Episode 96.

          Prom night.

WA:       For most of the young people of Peyton High School, graduation 
          night is the true commencement, the beginning of adult life.  
          It is a good time, a sentimental time, a time for being with 
          those you grew up with.  For one, however, it is another kind 
          of night.  Rita Jacks' evening began several hours ago, in a 
          shattering encounter with a young man she once knew. 

Intro:    PEYTON HIGH Senior Prom sign.  The prom. 

Scene 1:  A couple are talking.  Norman and Rita talk with another 
          couple.  They talk about Mary Alice.  Norman and Rita dance.  
          Rita is very uneasy.  Constance and Elliot are there as 
          chaperones.  Allison and Elliot are dancing together. The band 
          is playing "Don't get around much, anymore."  Allison dances 
          with her father.  Rodney is called to the phone. 

Scene 2:  The dancing continues.  Rita has a sour look on her face.  
          Norman is told by Rodney that he has a long distance call from 
          Leslie in europe.  Norman tells Leslie about his girl.  Leslie 
          asks if he knows the girl.  Norman asks his father to tell him 
          once more that he didn't kill Elizabeth Carson.  He does.  
          Leslie asks him if he can accept that now. 

Scene 3:  At a restaurant in town, Steven and Betty are on a date.  
          Steven talks about school and graduation.  The waitress brings 
          them drinks.  Betty talks about dreams.  Steven tells Betty 
          that they are two-of-a-kind.  Steven talks about living in the 
          basement of the mansion.  Betty lived on the second.  He tells 
          Betty that he wants the whole house. 

Scene 4:  The dancing continues.  Rodney tells Allison that the kids are 
          going over to the Shoreline Cafe for breakfast.  He asks her if 
          she would like to be traditional.  

Scene 5:  Dr. Vincent Markham and Dr. Michael Rossi are at the desk in 
          the Colonial Post Inn.  The clerk assigns room 206 to Vincent.  
          Markham thanks Rossi for dinner and goes upstairs.  Rossi calls 
          Philadelphia to talk with Kenneth Markham.  

Scene 6:  Norman and Rita have left the prom and are talking.  Norman 
          asks Rita what is bothering her.  He asks if she feels that she 
          isn't good enough.  Good enough for Norman.  Rita admits that 
          he is right.  Norman tries to reassure her. 

Scene 7:  Rodney asks Allison if she would rather go to the apartment and 
          scramble some eggs instead of going to the Shoreline for 
          breakfast.  She agrees. 

Preview:  Doris talks with David.  Dr. Markham talks with Claire.  Norman 
          talks to Ada. 

          Doris:  It means there'll be a retreat. 
          David:  Well, maybe we have to retreat.
          Doris:  No, we don't have to.  I'm not just thinking about us.  
                  I'm thinking about Kim. 

          VM:     Come here.
          CM:     You come here.
          VM:     I've already come 6000 miles, Claire.
          CM:     Come six more feet.
          NH:     If Joe's been up to anything.  I've got to know.  I'll 
                  find out.