Episode 95.
          David Schuster pleads for help.
WA:       In Peyton Place, this night will long be remembered.  For some, 
          the graduation party will serve as a fond memory of carefree 
          days and warm friendships.  But for Rita Jacks, anxious to find 
          a new way of life, this night will remain in memory as an 
          indelible scar.  One more proof that she cannot escape the dark 
          burden of her past. 

Intro:    Joe comes out of the warehouse, shuts the door, and gets in his 

Scene 1:  Rita leaves the warehouse and goes home to the darkened Tavern.  
          The phone rings but Rita rushes into her bedroom and shuts the 
          door.  Ada comes in the living area and answers the phone.  She 
          knocks on the bedroom door and and asks Rita to open up.  Ada 
          tells Rita that Norman called.  Rita says that she will be 
          right out.  She tries to clean herself up.  Ada comes in and 
          hangs up Rita's gown.  She notices that the gown is wrinkled.  
          A customer calls to Ada.  Ada tells Rita to hurry and get 
          ready.  Rita comes out with her hair in a shower cap.  The 
          customer calls again.  Ada tells Rita to open the present she 
          has gotten for her.  Ada senses that something is wrong. 

Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi goes in the hospital lab where Claire Morton Markham 
          is looking in a stereoscopic microscope.  He has the results of 
          Vincent's medical tests.  Rossi says that it appears to be 
          Polycyclemia.  He assures Claire that it can be treated.  But 
          he warns Claire that going back to Peru without treatment could 
          be suicide.  Rossi says that he wants to run more tests.  
          Claire says that she has seen Theodore Dowell and he is 
          starting divorce proceedings.  Claire offers to give Rossi the 
          telephone number of Kenneth Markham. 

Scene 3:  Rossi goes in to see Vincent Markham.  The "Saint of the Andes" 
          gives Rossi a blank check.  Vincent asks the name of the hospital.  
          He suggests, it should be called "The Low-Overhead Hospital", 
          "The Discount Hospital", or "The only Hospital in Town."  
          Markham mentioned that Rossi went to CCNY (City College of New York).  
          Rossi allows that it would be suicide for Vincent to go back 
          to Peru.  Markham allows that private rooms are a waste.  They 
          should be turned into wards.  Markham has an attack and has 
          trouble breathing.  Rossi helps Vincent back in bed.  Rossi 
          tells him that he is a very sick man.  Rossi leaves.  The phone 
          rings and Markham answers.  He talks briefly with his brother 

Scene 4:  In the Anderson livingroom, Julie comes in with a laundry basket 
          full of dirty clothes.  Betty comes down the stairs and asks her 
          mother how she looks.  Julie encourages Betty to date Jerry.  
          Betty goes back upstairs.  Steven comes to the door and Julie 
          lets him in.  Steven apologizes to Julie.  Julie says that she 
          had things on her mind also.  Betty comes down.  Steven tells 
          her she looks lovely.  He asks her if she remembers her 
          graduation night.  

Scene 5:  Joe Chernak comes in the Peyton dining room and talks with Alma 
          Chernak, his mother.  She closes the door to the foyer.  He 
          tells her that he has a job as a mechanic in White River.  Joe 
          won't get paid for ten days.  Alma tells him that he is lying.  
          He just wants to get away. 

Scene 6:  Ada walks through the living area and goes to the back door and 
          lets Norman in.  He asks how he looks.  Norman has brought her 
          a flower.  Ada opens the box.  She says that they are very 
          expensive.  He asks if Rita is ready.  He calls to Rita.  He 
          calls again.  Rita comes out.  She looks marvelous.  Norman 
          says, "You look beautiful."  They dance for a moment.  Then 
          they leave. 

Preview:  Rodney dances and talks with Allison.  Steven talks with Betty.  
          On the phone, Leslie talks with Norman. 

          RH:  Go over to my place and pick up some eggs if you like.
          AM:  I like.

          SC:  This is Steven talking.  You have bigger fish to fry.
          BA:  Aren't you jumping to conclusions.
          SC:  Am I?

          NH:  You didn't kill Elizabeth Carson.
          LH:  I didn't kill her, son.
          NH:  Mother did.
          LH:  Can you accept that now?

CCNY-City College of New York.