Episode 93.
          Allison Mackenzie and Kim Schuster attend a tea party at the 
WA:       Dr. Vincent Markham, a man called The saint of the Andes in 
          the nation's press, finds himself a patient in Doctors Hospital 
          as the result of a bus accident.  Why he was on that bus 
          remains a mystery. 

Intro:    The square.  The hospital. 

Scene 1:  Betty calls Dr. Vincent Markham to tell him that New York on 
          the phone.  Vincent tells her to have Richter call him. 

Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi talks with Dr. Robert Morton. 

Scene 3:  The playground.  Allison is swinging Kim as Rodney walks up.  
          Allison tells Rodney that Mrs. Schuster did not want Allison to 
          bring Kim to the playground.  [The children's acting is  
          pathetic.]   Allison talks about graduation.  [These are not 
          the same swings and park as in episode 388.] 

Scene 4:  At Ada Jacks' Tavern, Rita is balancing a box on her head as 
          Ada comes in.  Rita goes in the other room to put on her formal 
          gown for Norman's graduation.  She says she bought it at 
          Marshall's.  Ada says it will have to be taken up, that a Mrs. 
          Volney will do it for her.  Norman shows up and is shown the 

Scene 5:  In Doctors Hospital, Dr. Markham is lying in bed restless.  He 
          gets up and checks for phone calls.  He is surprised that there 
          is nothing from the Merriman Corporation. 

Scene 6:  Robert Morton re-introduces himself to Dr. Markham.  They talk 
          briefly.  They have a fairly pleasant conversation. 

Scene 7:  Betty calls Dr. Markham to say that the Merriman Corporation is 
          on the line.  It is Carl Richter.  Betty tells Claire that she 
          is not permitted to give out any information on patients to 
          anyone.  Claire informs Betty that she is Mrs. Vincent Markham. 
          Betty is surprised. 

Scene 8:  Dr. Markham and Claire talk. 

Preview:  Steven Cord talks with Betty.  Dr. Rossi talks with Dr. 
          Markham.  Rita talks with Joe Chernak. 

          SC:  In return, you could teach me about you.
          BA:  I suspect you know too much about me already.
          SC:  In which case, you could do it when I pick you up this 

          MR:  Claire happens to be on the staff of the hospital.  She's 
               bound to want to see the results of the tests.
               I can't keep the answers from her.

          JC:  Just because I'm what?
          RJ:  Nothing.  I didn't mean that.  
          JC:  Sure you did.  You do that, you get hurt.

Susan, girl-Kym Karath.
Libby, girl-Stephanie Monash.
Mrs. Robinson.