Episode 58.
          Elliot makes an unscheduled visit to his parole officer in 
          White River. 

WA:       George Anderson, angry and distraught, has just left Leslie 
          Harrington's office at the mill.  The heated words between them 
          have rekindled deep-seated resentment.  Resentment that George 
          finds is increasingly difficult to control. 

Intro:    The smokestack at the Mill.  An angry George Anderson is coming 
          out of the mill after seeing Leslie Harrington. 

Scene 1:  Paul drives up narrowly missing George and offers him a lift 
          home.  George walks around the car and gets in the left side.  
          Paul says, "You look as if you could use a quick one, a drink."  
          Paul commences another of his creepy conversations.  George 
          doesn't want a drink, but Paul eventually talks him into it.  
          George agrees to drink one beer, only one.  Instead of taking 
          him home, Paul heads for Ada Jacks' Tavern. 
Scene 2:  Julie comes into the house carrying a small sack and calls out, 
          "George, I'm home."  Betty tells her that George isn't there.  
          They wonder where George is.  Julie muses that George may have 
          gone out to get something for golf or some shaving cream. 
Scene 3:  Leslie has just put his coat in the entry closet and is closing 
          the closet door, as Norman comes down the stairs.  Leslie 
          inquires what they will do for dinner since Christine has the 
          night off.  Norman explains what a study date is.  He says that 
          the couple has a pizza and go to the library.  Christine has 
          said she would make sandwiches.  Norman promises to do better.  
          Studies and the like.  Norman thanks Leslie for dropping the 
          codicil suit.  Wainwright phones and says he is coming over.  
          Leslie tells Norman, maybe he'd better eat out. 
Scene 4:  In White River, Elliot has come to talk to his parole officer, 
          about moving to Miami Florida where his father is.  He wants to 
          know the procedure.  Elliot says that he has seven years and 
          eight months left on his sentence.  

                             Bureau of Paroles 
                             White River Div. 
                             E. J. Taggart 301 

Scene 5:  Allison and Rodney are beginning their study date as 
          explained above:  a pizza, and a later trip to the library.  
          While at the Pizza parlor, Rodney tells her that his father has 
          decided to drop the court battle over the codicil.  Rodney 
          mentions that Peyton could fire Leslie any day. 
Scene 6:  In the Harrington house, attorney Robert Wainwright offers 
          Leslie a deal.  In return for a letter of resignation, Leslie 
          will receive a settlement.  Wainwright says that Peyton has 
          interviewed replacements. 
Scene 7:  Norman is going for a walk as Matthew Swain calls to him.  
          Swain asks Norman to come inside the Clarion and talk.  Norman 
          says that society needs shaking up.  Matthew says rebels don't 
          contribute.  He says that if a cat decides to have her kittens 
          in an oven, that doesn't make them biscuits.  Norman asks 
          Matthew if he ever wrote folk songs. 
Scene 8:  Constance has driven to the beach house and Elliot invites her 
          in.  He helps her off with her coat.  They talk about Elliot 
          leaving Peyton Place.  Julie Anderson phones asking if Elliot 
          has seen George.  Elliot says he will go look for him.  He 
          helps Constance back on with her coat.  Constance asks if there 
          is anything she can do.  Elliot suggests she go and stay with 
          Julie since Betty is working at the hospital. 

Scene 9:  At Ada Jacks' Tavern, Paul and George are drinking.  George 
          says that he has already put Julie through enough.  George asks 
          Paul why he waited for him at the mill.  Paul says George and 
          Elliot have a lot in common.  Paul has Ada come over and orders 
          another beer.  Paul asks Ada to tell George the truth about 
          Paul's sister and Leslie Harrington.  Paul says he wants to 
          shed a little light.  Paul says that Julie was not the first 
          woman that Leslie chased after.  That he has been getting away 
          with that for years.
Scene 10: In the Anderson house, Constance is waiting with Julie for 
          George to come home.  Julie says the situation is hopeless.  
          George is George.  He is never going to change.  The telephone 
          rings and Elliot tells her that George was at Ada's and he left 
          with Paul Hanley.  Elliot says he will be in touch with her and 
          hangs up. 
          Back at the Tavern, Ada says, "Elliot, if you have any sense 
          stay out of it."  Elliot asks if they are going to the 
          Harrington place.  Elliot tells Leslie to keep George talking 
          until he can get there.  Ada says, "When are you ever going to 
          learn?"  Elliot calls Leslie to warn him about George Anderson. 
Preview:  Julie talks with Constance.  Paul talks with George.  Miss 
          Choate talks with Dr. Rossi. 
          JA:  Connie, what am I going to do?  
          CM:  Let go of me.
          PH:  George, don't you realize who killed my sister?  
               I found out.  Now come on.  Think about it. 
          GA:  Shut up.  Shut up.  Shut up.
          MC:  Emergency service.  There has been a shooting, at the 
               Harrington house.  The ambulance is waiting for you.
          MR:  Notify the blood bank.  Have the inhalation squad 
               standing by.
Second appearance of E.J. Taggart, parole officer-Dabbs Greer.  He 
  previously appeared in episode 40.