Episode 88.
          Joe Chernak has problems of his own making. 
WA:       Norman Harrington has changed.  Thanks to his friendship with 
          Rita Jacks.  Neither Norman nor Rita are aware of what the 
          ultimate price of this friendship will be. 

Intro:    Bandstand.  Town Hall.  A lady comes out of the Pharmacy and 
          heads east.  Norman comes down the stairs from the apartment 
          carrying school books. 

Scene 1:  Norman almost bumps into Steven Cord.  Norman says it is a 
          great day.  Steven says it is too hot.  Norman invites Steven 
          for coffee.  Steven tells Norman that he is going to the mill 
          before catching a bus to Boston.  He has to deliver papers to 
          Martin Peyton.  He invites Norman along.  Steven grins widely.  
          Norman declines, but he says to tell his grandfather, hello.  
          Steven asks how long it has been since he has seen his 
          grandfather.  Norman says it has been quite a while. 

Scene 2:  Norman goes in the Pharmacy and sees Joe Chernak sitting at the 
          far end of the counter talking with Rita.  Joe tells Rita that 
          she makes a nice cup of coffee.  Joe asks for his coffee to go.  
          Rita says that he hadn't asked for coffee to go.  Rita asks Joe 
          for 55 cents.  He asks for a doughnut.  [Crispy Creams® 
          were not yet on the market.]  She says they are stale and dumps 
          them in the refuse container.  Rita again asks Joe for 55 
          cents. He pays and says he will see her later.  She says that 
          no he won't.  Joe says, "Same old Rita.  Starts out by saying 
          no."  Norman threatens Joe.  Joe leaves.  Norman leaves.  Betty 
          comes in and chats with Rita. 

Scene 3:  In the office at the mill, Julie is talking on the phone at her 
          desk.  She informs David that Mr. Howard Fischer is calling.  
          Doris comes in as Julie tells the caller that Schuster has just 
          stepped out.  She takes his number.  738-4672.  Julie announces 
          Doris to David.  Doris goes in the office and gives David a 
          very special present that she has gotten at the antique store.  
          It is an inkstand.  Doris says, "Don't let me keep you from 
          your work."  David asks Doris her opinion of Julie.  Julie says 
          she has just met her.  She seems nice, efficient, and 

Scene 4:  Back in the outer office, Julie returns from the hall to find 
          Steven Cord waiting.  He tells Julie that he met Betty the 
          other night at the Colonial Post Inn with Jerry Bedford. He 
          asks to see Mr. Schuster.  Julie says that he is with someone.  
          Julie announces Steven.  Steven asks if Julie had worked there 
          before, for Leslie Harrington.  David introduces Steven to 
          Doris and Steven says that they have already met.  Steven says 
          that he is catching the 11:00 bus for Boston.  Doris asks for 
          him to give their very best to Peyton.  Steven says that Peyton 
          is lonely and appreciated the note that Doris sent him.  As 
          Steven is leaving she invites him for a dinner party.  She asks 
          what night would be good for him.  Steven says any night would 
          be fine.  David tells Doris that he wasn't aware that they were 
          giving a dinner party.  She wants to invite the Dowells since 
          they owe them a dinner.  He tells her to consult him before 
          inviting guests.  Doris tells David that Steven is their only 
          "link" to Martin Peyton.  David tells Doris not to outsmart 
          themselves.  Doris leaves. 
Scene 5:  Dr. Rossi is trying to operate his multiline [4] phone and 
          accidentally hangs up on a Mrs. Newton.  A Mrs. Whitley also 
          calls.  He tells her that he will call right back.  Now the 
          phone rings again but it is a wrong number.  Betty comes in and 
          offers to answer the phone for Dr. Rossi.  She calls Mrs. 
          Whitley back for the doctor.  Betty tells Rossi that Mrs. 
          Whitley is on line one.  He says that he has the results back. 

Scene 6:  In the Chandlery, Elliot asks Eli to hand the the inventory 
          sheet.  Eli is down in the dumps and is not alert.  Elliot 
          invites Eli for dinner the next evening.  Eli says that he is 
          meeting Matt Swain at the Inn.  He says that he would invite 
          him tonight but that Allison is taking Kim and Doris to the 
          college to see the puppet show.  He says he is going to catch 
          up on paper work.  Eli says that he hopes that they take their 
          umbrellas.  Elliot says his barometer is still high.  Eli says 
          they better take their umbrellas.  Elliot says that the forcast 
          is for clear.  Eli says he has a big toe, knee cap, and an 
          elbow.  He speaks about the storm of '61.  Eli says he is going 
          to pick up Matt.  Elliot asks Eli if he should take a slicker 
          and a pair of rubber boots.  Matthew comes in to get Eli.  He 
          mentions a bulletin that has just come in from the weather 
          bureau.  Very heavy rain storm expected before midnight.  
          Elliot turns around and looks at Eli.  Eli says, "Ho, Ho, Ho."  
          And leaves. 

Scene 7:  Sign at the college. 

                           Snow Queen Presented by 
                               the Peyton College 
                                  Drama Society 

          Allison talks with Doris after the puppet show has concluded.  
          Allison asks Doris if she was in the drama club in school.  
          Doris says she was on the newspaper.  Allison asks if she 
          wanted to be a writer.  Doris says that she wanted to be 
          somebody.  Doris tells Kim not to touch a puppet.  Allison 
          introduces Kim to Li [a Chinese girl].  Allison starts to leave 
          as Doris invites her for ice cream.  Allison says a storm is 
          coming.  Doris says there should be time.  Allison tells Doris 
          that there is a place on the wharf called Sandy's and that 
          has 18 different flavors.  Thunder is heard. 

Scene 8:  Rita comes out of the Library and rushes across the square.  In 
          front of the Clarion, Joe Chernak drives up and begins to annoy 
          her.  Joe says it is about to rain.  He insists on driving her.  
          She says no.  He insists.  Rita is frightened. 

Preview:  At the Tavern, Ada talks with Elliot.  David talks with 
          Constance.  Rita talks to Elliot Carson. 

          AJ:  But why should you get yourself involved?
          EC:  It's a family characteristic. [Downs a drink].  I just 
               can't help myself.
          DS:  You know, this is the first chance I've had to tell you 
               how much I admire Allison.  She's in many ways 
          CM:  In many ways, very extraordinary, Mr. Schuster. 

          RJ:  And Norman will find out.  Just this morning, he told Joe 
               that he would kill him.
Mrs. Newton.
Mrs. Whitley.
Li, a Chinese girl-uncredited.