Episode 92.
          Norman triumphs. 
WA:       A sudden summer storm in Peyton Place has just as quickly come 
          to an end.  But for Allison Mackenzie the storm seems only to 
          have intensified the isolation she feels from her family. 

Intro:    Wharf.  Carson house. 

Scene 1:  In the Carson house, Allison says that she didn't hear the 
          phone ring.  Constance tells Allison that she has called the 
          hospital and that Elliot has gone already.  He is on his way 
          home.  Elliot comes in and tells them about the accident.  He 
          told them that he gave blood and they gave him orange juice.  
          Constance asks what he was doing on the highway.  He tells them 
          that some boys were bothering Rita Jacks.  Allison relates that 
          some boys were bothering Rita outside the Book Gallery the 
          other day.  Elliot has type "O RH negative" blood.  [In Star 
          Trek, Mr. Spock has "T negative" blood.] 

Scene 2:  In Doctors Hospital, Dr. Vincent Markham is being examined by 
          Dr. Rossi.  Dr. Markham inquires what time it is.  Rossi tells 
          him that it is 8:00 in the morning.  Markham says that that is 
          impossible.  Dr. Rossi introduces himself.  Rossi says that 
          there are no fractures.  Markham observes that Dr. Rossi is not 
          from Peyton Place.  Rossi admits that he is from New York. 

Scene 3:  Steven comes into the reception area of the hospital and walks 
          up to the nurses duty station, station 23, and begins bothering 
          Betty Anderson.  The phone is ringing almostly constantly.  
          [This was very humorous back in 1964.  The intensity of the 
          humor has somewhat abated by now.]  Steven invites Betty to 
          lunch.  She tells him that she is on duty. 

Scene 4:  Back in Markham's room, Rossi is still talking to Vincent.  
          They talk about Dr. Zeitner in New York.  Rossi leaves.  Claire 
          comes in to talk. 

Scene 5:  Joe drives up in front of the Pharmacy and honks.  Rodney comes 
          down and asks Joe if he is honking for him.  They swap barbs.  
          The firestation is seen clearly in the background. 

Scene 6:  Rodney goes in the Pharmacy to talk about Joe Chernak with 
          Rita.  A customer comes over and asks Rita for a comb with the 
          teeth far apart.  Rodney and Rita talk.  The customer asks if 
          they serve lunch.  Rita says that they start serving at eleven.  
          Rodney and Rita continue to talk.  Norman comes in to act 
          silly.  Norman announces that he will be graduating.  Rodney 
          congratulates him.  Norman kisses Rita. 

Scene 7:  On the wharf, Elliot walks by a service station to talk with 
          Joe Chernak.  Joe says he was going to come down to talk to 
          Elliot.  Elliot doesn't believe him.  Joe says that everyone in 
          town is turning his back on him since he returned. 

Preview:  Dr. Markham talks with Dr. Morton.  Betty talks with Claire.  
          Children begin to tease Kim. 

          VM:  Why, Dr. Morton, so you can pigeon-hole our marriage 
               neatly and then move on to something more important?  
               Something less aggravating? 
          RM:  So I can find out why my daughter's marriage failed.

          BA:  I'm not permitted to give out any information about the 
               patients to anyone. 
          CM:  Dr. Markham is my husband.
          BA:  Your husband?

          C:   I bet you can't talk at all.  Kim is a baby.  Kim's a 
               little baby. (screams) 
          KS:  Mommy.  [Rodney gets up and runs over.]

Another service station is seen in scene 7.
Norman kisses Rita.
Joe Chernak-Don Quine.