Episode 70.
          Schuster takes over the mill.

WA:       Spring has come to Peyton Place, ending the long winter that 
          has changed the lives of so many people.  In particular the 
          lives of Constance Mackenzie and her daughter Allison will 
          never be the same again.  For Constance, spring brings the 
          fulfillment of marriage to Elliot Carson.  While for Allison, 
          all the familiar landmarks of her life are erased and she must 
          search for others. 

Intro:    Matthew helps Allison and Constance into his car. [When he went 
          to the state prison he rode the bus.] 

Scene 1:  Outside the Wayside Church in Peyton Place.  The townfolk file 
          into church and sit.   Miss Devon, the organist is doing an 
          acceptable job at the pipe organ.  Betty is sitting to Dr. 
          Rossi's right.  Julie is sitting to Betty's right.  Rodney is 
          sitting to Norman's right.  Norman looks at the stained glass 
          window with inscription In memory of Catherine Harrington.  
          Norman asks Rodney if their mother and father were married in 
          this church.  Rodney says, "What?"  Norman says, "Never mind."  
          This is Rev. Jerry Bedford's first wedding.  Elliot asks Eli 
          what time it is.  Eli says it is one minute since he asked the 
          last time.  Eli says that it is his first time to be best man.  
          Eli pretends to have lost the ring.  Allison hands her mother 
          "something borrowed." 

Scene 2:  In the sanctuary the groom goes to the altar, then the bride.  
          Grace Morton sits to the right of Claire Morton.  Robert Morton 
          sits to the right of Grace.  Rev. Jerry Bedford recites the 
          ceremony.  Constance says, I do.  Elliot says, "I do."  Matthew 
          says, "I do."  Elliot places the ring on Constance' finger.  
          The wedding march is played.

Scene 3:  The Schusters are moving into the mansion.  A moving man bumps 
          into Kim.  David asks her if she is all right.  Doris comes 
          over and talks to Kim.  Doris asks Kim to sit down and play 
          with her toys.  Peyton's limousine driver appears at the open 
          door and knocks.  He identifies himself as Mr. Raymond Gorby, 
          Mr. Peyton's man.  Doris graciously invites him in.  Doris 
          asks Gorby how Mr. Peyton is.  Gorby says, "Enjoying his poor 
          health as best he can, I imagine."  He welcomes the Schusters 
          to the house on behalf of Martin Peyton.  Gorby bows and 
          leaves.  David asks Doris why she wrote Peyton the thank you 
          note.  She asks him why he didn't.

          David Schuster opens a framed embroidery display which reads: 

                              God's will:  
                         Some to walk the earth...  
                         Some to be trampled down.

Scene 4:  At the reception at the Inn, Grace says that they all thought 
          that Michael Rossi would be the groom.  Constance kisses dR. 
          Rossi.  Matthew says, "Be good to her Elliot."  Back inside 
          Bedford asks Rossi who the dark-haired girl is.  Rossi says 
          it's Betty Anderson.  Rev. Bedford says that George Anderson 
          used to coach them in baseball.  Dr. Rossi counters that he had 
          played stick ball in New York.  Rossi says that George is not 
          responding to treatment. 

Scene 5:  They dance.  Eli looks on.  The band consists of an accordian, 
          a clarinet, and bass fiddle.  

Scene 6:  Rossi presents Betty to Rev. Bedford.  The reverend asks her to 
          dance.  They dance.  Norman is watching.  Rossi dances with 
          Julie.  Matthew cuts in.  Claire speaks to Rossi.  Rossi asks 
          her to dance.  They dance.  Elliot cuts in on Rodney and dances 
          with Allison.  Allison says, "I hope you both will be very 
          happy."  Elliot says, "I believe the three of us will be very 
          happy, Allison."  Eli speaks to Mrs. Clark.

Scene 7.  Rodney, Allison, and Norman come inside the Inn and join the 
          party.  Elliot tells Constance that he will try to make her 
          happy.  Constance tells Elliot that she wishes it were over.  
          Allison asks Rodney to dance.  Dr. Michael Rossi asks Betty to 
          dance.  She agrees.  Dr. Rossi dances with Betty Anderson.  
          Betty says that she has hardly spoken with Rodney.  Rossi says 
          that wedding churn up old emotions.  Rodney dances with 
          Allison.  Rodney tells Allison that her mother looks happy.  
          Rodney tells Allison that he and Norman are having a 
          house-warming.  Rev. Bedford asks who the dark-haired girl 
          is.  Rossi tells him it is Betty Anderson, George Anderson's 
          daughter.  Betty is introduced to the Reverend.  Dr. Rossi 
          dances with Julie.  Claire walks over to Rossi.  Rossi asks her 
          to dance and she agrees.  Elliot cuts in on Rodney and dances 
          with Allison.  She tells Elliot that she hopes he and Constance 
          will be happy.  Elliot counters that he hopes the three of them 
          will be happy.  

          Norman picks a fight with Dr. Morton and says, "You go ahead 
          and enjoy your little phony wedding, that should have taken 
          place years ago, because you're all a bunch of liars."  Rodney 
          apologizes for Norman.  Elliot and Constance leave. 

Preview:  Elliot talks with Constance.  Matthew talks with Allison.  
          Rodney talks to Allison. 

          EC:  I want to know everything about you, Connie.  Every mood, 
               every feeling. 
          CM:  That will be knowing me better than I know myself.
          EC:  I intend to.

          MS:  A date?
          AM:  I have a date to become chief cook and bottle-washer for 
               Rodney Harrington.  I'm cooking dinner for Rodney in his 

          RH:  Allison.
MEL:      David and Doris Schuster, and their daughter, Kim, move into 
          the Peyton mansion.  Norman and Rodney move into the Paul 
          Hanley apartment over the Pharmacy.  Paul Hanley lived briefly 
          in the apartment after the death of his father in episode 48.  
          Second appearance of Rev. Jerry Bedford.  Julie encourages 
          Betty to set her sights on Jerry Bedford.  

Raymond Gorby-uncredited.  He is seen again in episode 77 depositing 
  Steven Cord at the Colonial Post Inn.  And in 78 speaking to the 
Rev. Jerome "Jerry" Bedford-Ted Hartley. [Ted Hartley later became CEO of 
  RKO Pictures.] 
Miss Devon, church organist who is not particularily ept.

In episode 63, scene 3, Allison visits Paul in the Hanley apartment over 
  the Pharmacy.  This is the only scene where Paul appears to be living 
  in the apartment.  Paul was in the process of going through Calvin's 
  things in episodes 49 and 50.  He opens the trunk in episode 49 and in 
  episode 50, he finds Elizabeth's diary.  Because of the hostility 
  between Calvin and Paul, there is no reason to believe that Paul lived 
  in the apartment with Calvin.  He must have moved in temporarily after 
  his father's death.