Episode 62.
          Elliot carson faces death. 

WA:       It is midmorning at Doctors Hospital, where Elliot Carson 
          lies in critical condition.  Leslie Harrington has been 
          given special permission to visit him.  For the message he 
          brings may be in itself a matter of life and death. 
Intro:    Dr. Michael Rossi parks his car and walks up the main steps 
          into Doctors Hospital. 
Scene 1:  Elliot is under an oxygen tent in room 112 of Doctors Hospital 
          as Leslie walks in.  Leslie tells Elliot that he appreciates 
          Elliot's seeing him.  Leslie says that he came to thank him.  
          Leslie asks Elliot why he saved his life.  Elliot says, 
          "instinct."  Leslie says he wants to pay the hospital bills.  
          Leslie asks Elliot what he wants.  Elliot says that he 
          wants his name back.  Leslie has had a change of heart 
          and promises to clear Elliot.  [Leslie keeps this promise by 
          going to Boston and speaking with the Lt. Governor.]  Elliot 
          tells Leslie that he told the police that George is sick.  
          Leslie sits down.  Leslie gets up and leaves.  Elliot reaches 
          for the call button.  Betty goes in and asks what Elliot needs.  
          Elliot doesn't respond. 
Scene 2:  Dr. Morton and Dr. Rossi talk in the corridor.  Betty asks 
          Rossi if Elliot is going to die.  Rossi says that Elliot is 
          hemorrhaging.  Constance talks with Dr. Rossi about Elliot 
Scene 3:  Constance comes in to Elliot's hospital room.  Miss Choate is 
          already there.  Elliot thanks Constance for coming.  He tells 
          her that Leslie promised to clear him.  
Scene 4:  In the Morton home, Claire is talking with her mother and 
          Matthew Swain.  Clair has a doll given her by a Peruvian Indian 
          patient.  She gives it to Matthew and says it reminds her of 
          ex-fire chief Vernon Goswell.  Swain speaks of a loud hailer 
          and a red helmet he wore.  Grace Morton mentions Mrs. Goswell.  
          Claire says she left early.  There are seven in her hospital.  
          The phone rings.  Constance asks Matthew to pick up Allison.  
          [Loud hailer is british english for loudspeaker or megaphone.] 
Scene 5:  At the college, Allison goes to the door of Paul Hanley's 
          office and sees a posted note.  Allison reads the note:  
          "Mr. Hanley's class will not meet today.  Rodney 
          walks up and talks with Allison.  He says he doesn't understand 
          about George and Elliot.  Elliot hardly knew Paul's father.  
          Matthew appears and calls to Allison.  He tells her that her 
          mother wants to speak to her. 
Scene 6:  At the mill, Leslie gives a formal confession to lawyer 
          Theodore Dowell concerning the murder of Elizabeth Carson.  
          Leslie is prepared to testify to clear Elliot Carson.  Dowell 
          warns Leslie of the possible consequences.  Leslie says there 
          isn't much of that life to fight for.  Leslie said when he 
          first married Catherine, he loved her very much.  He tells 
          about his relationship with Elliot's wife.  He said that when 
          he came into the beach house, Catherine was frozen like a 
          statue, holding a poker in her hand.  Marian buzzes and tells 
          Leslie that she checked with the hospital again and that Elliot 
          has had a relapse.  Leslie has second thoughts and decides to 
          wait until they know if Elliot lives before acting to clear 
Scene 7:  Betty comes in to talk with her mother in Dr. Rossi's office.  
          Julie is busy.  Betty insists that her mother get something to 
          eat.  They start to leave.  Rodney comes in and says he needs 
          to talk to Julie.  He wants to know what George said after the 
          shooting.  Rodney doesn't understand why George would shoot 
          Elliot.  He feels that Leslie is holding something back.  Betty 
          and Julie talk with Rodney a while and he leaves.  Julie tells 
          Rodney that Ada told her that Paul and George were drinking in 
          the Tavern just before the shooting. 
Scene 8:  Matthew Swain drives Allison home.  She gets out of his car and 
          goes in the house.  
Preview:  Allison talks with Dr. Rossi.  Leslie talks to Julie.  Allison 
          talks with Constance. 
          AM:  Can I see Mr. Carson? 
          MR:  No.  I'm afraid that's impossible, Allison.  They're 
               going to take him up in a few minutes. 
          AM:  Up?

          LH:  What did you say to Rod?
          JA:  He came by the office, today.
          LH:  What did you tell Rod?
          JA:  He seemed to think you were holding something back, Les.
          LH:  Never mind that.  What did you say to him?

          AM:  Mother, what's going on?  You're scaring me.
          CM:  Sit down, Allison. 
          AM:  What is it? 
          CM:  Please.
Ex-fire chief Vernon Goswell is mentioned.
Mrs. Goswell is mentioned in a later episode.
Oxygen tent.
Head Nurse Choate is listed in the credits as "Mrs. Choate."  It is 
  learned in episode 147 that her given name is "Esther." 

The credits at the end of this episode spell the name of the actress as
  Erin O'Brien Moore, [without a hyphen].