays Rodney 
          Scavo in episode 13 of "Desperate Housewives," the father of 
          Tom Scavo, and the father-in-law of Lynette Scavo.  And the
          grandfather of Peter, Porter, Preston, and Penny Scavo.  
          Elizabeth Walker assumed the name "Tippy" in honor of "Tippi 
WA:       Mr. and Mrs. Norman Harrington saw Dr. Michael Rossi less than 
          an hour ago, and promised him that when they took the stand as 
          witnesses in his preliminary hearing, they would speak the 
          truth, no matter how damaging it might be to Dr. Rossi.  But 
          during the past hour, Norman and Rita have become increasingly 
          concerned.  They feel that their statements from the stand will 
          help bind Dr. Rossi over for trial, on a charge of murder. 
Intro:    Rita and Norman are walking across the square to the courthouse.  
          They walk past a woman [actress Nikki Wilk] and her two children 
          [the real-life children of Everett Chambers], seemingly waiting 
          for another court.  Spectators and witnesses entering the Rossi 
Scene 1:  In the preliminary hearing, Michael F. B. Rossi is charged with 
          first degree murder of Fredrick A. Russell.  The witnesses are 
          sworn in, en masse.  Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker gives 
          his name and address, 80 Collins Street.  Steven Cord expertly 
          cross-examines Sgt. Walker.  The judge [name never given] 
          examines Sgt. Walker.  The judge is concerned about state of 
          mind.  After he finishes his testimony, and is excused police 
          Sgt. Walker walks over, whispers to his potential son-in-law, 
          Lewis, and asks the young man to follow him out.  Outside, Sgt. 
          Walker tells him that he has an arrest warrant for Lewis for 
          felony hit-and-run, in New York City.  As soon as he is free, 
          he is to come to Sgt. Walker's desk at the police station. 
Scene 2:  Back in the courtroom, Marsha testifies, intersperced with 
          brief flashbacks of her ex-husband abusing her and when he was 
          in his hospital bed.  She begins being vague and unresponsive.  
          She finally admits that Fred accused Rossi of what eventually 
          resulted in his death.  Norman Harrington is called to the 
          stand.  He testifies about the scene outside the hospital when 
          Rossi and Russell almost came to blows.  The prosecutor, 
          Assistant District Attorney Jerry Carter, objects to one of 
          Steven's questions and is overruled.  A brief flashback is 
          shown.  Norman continues.  Another brief flashback is shown.  
          Rita is called to testify.  Rita reluctantly relates her 
          knowledge of the feud between Rossi and Russell.  The Judge, 
          [played by Michael Strong, Dr. Roger Korby in Star Trek episode 
          "What Little Girls are made of"], recesses court until 1:45. 
Scene 3:  Still in the courtroom, Marsha and Rossi talk, and drink coffee 
          out of those classy paper cups, the expensive kind of paper 
          cups that have fold-out handles. 
Scene 4:  Ada Jacks is called to testify.  She gives a description of an 
          encounter that Dr. Rossi and Fred Russell had at the Tavern.  
          Dr. Miles testifies.  Michael Rossi, the defendant, testifies 
          in his own behalf.  

          Mr. Hagen, the proprietor of a small motel, "out near the 
          junction," testifies about Fred Russell and a woman purported 
          to be Mrs. Russell, checking in to his motel.  [This was of an 
          era before the large motel chains].  He says the woman had a 
          ton of long blonde hair.  [This would tend to infer to us that 
          it was Susan Winter who had a motive for killing Mr. Russell.]

          The judge asks counsel to approach the bench.  He then requests 
          the attorneys waive final arguments, and binds Dr. Rossi over 
          for trial.  Eli Carson, whose son spent 18 years in prison, 
          unjustly convicted, goes over and pats Rossi on the back as a 
          gesture of support.  

          Dr. Rossi hugs Marsha Russell.  Steven Cord tries to assure 
          Rossi that the indictment will be overturned.  Marsha tells 
          Rossi that she loves him.  Rossi is then led away to his cell 
          by the jailer.  Leaning on the bench, Marsha cries, and her 
          daughter, Carolyn, comes over to comfort her. 

Scene 5:  Leaving the courtroom, Lewis Miles almost collides with a woman 
          and her two young children on their way to room 120, most 
          likely domestic court.  
MEL:      The two children were played by Darin and Alicia Chambers, the 
          real-life children of Director Everett Chambers.  The mother 
          was played by Nikki Wilk, also the first day waitress at the 
          Colonial Post Inn in episode 502.  The actor who played Freddy, 
          who was standing near Gus Chernak when Peyton visited the mill 
          in Episode 159, appears to be the same actor as the one who 
          played Mario, friend of Lee Webber.  Webber greeted Mario after 
          charges were dropped in the preliminary hearing.  Mario appears 
          in several scenes in the Tavern.  Another instance, including 
          the Markham twins, of a person playing two separate and 
          distinct roles in this series. 
Scene 6:  Dr. Miles talks to his son, Lewis.  The doctor tells Lewis that 
          he will let his son make his own decisions.  Lewis has not yet 
          decided what he is going to do, but he says that he is not 
          running anymore. 
Scene 7:  Susan and Tom talk.  Susan tells Tom that she is thinking of 
          going to see Dr. Rossi.  Tom suggests that she should talk with 
          Steven.  He places her hand in his.  One of the few instances of 
          closure in this teledrama. 
Scene 8:  Dr. Rossi in his jail cell, pacing.  Still in his dress suit, but
          with neither his tie nor belt, Rossi lies down on his jail cot. 

Closing credits:


Evelyn Scott as Ada Jacks
Morris Buchanan as police Sgt. William Wilson Walker
William Sargent as Asst. D.A. Jerry Carter
Glynn Turman as Lew Miles
Robert Hogan as Rev. Tom Winter
George Dunn as Mr. Hagen, the motel proprietor

Frank Ferguson as Eli Carson
John Findlater as Jeff Kramer
Joe Maross as Fred Russell [Fugitive, Coralee; 10,000 Pieces of 
  silver-Mel Bailey]. 
Nikki Wilk as Mother of two children [the second role for Nikki Wilk].
Darin Chambers as Child
Alicia Chambers as Child
Jacqueline Mayo as Duty Nurse

Guest Star:
Diana Hyland as Susan Winter [Fugitive, When the Bough Breaks-Laura 
  Set Fire to a Straw Man-Stella.  
  The Devil's Disciples-Penny.
  Dossier on a Diplomat-Ell Priestly.]

Michael Strong as judge [Fugitive, A Clean and Quiet Town-Ollie Enright]. 
Arthur Morton

Music Supervision:
Lionel Newman

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