Episode 59.
          George shoots Elliot by accident. 

WA:       Behind the iron gates of the big house on the hill, an uneasy 
          Leslie Harrington locks and bolts the door.  For Elliot Carson 
          has just phoned to warn him that George Anderson has been 
          drinking at Ada Jacks' Tavern.  And now he is on his way to the 
          Harrington house, angry and deeply disturbed. 
Intro:    The Harrington house. 
Scene 1:  Leslie turns off the porch light, locks the front door and goes 
          up the stairs. 
Scene 2:  Julie and Constance almost get into a fight.  Julie asks 
          Constance if she knows something about Paul Hanley.  Constance 
          avoids the question. 

Scene 3:  Paul is driving George toward the Harrington house.  Paul 
          convinces George that Leslie killed Elizabeth, and has been his 
          wife's good friend.  They arrive at the Harrington house.  
          Paul drops George off and speeds away.  George wraps his scarf 
          around his had to protect it and breaks the window by the front 
          door.  He reaches in, unbolts and unlocks the door. 

          [In episode 302 Steven Cord breaks this same window the night 
          of the fire.  When Gus Chernak breaks in, he uses the french 
          doors at the rear of the mansion.  If you aren't yet familiar 
          with that part of the story, then disregard the previous two 
Scene 4:  At the Colonial Post Inn, Matthew Swain meets up with Grace and 
          Dr. Robert Morton.  Matthew shows them a paper with Claire's 
                            LOCAL DOCTOR HONORED  
          Matthew asks to interview Claire for the Clarion.  Dr. Morton 
          suggests that Matthew interview her now.  He goes off to call 
          her in New York.  Matthew and Grace talk.  Robert tells Grace 
          that Claire wasn't registered at the hotel in New York. 
Scene 5:  Leslie hears the glass break, gets his revolver, and confronts 
          a sobriety challenged George Anderson.  George is holding a 
          dagger-like letter opener.  George accuses Leslie of killing 
          Elizabeth.  Leslie denies any thing is going on between himself 
          and Julie.  George talk and George pretends to fall and break 
          his arm.  He kicks the gun out of Leslie's hand.  George grabs 
          the gun and points it at Leslie.  The telephone rings.  George 
          tells Leslie to go ahead and answer it.  George asks if he is 
          imagining that it is Julie.  Leslie tells George to talk to 
          Julie.  George says that he wants a written confession. 
Scene 6:  Norman is wandering around the square as Paul Hanley pulls up.  
          Paul invites Norman to have coffee with him at the Inn.  Norman 
          says he would like to.  [We learn in scene 9 that Paul enjoyed 
          a steak.] 
Scene 7:  Elliot arrives at the Harrington house reaches through the 
          broken window, opens the front door, and slips in.  George 
          still has the gun pointed at Leslie.  Leslie has signed a 
          confession.  Elliot tells George to give him the gun.  George 
          says that there has been enough talk.  Elliot lunges for the 
          revolver and is shot in the abdomen.  George shouts for a 
          medic.  Leslie comes over and George asks him why he is 
          here instead of in Peyton Place.  George is having a flashback.  
          He asks where the stretcher is?  George demands a stretcher.  
          Leslie says, "Give me the gun, George."  George lets him take 
          the gun. 
Scene 8:  At the hospital, miss Choate is harassing Betty.  Betty says 
          that there was a problem at home.  Miss Choate tells Betty that 
          the hospital is a machine.  Dr. Rossi walks up and intervenes.  
          Rossi says, "Miss Choate is right, miss Anderson.  We are the 
          new breed here.  No feelings, no failings."  The telephone 
          rings and miss Choate answers.  She is told about the shooting 
          at the Harrington house and tells Rossi.  Dr. Rossi shifts into 
          emergency mode. 

Scene 9:  At the Inn, Norman asks Paul how the steak was.  Tough and 
          un-yielding.  Paul talks about his family.  Paul goes into his 
          wierd conversation mode.  Paul asks for the check and tells 
          Norman, "The treat's on me." 
Scene 10: Julie and Constance are talking in the Anderson livingroom.  
          The telephone rings and Julie answers.  Leslie tells Julie, 
          "George shot Elliot Carson."  Julie grabs Constance and says, 
          "George shot Elliot.  What are we going to do?"  Constance 
          says, "Let go of me.  Sorry, Julie," and leaves angrily. 
Scene 11: Allison goes in to see Matthew.  She is accompanied by Rodney.  
          There is a police car siren heard, then an ambulance siren.  
          Matthew calls the police station and asks for Sgt. Brown and 
          then Charlie.  Sirens are heard. 
Preview:  Leslie talks with Matthew Swain.  Constance talks to Julie 
          Anderson.  Paul Hanley talks with Rodney. 
          LH:  Matt, I want you to soft peddle this in the paper.
          MS:  You do?
          LH:  There's no reason to go into detail.  It can only cause 
          MS:  You've been asking trouble for a long time, Leslie. 
          CM:  That man you just brought in, is he still alive?
               Oh, Dr. Morton.
          PH:  You better go home, Harrington.
          RH:  Are you taking over, Mr. Hanley?
          PH:  There's been some trouble with your father.
          RH:  For once in your life.  Just say it straight out.  
               What happened?