Episode 90.

          Steven Cord visits his mother, Hannah Cord. 
WA:       In Boston, the rain which is lashing Peyton Place, beats down 
          on the house of Martin Peyton.  The house occupied now only by 
          his housekeeper, Hannah Cord. 

Intro:    Hannah Cord is walking around in the town house of Martin 
          Peyton.  Steven Cord is talking on the phone. 

Scene 1:  On the phone from the Boston house of Martin Peyton, Steven 
          tells Theodore Dowell that he will be back on the bus tonight.  
          [Steven apparently hasn't bought a car yet.]  Steven tells 
          Hannah that the Peyton house will eventually be called the Cord 

Scene 2:  Still in Boston, Steven Cord gets on an Interstate Bus headed 
          for Peyton Place.  Dr. Vincent Markham gets on the same bus.  
          Steven sits by Markham and introduces himself.  Steven tries 
          somewhat unsuccessfully to strike up a conversation. 

Scene 3:  Norman opens a shade in the residential area back of the 
          Tavern.  He talks with Rita.  He tells her it might "rain for 
          40 days and 40 nights."  Ada comes in.  Norman greets her and 
          leaves.  Ada tells Rita that she should go off to school. 

Scene 4:  Rodney and Norman talk in the apartment.  Rodney tells Norman 
          that he told Joe off, but he doesn't know if that's going to 
          keep him off. 

Scene 5:  Steven talks with Dr. Markham.  Markham doesn't talk much.  
          Steven says he is going only to Peyton Place. The Interstate 
          Bus tries to pass a car, swerves to avoid a head-on collision 
          with a car, and crashes.  Dr. Vincent Markham's head strikes 
          the window on the left side of the bus.  He is injured rather 
          badly.  Steven Cord is injured only slightly.  

Scene 6:  At the Information Desk, Betty and miss Choate talk about the 
          bus accident.  Miss Choate tells an orderly to get some cots 
          set up. 

Scene 7:  At the Morton house, Mrs. Grace Morton tells the doctor that 
          Claire has disappeared.  The phone rings and Betty informs Dr. 
          Robert Morton about the bus accident.  He tells Grace to tell 
          Claire to get over to the hospital as soon as she calls in or 
          comes home.  He leaves immediately apparently for the hospital. 

Scene 8:  At the beach house, Rossi is surprised by Dr. Claire Morton who 
          has been out walking in the rain.  He offers to drive her home.  
          She says that she isn't ready to go home.  Rossi stokes the 
          fire.  Rossi kisses Claire.  She doesn't resist.  The lights in 
          the cabin go off.  Rossi opines that the power lines must have 
          gone down.  He gets a kerosene lamp and lights it.  Dr. Robert 
          Morton shows up at the door.  He tells Dr. Rossi there has been 
          a bus accident and that that he and Claire are both needed at 
          the hospital. 

Preview:  Rossi is holding Dr. Markham as Markham starts to speak.  
          Markham collapses.  Rossi speaks to Claire.  Constance talks to 
          Eli.  Doris shouts at David, and David slaps her. 

          KM:    Ha.  It really . . .
          MR:    Claire, get an orderly.

          CM:    For 18 years I kept life outside that door.  And I married 
                 Elliot and he brought it all in with him.  Just can't 
                 get used to that son of yours. 

          Doris: You keep blaming me for your own rotten guilt because 
                 Kim was born deaf. [Slap]. 

Steven Cord-James Douglas
Hannah Cord-Ruth Warrick [Citizen Kane, All My Children].
Dr. Vincent Markham-Leslie Nielsen [Mr. Magoo].
Grace Morton-Edith Atwater, real-life wife of Kent Smith, Dr. Robert 

Hannah slaps Steven.
Dr. Rossi kisses Claire Morton.
[It is revealed later in the series that Catherine Peyton was Steven 
  Cord's mother, and that Hannah was pressured by Peyton to be put on
the birth certificate as his mother.] 
We learn later that Vincent Markham has a twin brother.  And later on a 
  child welfare worker consults a local baby doctor, also named Markham.
David slaps Doris.