Episode 89.
          Elliot Carson rescues Rita from Joe Chernak. 
WA:       The price of ambition can be costly.  Whether it be in 
          friendship, in dignity, or in self respect.  But Rita Jacks 
          ambitious for a new way of life, is totally unaware what the 
          cost will be to her and everyone around her. 
Intro:    Rita Jacks, coming out of the library.  One of the very few 
          scenes of the entrance to the library. 

Scene 1:  Across the square, Joe Chernak drives up in front of the 
          Clarion to annoy and threaten Rita.  He tells her that he put 
          Kitch on the bus but that he is back.  He warns her that it is 
          going to rain.  He insists on driving her home.  He grabs her.  
          Elliot comes out of the chandlery and rescues Rita.  He puts 
          his arm around Joe's neck.  Joe tells Rita that he will see her 
          around.  Elliot tells her that it is all right now.  He picks 
          up her books.  Rita says she has to go home.  Elliot invites 
          her into the Chandlery for a moment.  [Thunder and lightning].  
          He offers her coffee.  She declines.  Elliot picks up the phone 
          to call the police.  He has Joe's license plate number.  Rita 
          tells Elliot about Norman threating to kill Joe.  She pleads 
          with Elliot not to call the police.  Elliot tells Rita that he 
          will take her home. 

Scene 2:  It is still storming as Norman goes in the back of the Tavern 
          in hopes of seeing Rita.  He asks if Rita has gone to the 
          library.  He says that he had offered to get any books she 
          needed.  Norman and his future mother-in-law have a nice chat.  
          She offers Norman lemonade.  Elliot shows up with Rita.  Norman 
          looks at Rita indicating that he feels something bad has 
          happened.  Rita avoids telling Norman what really happened.  
          Elliot and Ada go in the bar area.  Ada pours Elliot a drink.  
          Elliot tells Ada about the problem with Joe and Earl.  Norman 
          talks with Rita.  [More thunder]. 

Scene 3:  Thunder and lightning.  In the Carson home, Constance picks up 
          the phone and finds the line dead. [The telephone lines must be 
          down.]  The chimes ring and Constance admits David Schuster.  
          He says he tried to phone but the lines must be down.  
          They chat.  Mostly about Allison.  Schuster tells Constance how 
          much he admires Allison.  Schuster says he feels re-assured.   
          He leaves in the rain. 

Scene 4:  A young man wearing a soda-jerk's cap is serving ice cream to 
          Doris, Kim, and Allison at an ice cream parlor called Sandy's. 

          Doris tells Allison that Kim was born and raised in New York.  
          Doris goes to the pay phone, puts in a dime, and dials zero.  
          She gets a ding but the phone does not function.  The 
          telephone lines must be down.  Doris says that she does not 
          blame Kim for being jumpy.  Doris decides to stay until the 
          storm dies down. 

Preview:  In the apartment, Norman talks with Rodney.  Hannah angrily 
          talks with Steven.  Rita talks to Ada. 

          NH:  What about Joe Chernak?
          RH:  I told him off.
          NH:  You did what?
          RH:  But I don't know if that's going to keep him off. 

          HC:  Don't do it, Steven.
          SC:  Oh, I won't cheat the old man.  I'll give him full and 
               faithful service.  That's our family tradition isn't it?  
               [Hannah slaps Steven].

          RJ:  You didn't let him do that.  He could get in trouble.
          AJ:  But honey, you are in trouble.

Snow Queen-a puppet show presented at the Peyton College by the Drama 
Soda jerk at Sandy's-uncredited.