Episode 94.
          Getting ready for the graduation prom. 
WA:       This day in Peyton Place is graduation day.  For some it is a 
          time of renewal of family ties.  When brothers forget their 
          differences.  For others it is a sad reminder of time lost.  
          And of the swiftness with which a child grows into a woman. 

          If age does honor youth, achievement is recognized by those who 
          have helped and those who have prayed.  And by one who will 
          presently commit this graduation day to history in the pages of 
          the Peyton Place Clarion. 

Intro:    Car drives around the square.  Rodney and Norman come out of 
          the apartment.  Matthew Swain gets in his car and drives off. 

Scene 1:  Allison checks out her graduation gown [from Richard Dreyfuss].  
          Norman checks out his graduation gown.  Norman and Allison talk 
          as Allison adjusts her cap and her hair.  Allison tells Norman 
          to calm down.  

Scene 2:  Dr. Vincent Morton goes to the Information Desk and talks with 
          Betty.  He asks for Dr. Rossi.  Betty tells him he should be in 
          bed.  Vincent fusses at Betty.  Steven Cord walks up and Betty 
          tells Dr. Markham that Steven had saved his life.  Dr. Markham 
          and Steven Cord talk.  Steven says that Markham is a success.  
          Markham leaves.  Steven tells Betty that Markham is a very 
          complicated man.  

Scene 3:  In the Mackenzie-Carson livingroom, Norman removes the ribbon 
          from a diploma.  Norman says he has Gavin Gerard Hansen's 
          diploma and that Hansen probably has his.  Elliot and Constance 
          arrive.  Elliot voices a toast to Allison. 

Scene 4:  Rossi goes in to treat Dr. Vincent Markham.  He asks how 
          Markham feels.  He asks about headaches or dizzyness.  Markham 
          says that he wants to get out of the hospital.  Rossi wants to 
          run some further tests. 

Scene 5:  Rita is crossing the street as Joe Chernak drives up and honks.  
          He tells her to wait up.  She tells him that she is going home 
          and she is in a hurry.  She asks him what he wants.  They go in 
          a deserted warehouse.  Joe forcefully kisses her.  

Scene 6:  The square.  In the apartment, Norman calls to Rodney.  He says 
          that he has to get ready, too. 

Preview:  Claire Morton talks to Dr. Rossi.  Julie talks with Betty.  
          Rossi talks with Dr. Markham. 

          CM:  He wanted me to get the divorce.  He doesn't want anyone 
               close to him.  Even in name. 

          JA:  I don't think I like him.
          BA:  Well, that's not fair.  You met him twice under 
               unfortunate circumstances. 
          JA:  He's too agressive.  He's too sure of himself. 

          MR:  Acting normally.  That would be worse than death itself 
               for the brave Dr. Markham. 
          VM:  I have work to do.  Work to do.

Gown checker outer-Richard Dreyfuss.  [Nuts]
Gavin Girard, mentioned by Norman.