Episode 60.
          Rossi operates on Elliot for the gunshot wound. 

WA:       An ambulance speeds through Peyton Place on its way to the 
          Harrington House.  Dr. Michael Rossi only knows there has been 
          a shooting.  He doesn't know the cause or the victim. 
Intro:    The square, late evening.  Allison and Rodney are outside in 
          front of the Clarion.  Paul Hanley and Norman Harrington are on 
          the square also.  They hear the sirens.  The ambulance drives 
          by the front of the Clarion.  Dr. Rossi is in the passenger 
          seat of the ambulance.  The ambulance pulls up in front of the 
          iron gate of the mansion. 

Scene 1:  At the Harrington house, Dr. Rossi, carrying his bag, and the 
          driver, open and go through the iron gate.  Rossi knocks and 
          is let in by police sergeant Edward "Ed" Goddard.  There is only 
          one police officer present.  Elliot is lying on the floor.  Dr. 
          Rossi examines Elliot and says the bullet in apparently still 
          in Elliot's lung.  Rossi tells the ambulance driver to call the 
          hospital to get things ready for an operation and to call Dr. 
          Morton who will be needed to help, and the x-ray technician.  
          Rossi tells   the sergeant to call Dr. Kessler at Greenvale 
          sanitarium in Green Valley, Massachusetts.  Leslie Harrington 
          tells Dr. Rossi his version of what happened.  Leslie tells the 
          sergeant that he will come in tomorrow.  The sergeant wants some 
          information right now.  Leslie tells him that he has a permit for 
          the gun. 

          Matthew Swain comes in and greets Leslie and the sergeant. 
          Leslie calls him Joe.  But he is actually Edward "Ed" 
          Goddard.  He is the same police officer who collects money for 
          the gun license for Ada Jacks later in the series.  Sgt. 
          Goddard leaves.  Matthew wants to know what Elliot Carson was 
          doing there. 

Scene 2:  Driving in Paul's British sports car, Paul and Norman continue 
          their talk.  Norman thinks it strange how Paul shows up when he 
          is needed.  At the Pillory and also now.  Paul says that Norman 
          will start thinking of Paul as his "guardian angel."  [This is 
          not a reference to Curtis Sliwa.]  Norman comments on the 
          ambulance.  Paul is driving Norman home to the Harrington 

Scene 3:  Back at the Harrington house, Leslie continues to talk with 
          Matthew Swain.  Leslie says he was fighting to hold onto the 
          mill for his sons.  Norman comes in and asks "what's up?"  Leslie 
          asks if Rodney is with him.  Leslie recalls that Matthew was 
          once his very good friend.  Matthew observes that Lucifer was 
          once an angel.  
          Matthew goes outside to the gates.  Paul talks to Matthew.  
          Matthew tells Paul that he knows Paul caused the trouble that 
          resulted in Elliot's being shot.  Matthew says he knows about
          Elizabeth's diary.

Scene 4:  In the hospital, at the information desk, miss Choate tells 
          Betty to stay on the desk.  They will need miss Thompson in OR.  
          A moment later, Rossi walks up and tells Betty she can go home.  
          He tells Frank, the EMT who was in the ambulance, to take over 
          the desk, for Betty, until miss Choate can send for someone.  
          Constance comes in speaks to Betty who is leaving and is told by 
          the EMT that Elliot is still alive.  Elliot is wheeled down the 
          hall toward the operating room.  Dr. Morton comes in and 
          Constance calls to him.  He excuses himself to go to the 
          operation room. 

Scene 5:  In the operating room, Rossi prepares to operate on Elliot.  
          Nurse Choate is assisting.  Rossi says, "It is lodged behind 
          the heart, right next to the aorta." 

Scene 6:  Rodney drives Allison home after their study date at the 
          library.  Rodney says he enjoyed it and wants to do it again.  
          Allison agrees to do it again the next night.  Allison finds it 
          strange that Constance is not home.  The telephone is heard 
          ringing inside.  Rodney says, "Let it ring."  They go in and 
          Allison picks up the phone, but it is too late. 

          Rodney leaves.  Paul standing outside the gate meets Rodney 
          coming out of the Mackenzie house.  Paul tells Rodney that he 
          had better go home, that George Anderson had tried to shoot his 
          father.  Rodney goes to his car, gets in, and drives off.  

          Paul goes to the front door and knocks and is admitted by 
          Allison.  Paul allows that he has never been there before.  Paul 
          says that it is just as he pictured it, neat and virtuous.  
          Allison asks why he came.  Paul is evasive.  He asks about the 
          photo of Mr. Mackenzie on the mantel.  They have a long talk.  
          Paul allows that Mackenzie is a Scottish name.  He says that 
          there is trouble in the glen.  Paul tells Allison the story of 
          Billy Budd.  Paul finally tells her that Elliot Carson has been 
          shot and that Constance is at the hospital.  He offers to drive 
          her to the hospital. 

Scene 7:  [Continuation of scene 5]  In the operating room, Dr. Rossi, 
          assisted by Dr. Robert Morton, begins to operate on Elliot 

Scene 8:  Matthew Swain comes in the waiting room of the hospital, and 
          talks with Constance. 

Scene 9:  In the livingroom of the Harrington mansion, Norman and Rodney 
          talk with their father.  Rodney asks Leslie why George would try 
          to kill him.  Leslie says that George is a very sick man.  
          Leslis says that he is going into town.  Rodney offers to go 
          with him.  Leslie thanks him but declines the offer. 

Scene 10: Allison comes in the reception room and speaks to her mother.  
          Matthew Swain is with her.  

Scene 11: Dr. Morton asks Rossi if he can see the slug yet.  Rossi says 
          it is up against the wall of the aorta.  Dr. Rossi retrieves 
          the slug and then drops it in a stainless steel vessel.  Dr. 
          Rossi says that the slug was fragmented and that there is still 
          a piece imbedded in the wall of the aorta. 
Preview:  Allison talks to Constance.  Rodney talks to Matthew Swain.  
          Leslie talks to Paul Hanley. 
          AM:  Maybe the special thing about him is that he isn't really 
               special at all.  That what we saw wasn't really what he 
               was.  Maybe that's true of all of us.
          RH:  You talked to my father after the shooting.  What really 
               happened, Mr. Swain. 
          MS:  Why are you asking me?  
          RH:  He is holding something back.
          LH:  If the town finds out you goaded George into doing this. 
          PH:  Are you going to tell them?  Think what the town would do 
               to the man who killed Carson's wife and let him go to 

MEL:      Evidently, at that point in time, a gun permit and a gun 
          license were required in Massachusetts. 
Ambulance driver
Lucifer was once an angel-Matthew Swain
Miss Thordson (in OR)-only mentioned.
Dr. Frank takes over the desk.
Sgt. Edward "Ed" Goddard-Garry Walberg.  [For some unexplained reason, 
  Leslie called him "Joe."]