Episode 67.
          Rodney undergoes an ordeal.  Point of no return. 

WA:       Leslie Harrington is flying to the state capitol [Boston] to 
          face a moment that he has spent half a lifetime avoiding.  Back 
          home in Peyton Place, Rodney Harrington faces his own ordeal,  
          to tell his brother Norman the truth about their parents' 
          marriage and the crime that destroyed it. 

Intro:    Plane taking off from the White River airport carrying Leslie 
          Harrington.  Norman is shaving with an electric razor. 

Scene 1:  In their bedroom in the mansion, Rodney tries to talk to Norman 
          about their parents.  Norman asks Rodney if he has problems.  
          Rodney tells Norman that he has problems.  Rodney beats around 
          the bush.  Norman says that he has a date with Rita and he is 
          already late.  Norman continues shaving.  Rodney tells Norman 
          that Leslie told him something about Elliot Carson.  Rodney 
          decides to tell Norman some other time.  Norman leaves to go 
          pick up Rita. 

Scene 2:  In Dr. Rossi's office, Allison comes in to talk with Julie 
          Anderson.  After Allison and Julie talk for a while, Rossi 
          offers to give her a lift to the Andersons' or anywhere she 
          needs to go.  Allison tells him that she would like to go home.  
          Rossi asks Allison if her mother had told her that he was the 
          orderly on duty when Allison was born in New York.  Allison 
          opines that the story gets better and better.  That she was 
          probably the only person in town that didn't know the whole 
          story.  Rossi says that Constance was very lonely.  They leave. 

Scene 3:  At Doctors Hospital, Matthew Swain goes in to see Elliot.  
          Matthew says that Leslie asked him to announce his resignation 
          as manager of the Peyton Mill.  Leslie is going to see the 
          Lieutenant Governor Foster about the pardon.  Elliot says that 
          to him responsibility is a luxury to cherish.  

Scene 4:  Rossi and Allison are in the car in front of the Carson house.  
          Allison gets out and goes inside.  Allison greets her mother.  
          Constance is delighted to see her.  They talk briefly about 
          food.  Allison gets some food out of the refrigerator.  Allison 
          asks Constance if when she first knew she was going to have a 
          baby, did she want her.  Constance takes her wedding band off. 

Scene 5:  At the Morton house, Claire talks with Grace.  Claire looks at 
          her doll, her very first patient.  Claire tells Grace that 
          Vincent Markham is her husband.  Grace is surprised and 

Scene 6:  On the square, Paul Hanley calls to Walter, a newsboy in the 
          back of the Clarion pickup truck, and buys a newspaper.  The 
          Clarion headline reads as follows: 


Scene 7:  Paul goes in the Clarion office and is told by Matthew that 
          they don't give refunds.  Paul is there to complain to Matthew 
          about the tone of the story about Leslie Harrington resigning 
          from the Peyton mills.  Paul insists on his belief that Leslie 
          Harrington killed his sister, Elizabeth Hanley Carson.  

Scene 8:  Betty talks to Julie about Leslie Harrington resigning from the 
          Peyton Mills.  Julie tells Betty that Paul convinced George 
          that Leslie killed Elizabeth Carson.  And that Paul Hanley 
          convinced George to avenge the murder. 

Scene 9:  Norman comes in the mansion just as Rodney is coming down the 
          stairs.  Norman has the newspaper where the announcement of 
          Leslie's resignation is announced.  Rodney tells Norman that 
          their father is going to see the Lieutenant Governor to get 
          Elliot Carson a Pardon.  Norman asks why Leslie kept quiet all 
          these years.  Rodney tells Norman the details of the murder.  
          Norman tells Rodney not to mention their mother's name again.  
          Norman can't accept the story.  Rodney says that Catherine was 
          not well.  

Preview:  Allison talks with Constance.  Rodney talks with Leslie.  
          Elliot talks to Constance. 
          AM:  I thought you weren't going to keep any more secrets from 
                 me.  But you are going to keep this one anyway.
          CM:  This one isn't mine to tell.

          RH:  He thinks you're lying about mother's illness.  You killed 
                 Elizabeth Carson.
          LH:  And you, what do you think?

          EC:  I'm not asking you to go back 18 years.  Connie I'm asking 
                 you to go forward to do something different.