Episode 61.
          Dr. Claire Morton comes home. 

WA:       The most dangerous weapon on earth is a human being who feels 
          that a great wrong has been done to him.  Last night Elliot 
          Carson was badly wounded and became a gunshot victim of George 
          Anderson's delusions of persecution, when he tried to step in 
          between George and Leslie Harrington. 
Intro:    A replay of the ambulance arriving at the Harrington house.  
          Dr. Rossi gets out of the ambulance and goes in the mansion 
          followed by EMT Frank. 

Scene 1:  Inside the mansion, Leslie asks how bad it is and if Elliot 
          Carson will live.  EMT Frank and the ambulance driver put 
          Elliot on a stretcher and take him out to the ambulance.  The 
          ambulance speeds toward Doctors Hospital. 
Scene 2:  In the hospital, Allison prognosticates, "Mother, he's going to 
          be all right.  I feel it."  In the operating room, Dr. Rossi 
          says, "There it is.  It's against the side of the aorta.  It's 
          fragmanted.  There is a piece of it imbedded in the wall of the 
Scene 3:  Betty comes in the Anderson house.  Julie says, "I thought you 
          would still be at the hospital."  Betty says, "Dr. Rossi sent 
          me home."  Betty asks where George is.  Betty says that she 
          doesn't think that they did anything wrong.  Julie mentions a 
          hearing and sobs. 
Scene 4:  In the waiting room, Constance calls to Dr. Rossi and gets an 
          update on the condition of Elliot.  EMT Frank tells Dr. Morton 
          that Dr. Claire had called from Miami.  Dr. Morton thought she 
          should be in New York by that time.  EMT Frank assures him that 
          it was a Miami operator that he spoke with. 
Scene 5:  Matthew Swain tells Dr. Rossi that Elliot's father, in Florida, 
          should be notified.  Leslie comes in and Constance asks him why 
          he was there.  Constance tells Leslie that he deserves an 
Scene 6:  Elliot is in an oxygen tent.  He asks where he was wounded.  
          Rossi says the bullet was lodged behind the heart.  He asks Dr. 
          Rossi about George.  Rossi tells him that George is in custody.  
          Un-announced, Claire comes into the hospital and chats with 
          miss Choate.  Claire is apparently one of the very few humans 
          that miss Choate as any use at all for.  Claire says she will 
          wait in Dr. Morton's office. 
Scene 7:  Outside Elliot's room, Dr. Rossi and Dr. Morton discuss the 
          wounding of Elliot Carson.  Rossi says that Elliot should pull 
          through.  Leslie calls and talks with Rossi.  Leslie says that 
          Elliot saved his life. 
Scene 8:  Claire waits in Dr. Morton's office.  Morton comes in and talks 
          with Claire.  Rossi knocks and comes in.  A nurse interrupts 
          and calls Dr. Morton away.  Mrs. Hoffman is being prepped for 
          surgery.  Morton asks Rossi to take care of Claire.  
          Rossi and Claire are both embarassed but have a pleasant little 
          talk.  Rossi mentions Vincent Markham.  Claire asks Rossi to 
          tell her father she has gone home. 
Scene 9:  Norman Harrington asks Leslie why George Anderson wanted to 
          shoot him.  Leslie doesn't have much of an answer. 
Scene 10: Constance tells Allison to hurry or she'll miss her bus.  
          Allison says she will catch the next one if necessary.  She 
          doesn't feel like rushing.  They go in the Book Gallery and 
          talk about Elliot.  Allison says the special thing about Elliot 
          is that he isn't really special at all.  Allison leaves to 
          catch a municipal bus which she often rides to school.  Julie 
          comes in and reports to Constance that George is back in the 
          sanitarium.  Constance says that Paul is a dangerous man.  
          Julie says that she must know that George isn't a murderer.  
Scene 11: Leslie calls to Paul Hanley and asks to talk with him for a 
          while.  Leslie wants Paul to get in the car.  He has some 
          things to say to him.  They talk of Peyton Place.  Leslie 
          drives off.  Paul drives off. 
Scene 12: Rodney Harrington comes into the Clarion to talk to Matthew 
          Swain.  He wants to know what really happened.  Matthew won't 
          reveal the conversation he had with Leslie.  Rodney says he 
          only wants to help.  Matthew explains to Rodney that he is the 
          Linotype machine repairman. 
Scene 13: Paul and Leslie meet at the bluff.  They talk of Elliot, George 
          and Elizabeth.  [Good shot of Paul Hanley's british sports 
          car.]  [Your humble reviewer does not what make the car is.] 
Preview:  Theodore Dowell talks with Leslie Harrington.  Constance talks 
          with Matthew Swain.  Elliot tells Leslie he wants his name 
          cleared.  Leslie promises to do just that.  [As it turns out 
          later, he does assist in getting Elliot cleared of the murder 
          of Elizabeth Hanley Carson.] 
          TD:  What you're going to tell me this afternoon will be 
               used as evidence in a court of law. 
          LH:  My relationship with Carson's wife was more than I 
               told you it was.
          CM:  It's Elliot.  He's had a relapse.  Would you go 
               over to the college and get Allison. 
          MS:  Well, certainly, Connie, but ...
          CM:  He has to talk to her now.
          EC:  I want my name back.
          LH:  I'm going to clear you, Carson.  That's a promise. 

MEL:      Leslie kept his promise.  One of the very few that were kept.

Kenneth Markham-Leslie Nielson.
Dr. Vincent Markham-Leslie Nielson.  [One should be astonished at the 
  credits for Leslie Nielson.  One can access the web site, which 
  gives his credits.]  
Head Nurse Choate is listed in the credits as "Mrs. Choate."  It is 
  learned in episode 147 that her first name is "Esther."  She is