Episode 91.

          Bus, Rain, Car, Smash. 
WA:       There is a crisis at Doctors Hospital.  The bus from Boston has 
          gone off the road.  Several passengers have been injured.  
          Among them, one who will become very important to the people of 
          Peyton Place. 

Intro:    At the Information Desk in the reception area of Doctors 
          Hospital, miss Choate is talking on the phone.  Elliot Carson 
          and Dr. Rossi are helping Dr. Vincent Markham. 

Scene 1:  Rossi tells miss Choate to take Vincent Markham into Dr. Robert 
          Morton.  Elliot says that he applied a tourniquet, botched 
          since it has been a long time since the war.  Rossi says, "Nice 

Scene 2:  Steven comes in the room where Betty is and teases by telling 
          her that he is badly injured.  He says, "Don't hurry on my 
          account."  Matthew Swain comes in to ask Steven about the 
          accident.  Steven says, "Bus, rain, car, smash.  It all 
          happened so fast."  Steven says that he held on for his life.  
          Matthew asks if Steven pulled someone out.  Steven asks if that 
          entitles him to a headline.  Steven says that the passenger was 
          Dr. Vincent Markham, "Saint of the Andes."  Matthew tells 
          Steven that he might just get a headline. 

Scene 3:  Dr. Morton is in the hospital barking orders to the nurses and 
          orderlies.  Dr. Morton walks over to Markham and asks him how 
          he is.  Markham collapses.  Claire comes over and Dr. Rossi 
          tells her to get an orderly.  He asks Claire what is the 
          matter.  Claire says, "It is my husband." 

Scene 4:  Eli comes over to the Carson house to tell Constance about the 
          accident and that neither Elliot nor Allison were involved.  
          She asks why Elliot didn't call.  Eli tells her that the phone 
          was dead.  Constance says she can't get used to Eli's son.  Eli 
          asks if that scares her.  Allison comes in and asks if anybody 
          is home.  Allison tells Constance and Eli that she has been at 
          Sandy's Ice Cream Parlor on the wharf. 

Scene 5:  David Schuster comes in the front door of the mansion.  He 
          talks with Doris.  He kisses her.  He asks if Kim is asleep.  
          They talk pleasantly then degrade to arguing.  David goes 
          upstairs and talks with Kim.  David goes downstairs.  Doris 
          comes down the stairs and talks with David.  He raises his 
          voice to her.  He says that Kim is holding out for Amy Warren 
          of New York.  David mentioned that when Doris found him, that 
          he already had a wife.  She admits that she broke him up with 
          his happy wife, his child bride, Margaret.  She mentions that 
          Kim was born deaf.  Doris slaps David.  They talk some more.  
          Doris opines that Allison reminds David of Margaret. 

Scene 6:  Steven goes into a hospital room where Elliot is donating 
          blood.  Steven mentions that Elliot had been a patient in the 
          hospital recently.  Miss Choate comes in and asks Elliot how he 
          is feeing.  Elliot asks Steven if Matthew Swain had caught up 
          with him.  Steven says he was declared hero of the 
          week.  Elliot says that the town doesn't owe him anything.  
          And that it doesn't owe Steven Cord anything either. 

Scene 7:  Dr. Claire Morton Markham goes in to see Dr. Vincent Markham, 
          her estranged husband.  Dr. Robert Morton comes in and talks 
          with Claire.  He says that he hopes this will bring her to her 
          senses.  Dr. Rossi comes in to check on Dr. Markham.  Drs. 
          Robert and Claire Morton leave. 

Preview:  Elliot talks to Constance.  Rita talks with Rodney.  Elliot 
          Carson talks with Joe Chernak. 

          EC:  Well, I can't turn my back on things like that.  Or boys 
               like that.  And I'm not going to stand around and wait til 
               somebody gets hurt so that then police can do something. 

          RJ:  I can't help what Joe said.
          RH:  Look, I'm not accusing you.
          RJ:  I can't stop him from driving by and honking his stupid 
          RH:  That's why I want you to come to me if he gives you a bad 

          EC:  I've been looking for you Chernak.  You and your buddy.
          JC:  I'm sorry, I didn't know that, Mr. Carson.

Amy Warren of New York, only mentioned.
Joe Chernak-Don Quine.
David kisses Doris.
Steven utters a humorous expression in scene 2.