Episode 68.
          Elliot Carson becomes engaged to Constance Mackenzie. 
WA:       Last night, Allison Mackenzie moved back home from the 
          Andersons.  Today, her life appears to be slipping back into 
          its familiar routine.  But that appearance is illusion.  Out of 
          all that was familiar, it begins to seem as if nothing, and no 
          one will be left. 

MEL:      Elliot is cleared of the murder of Elizabeth Hanley Carson.  
          Norman and Rodney prepare to move into the apartment over the 
          Pharmacy which became available after the death of Calvin 
          Hanley.  Paul lived in the apartmently briefly and was visited 
          by Allison in episode 63.  Paul moved there following the death 
          of Calvin.  The most memorable was the scene with Paul and Mr. 
          Arvin, the appraiser in episode 49. 

Intro:    The Peyton Place square.  Fire station. 

Scene 1:  Paul Hanley drives up in his British car and parks in front of 
          the Peyton Pharmacy.  He talks with Allison.  Paul asks Allison 
          if she has seen the newspaper.  She says that she has.  


          Allison goes in the Book Gallery.  Matthew is there talking 
          with Constance.  Matthew asks Allison if she is busy tonight.  
          He suggests that she join him at the Inn for dinner that night.  
          He says he will pick her up at a quarter of seven.  Matthew 
          leaves and Constance talks with Allison.  Allison talks about 
          secrets.  She says that Leslie is going to the capital to ask 
          Lieutenant Governor Foster for a pardon for Elliot.  Allison 
          asks if it has anything to do with Harrington resigning from 
          the mill.  Constance says that this one is not hers to tell. 

Scene 2:  Paul goes to the hospital to talk with Elliot Carson.  Paul 
          says he is relieved.  Paul says he has something that should 
          cheer him up.  He gives Elliot a copy of the Clarion paper with 
          the headline:  


          Paul says the House of Harrington has fallen.  Elliot tells 
          Paul that this is not a tragedy.  He says that a tragedy has 
          dignity.  Elliot says it is a pathetic mess.  Paul says all he 
          wanted was justice.  Elliot says that life is not justice.  
          Paul says he has no talent for people.  He always goes around 
          hurting them.  Elliot asks what he is going to do about it. 

Scene 3:  Betty goes in Rossi's office to talk with Julie.  Betty asks 
          Julie if she is ready for lunch.  Julie tells Dr. Rossi that 
          Dorothy Yates called to get a prescription refilled for Anna.  
          And Mrs. Frisby would like to have her back checked.  Rossi 
          asks if Betty can explain women.  Rossi leaves.  Betty says she 
          thinks Rossi and Claire Morton ought to be right for each 
          other.  Betty says that she would like to see Dr. Rossi settle 
          down.  She hopes Rossi finds someone.  Julie says that Dr. 
          Rossi has been good to Betty. 

Scene 4:  At the Morton house, Claire talks with her father.  He has come 
          home early.  He says he is substituting for Dr. Rossi tonight.  
          She says it wasn't necessary, that she broke the date with 
          Rossi.  Dr. Morton says he doesn't understand.  Claire is going 
          to make a speech.  Claire says that she wanted to live up to 
          the Morton tradition.  He says that all he wanted was for her 
          to be happy.  Claire says that she came back to Peyton Place 
          because there is something she needs to learn.  She thinks that 
          he can teach it to her.  Dr. Morton says that he is as fallible 
          as any other man. 

Scene 5.  In the Clarion office, Allison talks with Matthew Swain.  They 
          talk about the dinner they had.  Matthew asks why she has been 
          avoiding him lately.  She says that she doesn't find it easy to 
          talk to him any more.  She asks why he hadn't told her about 
          Elliot.  She says that if she had known that Elliot was her 
          father, she could have written him and gone to visit him.  
          Matthew says that Constance wanted to protect her from the 
          scandal.  She asks what Mr. Harrington has to do with Elliot's 
          pardon.  Matthew says that the Harringtons may have to leave 
          Peyton Place. 

Scene 6.  At the mansion, Rodney lets Leslie in.  Rodney says that he 
          could have picked him up at the airport.  He says he told 
          Norman but he didn't do a very good job.  Leslie wants to talk 
          about the future.  Leslie says that Rodney will get over this.  
          Leslie mantions London and Rome.  Rodney says that Norman 
          thinks Leslie killed Elizabeth Carson.  Leslie asks what he 
          thinks.  Rodney leaves. 

          Leslie calls to Norman.  Norman closes and locks the door.  
          Leslie calls to Norman.  He says that he has to talk to him.  
          Norman spins the globe.  He doesn't let Leslie in. 

Scene 7:  Constance brings a large bouquet of flowers to Elliot.  She 
          says that it is to remind him that spring doesn't last forever.  
          Constance tells Elliot that he will get his pardon.  Betty 
          comes into the hospital room.  She has brought a vase.  
          Constance says that Allison came home last night.  He tells her 
          to shut the door.  Elliot says he came back to Peyton Place for 
          vindication and for her and Allison.  He proposes [somewhat] to 

Scene 8:  On the wharf, Rodney and Allison go aboard the excursion boat 
          to talk.  Allison says that it looks beautiful.  Allison says 
          that she wanted everything to happen to her.  Allison asks if 
          Leslie has made any plans.  Rodney says he is staying in Peyton 
          Place where he belongs.  

Preview:  Eli talks to Elliot.  Norman talks with Rita.  Allison talks 
          with Constance. 

          Eli: I'm just an old man who thought he ought to say 
               something to his son on his wedding day. 
          EC:  Well, Connie and I have discussed it thoroughly, dad. 

          NH:  Rita, why make a big deal about a kiss?
          RJ:  A kiss.
          NH:  Yeah.
          RJ:  All right, Norman.

          AM:  I can't very well attend a wedding without a hat.
          CM:  Here.
          AM:  I can do it if you just leave me alone. I said leave me 

          A bottle crashes on the floor and breaks.

Paul Hanley-Richard Evans.
Paul Hanley has moved out of his father's apartment over the Pharmacy.
Paul Hanley teaches Literature I and II.  He is also a faculty advisor.