Episode 64.
          Dr. Rossi is invited to dinner with the Mortons. 

WA:       There is an unexpected crisis at Doctors Hospital.  Elliot 
          Carson, shot by George Anderson, has been brought back to 
          surgery, a second time, in an effort to stop a sudden 
Intro:    In the operating room the doctors gather around the patient.  
          [This scene causes your reviewer to harken back to the Twilight 
          Zone episode "Eye of the beholder" with Donna Douglas]. 
Scene 1:  In the waiting room, Constance tells Allison that Elliot will 
          be all right.  Constance asks Allison to talk to her.  Allison 
          tells Constance that if Elliot dies she will never talk to her 

Scene 2:  In Ada Jacks' Tavern, Paul talks with Ada.  He says he didn't 
          want Elliot to get shot.  Ada says, "Not to Elliot."  They talk 
          about Elizabeth, his sister.  Ada says that Paul is still a 
          mean kid, carrying tales and trying to make trouble.  Paul says 
          he was good at everything except love.  She is right on the 
Scene 3:  In the hospital break room, Betty tells miss Choate that miss 
          Clark is covering for her.  Miss Choate introduces Claire 
          Morton to Betty Anderson.  Betty inquires of the condition of 
          Elliot Carson.  Miss Choate says that he is still in surgery.  
          Miss Choate is paged.  Claire comes in and begins to talk with 
          Betty.  Claire says that the break room is her favorite room.  
          Betty begins to warm up to Claire.  [Chess board and chess men 
          are seen on a table in the hospital break room.] 
Scene 4:  In the reception area. Rossi gives the good news to Constance 
          and Allison that Elliot will live.  Constance tells Allison 
          that they should go home.  Allison tells her mother to go home 
          that she wants to stay.  Allison mentions the picture of Mr. 
          Mackenzie.  She tells Constance that if Elliot dies she will 
          never forgive her.  Constance tells Allison that she needs her.  
          Constance says she has something she must do alone. Allison 
          leaves.  Rossi talks privately with Constance. 
Scene 5:  In the Morton house, Grace talks with her daughter, Claire.  
          Claire has received another letter from Peru, from Dr. Vincent 
          Markham.  Dr. Morton calls from downstairs.  Grace calls back 
          from Claire's room.  The doctor has brought Rossi home with him 
          for dinner, but they can eat out if that is a problem.  Dr. 
          Rossi checks in with the hospital by phone.  Claire appears 
          troubled to her mother.  Dr. Rossi mentions Matthew Swain's 
          article about Claire in the Clarion.  Claire insists on giving 
          Dr. Rossi a drink. 

Scene 6:  Rodney walks into Ada Jacks' Tavern and sits down with Paul 
          Hanley.  Rodney tells Paul, he owes Rodney some answers.  Ada 
          says if he wants to drink, she'll have to see an ID.  Rodney 
          says he came in to talk with Paul.  Rodney accuses Paul of 
          goading George Anderson into killing Leslie.  Paul insists to 
          Rodney that Leslie Harrington killed Elizabeth Hanley Carson, 
          Paul's sister. 
Scene 7:  In the waiting room, Betty talks with Allison.  Allison asks 
          Betty if she could go home with her.  Betty agrees that would 
          be fine. 

Preview:  Rossi invites Claire to go ice skating.  Rodney asks Leslie if 
          he killed Elizabeth.  Leslie tells Rodney he didn't.  But that 
          he knows who did.  Allison awakens from a troubled sleep and 
          MR:  One night this week, why don't we go out to the pond 
               and cut some fancy figures on the ice? 
          CM:  Is that an invitation or a prescription doctor? 
          MR:  Is the medicine so hard to take?
          LH:  Take my word for it.  I didn't kill her, Please.
          RH:  Do you know who did?
          LH:  Yes, I do.
          AM:  No. (scream).

Paul Hanley-Richard Evans.
Dr. Claire Morton-Mariette Hartley.
Erin O'Brien-Moore is not hyphenated in the credits.