Episode 66.
          Dr. Claire Morton and her father, Dr. Morton, become close. 

WA:       It is midnight at Elliot Carson's lonely beach house.  While 
          Elliot lies gravely wounded in the hospital, Constance 
          Mackenzie has come here to recover the diary of the murdered 

Intro:    Constance has gone to the beach house and is snooping in 
          Elliot's drawers. 

Scene 1:  Constance Mackenzie is frightened when she hears a noise from 
          outside.  She asks and asks who it is.  Rodney Harrington 
          slowly opens the door and comes in.  She is relieved to see who 
          it is.  She explains to Rodney that she has come here to pick 
          up something for Elliot.  She asks him what is the matter.  
          Rodney says that he doesn't know why he came there, that he 
          couldn't sleep.  Rodney tells Constance how he used to come 
          here as a child.  He asks Constance if she knows who killed 
          Elizabeth Carson.  Constance responds that she knows that 
          Elliot Carson did not murder his wife.  She says that nobody 
          knows for sure.  Rodney says that he does.  He knows for sure.  
          He says he was never very close to his mother but that Norman 
          and his mother were very close.  Constance assures Rodney that 
          his father loves him.  

Scene 2:  Later, in the livingroom of the mansion, Leslie calls to Rodney 
          and says that he needs to talk with him.  Leslie says that he 
          is going out of town for a day or two.  He gives Rodney a phone 
          number where he can be reached.  He says that he is taking the 
          5:00 o'clock flight from White River to Boston.  He has an 
          appointment with the Lieutenant Governor about getting a pardon 
          for Elliot.  

MEL:      [Much later in the series, the Lieutenant Governor is a guest 
          in the Peyton mansion when Steven Cord celebrates his 28th 
          birthday.  The Lieutenant Governor's wife is named "Adrienne."  
          Episode 342.]   

          Leslie says that it wasn't an easy decision.  Rodney tells 
          Leslie to have a nice flight.  Leslie warns Rodney that it will 
          never be the same there.  Rodney mentions to his father that 
          Norman was very close to his mother.  About this time, Norman 
          comes in the house and joins them.  Rodney offers to drive 
          Norman to school and suggests that they get breakfast first.  
          It is difficult for Leslie, but he tells Norman and Rodney that 
          he loves them.  

Scene 3:  At Doctors Hospital, Allison goes in to see Elliot who is now 
          out from under the oxygen tent.  She says that Dr. Rossi told 
          her that he wanted to see her.  Allison tells her father that 
          she wants to change her name to Carson.  In a tender moment, 
          she takes hold of his hand.  She says, "I want to be who I am."  
          Elliot doesn't encourage it.  He says he didn't raise her or 
          mold her values.  He asks her not to punish her mother.  Elliot 
          requests that Allison bring her mother with her the next time 
          she visits.  Allison says that she is staying at the Andersons.  
          They say a few more words and she leaves. 

Scene 4:  Dr. Claire Morton comes in the reception area and talks with 
          her father who was buying a raffle ticket.  She tells her 
          father that she might be going skating with Dr. Rossi.  
          Constance Mackenzie walks up and joins them.  Constance tells 
          Claire that she heard that she was back.  Claire asks how 
          Elliot is doing.  Constance leaves.  Dr. Rossi talks with 
          Claire.  Claire asks for a rain check on the skating.  
          Rossi mentions going out to the Castle farms. 

Scene 5:  Sign on office Door:  
                                 PAUL HANLEY 
                             LITERATURE 1 and 2  

          Allison is talking with Paul Hanley.  Rodney walks up and 
          Hanley asks to talk with him in the other room.  Rodney says 
          that his father is taking steps to get a pardon for Elliot 
          Carson.  Rodney says that his father did not kill Elizabeth.  
          Paul says that he didn't want revenge, he just wanted justice.  
          Rodney tells Paul that there are no easy answers.  No neat 
          blacks and whites.  Everything is complicated. 

Scene 6.  At the mill, Leslie Harrington lets Matthew Swain in his office 
          and tells him that he is resigning from the mill.  He 
          wants to make the announcement now while he can do it with some 
          dignity.   He tells Matthew that he hopes he will handle the 
          story in a way as not to hurt Norman.  Matthew tells Leslie 
          that he never admired him.  Leslie says that he wanted money, 
          respect, and power.  Leslie's replacement secretary buzzes to 
          tell him that Rodney is there to drive him to the airport.  
          Rodney and Matthew greet each other.  Matthew wishes Leslie a 
          safe journey.  

Scene 7.  At the White River airport, passengers are boarding the plane.  
          Rodney tells Leslie to have a good flight.  Leslie climbs the 
          ten steps and boards the plane as Rodney watches.  

Sceme 8.  Elliot is resting in room 112 of Doctors Hospital as Constance 
          comes in for a visit.  She says that she talked with Dr. Rossi 
          and was told that he is much better.  Elliot tells Constance to 
          be patient with Allison.  He talks about how Allison learned 
          about life from books.  He says that he was merely an 
          interesting stranger.  He says he isn't being noble, just 

Castle Farms.