Episode 69.
          Elliot and Constance prepare to wed.
WA:       For the people of Peyton Place, this has been a long bleak 
          winter.  For some the season has been particularily harsh and 
          chilling.  But winter does end.  And spring does follow.  The 
          season of planting.  The season of growing.  Constance 
          Mackenzie and Elliot Carson have every reason to greet this 
          spring with joy.  Because it brings at long last fulfillment 
          and hope. 

Intro:    Scenes around the town.  Pillory.  Firemen working on firetruck 
          outside the fire station east of the square. 

Scene 1:  Miss Devon is rehearsing on a three manual pipe organ as Rev. 
          Bedford readies the church for a simple wedding.  They talk. 

          MD:  Oh, dear. 
          JB:  Oh, you'll do fine, miss Devon. 
          MD:  Rev. Bedford, are you sure this is appropriate music for 
               a wedding? 
          JB:  I think they'll like it.  It's by Chopin.
          MD:  Well, at least there could have been one rehearsal. Mr. 
               Carson and Ms. Mackenzie asked for it to be a simple 
               ceremony.  Well, in that case.  I can't understand why 
               you can't choose simple music. I've got some perfectly 
               lovely pieces here which are entirely suitable. 
          JB:  Fine, miss Devon, whatever you decide.
          MD:  Thank you.  Oh, Very nice.  Did you arrange them 
          JB:  Yes. 
          MD:  Usually someone from the family comes in to do that.  
               Pity you can't start out here in Peyton Peyton with a 
               real spring wedding, with ushers and bridesmaids and 
          JB:  Miss Devon, I feel that a real wedding occurs whenever a 
               man and a woman come into a church and really want to get 

Scene 2:  Ocean.  In the beach house, Elliot is helping his father with 
          his tie.  Eli has returned from Florida for the wedding.  He 
          says that he is not going back to Florida.  His roots are in 
          Peyton Place.  Elliot says that he and Constance will be more 
          comfortable in Constance' house.  Eli says, "Good luck." 

Scene 3:  The mansion chimes ring and Rodney admits David Schuster, his 
          wife Doris, and their daughter, Kim.  Rodney says that 
          ordinarily the real estate people would turn the house over to 
          them but he wanted them to know that he is not angry about 
          leaving the house.  He offers to show them around the house.  
          Doris asks if one can hear if someone calls from upstairs.  
          Doris says they wiil have to put in an intercom.  Rodney says 
          nothing is locked but he turns over the keys and says a few 
          pleasant words to David and leaves.  Rodney tells David that he 
          won't have to explain anything.  He runs the mill.  Rodney 

          David congratulates Doris on establishing her social 
          superiority.  Doris says that Rodney had no right to be there.  
          Kim is obviously sad and David goes over to comfort her.  He 
          carries her upstairs. 
Scene 4:  Betty is talking to Julie as her mother is helping her to 
          dress.  Julie has been sewing. 
Scene 5:  The Peyton Place Florist truck drives up and the driver takes a 
          box of flowers to the Mackenzie house.  Allison opens the door 
          and accepts the box.  Allison takes the box to Constance.  
          Allison helps Constance with her dress.  Allison gets some 
          white gloves for Constance.  Allison says that uncle Matt will 
          be there soon and she must get dressed, too.  
Scene 6:  At the church, Elliot is waiting as miss Devon comes up and 
          chats for a moment.  
          MD:  Oh.
          EC:  Hello, miss Devon.
          MD:  Elliot, I was looking for the Reverend. 
          EC:  Oh, he just stepped into his office to take a phone call.
          MD:  Oh, you're a bit early aren't you.
          EC:  I came to check on the arrangements.
          MD:  No need.  The Reverend has taken it upon himself to 
               see everything is in order.
          EC:  Yes I know.  I appreciate it.
          MD:  You're fortunate he is so understanding, Elliot.
          The Rev. comes in and talks with Elliot. 
          JB:  Yes, miss Devon.
          MD:  Will you be wanting incidental music as soon as the 
               guests start arriving? 
          JB:  Why don't you ask the bridegroom?
          MD:  Well.
          EC:  Well, I'm sure whatever you think is best miss Devon.
          MD:  Very well.
          JB:  Thanks, I know I said the wrong thing.
          EC:  I usually do.
          JB:  Oh, I know.  I saw a basketball game between and Peyton 
               High and White River where you belted a guy just because 
               he pushed you.  
          EC:  How could you remember that anyway?  You couldn't have 
               been more than ...
          JB:  Eight years old.  My mother took me. 
          EC:  How is she doing?  
          JB:  Oh, She's doing fine.  You ought to drop around to see 
          EC:  I'd like to.  I remember her class.  She introduced me to 
               Thoreau and Emerson.  Lofty ideals.  Lofty thoughts. 
          EC:  I never really got a chance to apply them. 
          JB:  And now? 
          EC:  Now.  Well, maybe I can. 
Scene 7:  Rossi and Matthew meet up on the square.  Matthew asks if there 
          are any regrets.  Rossi says he wishes them all the happiness.  
Scene 8:  Rita and Norman hang a picture in the apartment.  They fuss.  
          They kiss.  Rita leaves.  

          Rodney returns and tells Norman that he has a letter from 
          Leslie.  Leslie is in London and has talked on the phone with 
          Aunt Laura in Paris.  Norman isn't interested.  He is more 
          interested in what is happening here.  Norman asks about the 
          Schusters.  Norman asks if they like the house.  Rodney says, 
          "Why shouldn't they?"  Rodney says that the future is 
Scene 9:  Constance and Allison are putting the final touches on their 
          outfits in preparation for the wedding.  Allison is having 
          trouble with her hat.  Constance tries to help her and a vase is 
          knocked over and broken.  [The last thing known to be broken in 
          the house was the glass in the picture frame of Mr. Mackenzie. 

Scene 7:  Matthew helps Constance in the car and starts driving toward 
          the church. 

Preview:  Grace Morton talks to Dr. Robert Morton and Dr. Claire Morton.  
          Rodney talks with Allison.  Norman has a hissy fit. 

          GM:  Funny how things turn out.  We all thought that Michael 
               Rossi would be the groom.

          RH:  What do we mean, Allison?
          AM:  We meant that we were going to face things.
          RH:  Everything.

          NH:  Well you go ahead and enjoy your little phony wedding 
               that should have taken place years ago.  Because you're 
               all a bunch of liars.

MEL:      First mention of Rev. Jerry Bedford.
MEL:      Paul Hanley's mother, sister, and father have all now died.  
          The Pharmacy has been sold.  He has succeeded in getting Leslie 
          Harrington to resign from the mill and get Elliot Carson 
          cleared of murder.  There is nothing left for him to do.  He is 
          not mentioned again in the story. 

Miss Devon, organist, is seen again in episode 70 and 204.
Jerome "Jerry" Bedford-Ted Hartley.
Ted Hartley eventually became CEO of RKO Pictures.