Episode 71.
          Constance and Elliot leave on their honeymoon.  Allison 
          Mackenzie has a special day. 

WA:       For Allison Mackenzie this has been a truly extraordinary day.  
          Her mother and Elliot Carson have just left for Boston on their 
          honeymoon.  But a wedding is only a brief respite in the daily 
          routine of Peyton Place.  It is business as usual as life 
          returns to normal.  And Allison Mackenzie is determined to 
          establish a normality in her life that she really doesn't feel. 

Intro:    Constance kisses Allison.  Allison kisses Elliot.  Allison goes 
          in the Book Gallery. 

Scene 1:  Matthew comes in the Book Gallery to talk with Allison on his 
          way to the mill.  Matthew says that he is going to introduce 
          David Schuster to the town.  Matthew says that nature abhors a 
          vacuum.  He invites Allison to dinner that evening with Eli 
          Carson and himself.  Allison says she has a date to become 
          chief cook and bottle washer for Rodney Harrington.  She is 
          cooking dinner in his apartment.  Matthew leaves. 

Scene 2:  Schuster is in his office working as Matthew knocks and comes 
          in.  Schuster allows, "Data isn't knowledge until you file 
          it away in your mind."  Schuster gives Matthew a list of 
          his vital statistics.  Schuster says he took a speed reading 
          course in college and he can handle 2000 words per minute.  The 
          phone rings and David talks with Doris for a moment.  His wife 
          is a speed reader also, 1000 words per minute.  David Schuster 
          and Matthew Swain discuss the fact that Leslie started as a 
          mill hand and his father, too.  Matthew leaves. 

Scene 3:  Allison is testing bells in the Book Gallery as Mrs. Doris 
          Schuster comes in.  Doris says that she can't believe it.  That 
          it is an honest-to-goodness book store.  Doris introduces 
          herself and Kim to Allison.  Doris says that she has outgrown 
          the moderns.  She is interested in the classics.  Doris 
          tells Allison that Kim is deaf, but she has been trained to 
          lip-read.  Doris charges a book and departs.  Kim cops a bell. 

Scene 4.  Highway Sign:  Boston 12.  Elliot and Constance enter their 
          hotel room.  Constance says that it is lovely.  Elliot gives 
          the bell-hop the keys so the car can be put in the garage.  He 
          tells the bell-hop to leave his keys at the desk.  Elliot says 
          that driving her car and living in her house won't threaten his 
          manhood.  Elliot says that he wants to learn everything about 
          her.  Constance wants to get unpacked.  They have twin beds.  
          Elliot mentions their apartment in Greenwich Village.  Elliot 
          says that they weren't free people then, nor are they now.  
          They hug and kiss. 

Scene 5:  At Doctors Hospital, Rossi comes in Dr. Morton's office and 
          finds Grace Morton there also.  Morton asks about Norman 
          Harrington.  Robert talks about Catherine and her illness.  He 
          talks about Rossi getting the diagnosis right.  He says that 
          Norman has always grown up with a false image of his mother. 

Scene 6:  Allison is serving dinner to Rodney.  Allison says that the 
          dish she prepared was spaghetti du jour.  She talks about 
          being a novelist.  Allison talks about marriage.  [This scene 
          is used in Next Generation as a flashback.  Mia Farrow did 
          not appear at all in Next Generation, but Allison did.] 

Scene 7:  Rodney and Allison have arrived at the Mackenzie house and they 
          talk about the bird feeder that he helped her put up in episode 
          32.  He tells her goodnight and she goes in.  Rodney invites 
          Allison to a painting party the next night at his apartment 
          over the Pharmacy.  She declines saying that her parents will 
          be coming home.  

Preview:  David talks with Doris.  Constance talks with Elliot.  Rita 
          talks with Ada. 
          David:  How many words has she spoken since we got on the 
                  plane to come here?  She's gone back to not 
          Doris:  Yes, but she will.  Just give her the time.
          CM:     What's the matter?  You've just dropped a curtain 
                  between us. 
          EC:     I've been wondering about.  
          CM:     About what?
          EC:     Not what, but who?

          RJ:     Yeah, but you've got a better chance with a boy 
                  who's been raised to be a gentleman. 
          AJ:     Chance to be another Betty Anderson.