Episode 63.
          Constance confesses to Allison.  Allison sees her father for 
          the first time. 

WA:       For Allison Mackenzie, the last days have been eventful.  Now 
          at the request of Constance, Allison is being driven back home 
          to what she has always known as the Mackenzie house.  
Intro:    Matthew drives Allison back to the Mackenzie house.  She gets 
          out and walks to the door. 

Scene 1:  Allison comes in the house and asks Constance why she sent 
          uncle Matt for her.  Constance wants to tell her about what 
          happened a long time ago.  She tells Allison the circumstances 
          of her birth.  Allison goes over to the fire place and looks at 
          the picture on the mantle of Mr. Mackenzie.  Allison correctly 
          guesses that Elliot is her father.  Constance says that since 
          Elliot's condition is so serious she can no longer protect her. 
Scene 2:  At the Peyton Mill, Julie goes in the inner office to talk with 
          Leslie.  He assures her that none of this was her fault.  She 
          wants to know what really happened.  Leslie says that George 
          thought he was avenging a friend.  Leslie tries to assure Julie 
          that he didn't kill Elizabeth Hanley Carson.  Leslie asks what 
          Julie said to Rodney. 

Scene 3:  From his apartment over the Pharmacy, Paul Hanley phones the 
          hospital and inquires of Elliot Carson's condition.  Allison 
          knocks on the door and comes in to see Paul.  Paul asks if she 
          is playing hookey from school.  She asks him what he meant last 
          night when he said, "There's trouble in the glen?"  Allison 
          tells him that everything her mother told her was a lie.  Only 
          Paul told her the truth.  She was living in a dream world.  
          Paul says that a certain amount of dreaming is necessary.  He 
          allows that heaven really does protect the innocent.  Paul asks 
          Allison if he can take her to the hospital to see Elliot 
Scene 4:  Rodney drives up, gets out, and encounters meets Paul and 
          Allison coming down the steps from Paul's apartment over the 
          Pharmacy.  She asks Rodney to take her to the hospital.  [It 
          would have been just over half a block to walk.] 
Scene 5:  Dr. Morton and Dr. Rossi talk in Morton's office of the 
          hospital.  Claire comes in to see her father.  She asks how 
          Elliot is doing.  Claire goes in the lab and talks with Miss 
          Choate.  Choate says that Rossi is from New York.  Claire says 
          she is shocked.  Choate says New Yorkers do have a different 
Scene 6:  In Elliot's room, Rossi takes Elliot's vital signs.  He 
          announces that Elliot's blood pressure is fifty over zero.  
          That he is in shock.  He tells miss Wheeler, "Whole blood, 
          stat."  He tells Dr. Morton that they must operate.  

Scene 7:  Paul goes in the newly re-opened drug store and goes over to 
          Betty to annoy her.  Paul inquires of Betty's father.  Paul 
          says he's sorry.  Betty says that Paul has hurt a lot of 
          people.  Paul uses the word oblique.  Paul says that wounded 
          people often hide behind words.  Paul allows that George was a 
          sick man before any of this happened.  

Scene 8:  Constance talks with Matthew Swain in the hospital corridor.  
          Constance wonders aloud where Allison could be.  

          Allison finally comes in and stares at her mother.  Rossi comes 
          in and Allison asks to see Elliot.  Rossi says that they will 
          have to do a second operation.  She insists.  He says no then 
          changes his mind.  He says room 112. 
Scene 9:  Allison comes in Elliot's room and looks at her father for 
          the first time.  Elliot appears to be in deep sleep.  Allison 
          says, "Mr. Carson, Mr. Carson.  I'll be here when you come out.  
Preview:  Constance talks to Rossi.  Paul talks to Rodney.  Allison tells 
          Constance that if her father were to die, she would never 
          forgive her. 
          CM:  I can't just wait now for things to work themselves out.  
               I had to do something. 
          MR:  Something I can help with?
          CM:  This is something I have to do alone. 
          PH:  You want a simple answer.  All right, I'll give it to you.  
               Your father killed my sister. 
          RH:  Hanley.
          AM:  I also know that I had a father.  A real flesh and blood 
               father.  You took him away from me.  If he dies, I'll 
               never forgive you. 

Dr. Claire Morton-Mariette Hartley.
Hooky or Hookey, either is correct.
Miss Choate is correctly given in the credits.
Erin O'Brien-Moore is correctly hyphenated in the credits.
Scene 1 was used as a flashback in the Next Generation.