Episode 65.
          Leslie is threatened by the past. 

WA:       In Doctors Hospital, Elliot Carson gravely wounded by George 
          Anderson's bullet, fights for his life.  In the biggest house 
          in Peyton Place, Leslie Harrington in a very different sense, 
          fights for his life, also. 

Intro:    Elliot Carson lies under an oxygen tent in room 112 of Doctors 
          Hospital.  Constance goes to the mansion to talk with Leslie 

Scene 1:  At the mansion, Constance rings the chimes and is admitted by 
          Leslie Harrington.  She tells Leslie that she wants to talk 
          with him about Elliot.  Constance insists that Leslie clear 
          Elliot of the murder of his wife.  She says that he must go to 
          the authorities or she will.  She reminds Leslie that he made a 
          promise to Elliot.  Rodney comes in as they are still talking.  
          She tells Rodney, goodnight, and leaves.  Rodney says he wants 
          one answer to one question.  

Scene 2.  Still in the livingroom, Rodney asks Leslie about the murder of 
          Elizabeth Hanley Carson.  He says that he wants to actually 
          hear the words.  Leslie insists that he didn't kill Elizabeth.  
          Rodney asks if he knows who killed her.  Leslie says that he 
          does.  Rodney asks if it was Elliot Carson.  Leslie says no.  
          Leslie says again that the murder came out of jealousy.  And he 
          kept quiet to protect Rodney and Norman's mother.  Rodney says 
          that he had been so afraid his father was a murderer.  Rodney 
          becomes so emotional about his mother that he actually sobs.  
          Rodney retreats upstairs to his bedroom.  

Scene 3:  At the Morton house, Dr. Robert Morton, Mrs. Grace, and Dr. 
          Claire have been entertaining Dr. Rossi.  After the Mortons 
          retire, Rossi talks with Claire.  He tells her that it was a 
          nice thing she did at the hospital.  He thanks Claire for 
          talking with Betty Anderson.  Claire mentions the obscure 
          malady, vapors.  He invites her to go ice-skating. 

Scene 4:  Constance comes home to the Mackenzie house and calls for 
          Allison but gets no reply. 

          Allison is at the Anderson house, talking with Julie.  Julie 
          asks if she has called Constance to tell her she is spending 
          the night at the Andersons.  Allison says that she hasn't.  
          Julie asks if Allison minds if she calls Constance. 

          At the Mackenzie house, Julie has phoned to tell Constance that 
          Allison is spending the night with them.  Constance asks to 
          talk with Allison.  Julie explains that Allison doesn't want to 
          talk right then.  

Scene 5.  Lawyer Theodore Dowell calls at the Harrington mansion at the 
          request of Leslie.  Leslie wants him to get the wheels in 
          motion to clear Elliot Carson.  Leslie is worried about Norman.  
          He says that Norman was his mother's favorite.  He wants the 
          matter taken care of quickly.  Dowell agrees that he will call 
          Lt. Governor Foster. 

Scene 6.  Back at the Anderson house, Allison is having troubled sleep,  
          a nachtmare.  She is startled and sits up.  Betty comes in 
          and asks Allison if she is all right.  Betty says she is going 
          in the kitchen and asks Allison if she would like anything.  
          Betty offers her milk.  Allison thanks Betty for letting her 
          stay there that night without asking questions.  Allison 
          confides that she isn't really a Mackenzie.  Julie comes down 
          and joins the girls.  Julie tells Allison she knows what it is 
          like to be alone. 

Scene 7.  Constance drives out to Elliot's beach house and goes in.  She 
          is snooping in the cottage as she hears a man walk up outside.  
          She is frightened.  [It turns, out in the next episode, to be 

Preview:  Allison talks with Elliot.  Leslie talks with Rodney.  Dr. 
          Rossi talks with Claire Morton. 

          AM:  I thought you'd be pleased.
          EC:  Are you sure that's why you did it?  To please me, not to 
               punish your mother? 

          LH:  It will never be the same for us around here.  You 
               realize that don't you, Rodney? 
          RH:  You didn't tell Norman did you?  How are we going to 
               tell him? 

          CM:  Aren't you being a little unreasonable about this ?
          MR:  Well, aren't you being a little ambivalent?
          CM:  Last night you were diagnosing me.  Today, you're trying to 
               psychoanalyze me.  What's next?

Theodore Dowell-Patrick Whyte. 
The Lt. Governor is identified as Foster.