Episode 87.
          Joe Chernak stalks Rita.  Julie goes back to the mill. 
MEL:      Julie Anderson returns to the mill from Dr. Rossi's office.  
          This creates a slot for Stella Chernak.  During the sub-plot 
          involving Stella, she never used any micro-biologist jargon.  
          It seems the writers were unable to write anything interesting 
          about her work so they relied on the notion that her work was 
          very important. 

WA:       For Rodney and his brother Norman, striking out on their own 
          without the usual protection of their father, it is a time of 
          conflict and a time of change.  But out of this struggle comes 
          the hint of a new maturity, for Rodney and for Norman.  A 
          maturity that will gird them for the days ahead.  
Intro:    Rodney at the foot of stairs opening a letter from his father. 

Scene 1:  Norman is primping in front of a mirror.  [1965 special 
          effects.]  Rodney tells Norman that he has a letter from their 
          father.  Leslie is in Europe.  He asks Norman if he would like 
          to read it.  Norman reads a portion out loud.  Leslie 
          congratulates Norman on graduating.  Rodney says he is going to 
          write their father, and asks if Norman would like to add a few 
          lines.  Norman says no. 

Scene 2:  Norman goes downstairs and into the Pharmacy.  He chats with 
          Rita a while.  Rita asks Norman if she can fix something for 
          his breakfast.  He asks for coffee.  Rita is working at the 
          Pharmacy part time and is preparing to go to night school.  A 
          car horn is heard.  They recognize it as Joe Chernak's car.  
          Norman asks if Joe is trying to tell them something.  Norman 
          goes outside.  He asks if Joe has been in to bug her.  She says 

Scene 3:  David Schuster has driven Doris to Dr. Rossi's office and Kim 
          gets out and is almost run over by a car.  Doris warns Kim to 
          be more careful.  David drives off.  Allison comes out of the 
          Book Gallery and speaks to Doris and Kim.  Allison tells Doris 
          that the school drama club is having a puppet show.  She 
          invites Kim and her mother to the show at the school.  Doris 
          says that Kim has not been feeling well and that she will check 
          with Dr. Rossi. [There is a technical error in this scene.  
          Kim's hat blows off as she is crossing the street, but 
          magically reappears on her head as she reaches the other side.] 

Scene 4:  In his office over the Clarion, Dr. Rossi is finishing up with 
          a patient as Doris brings Kim in for a checkup.  Doris says 
          that she thinks Kim is coming down with a cold.  Doris tells 
          Kim that Dr. Rossi is going to just check her.  Rossi gives Kim 
          a lollipop.  Dr. Rossi examines Kim.  Doris says she is 
          concerned about Kim, particularily because of Kim's deafness.  
          Rossi asks for the name of Kim's doctor in New York.  Mrs. 
          Barber calls (back) and chats briefly with the doctor.  He 
          apologizes for being disconnected.  He didn't hang up on her.  
          Rossi doesn't have a secretary, Julie having left.  Doris 
          didn't realize that Julie's going back to the mill would be a 
          problem for Dr. Rossi.  Rossi says that he never confuses 
          concern with rudeness.  Rossi says that children fake illness. 
          Rossi asks Doris what is really troubling her. 

          As Doris Schuster is preparing to leave with Kim, Claire 
          Morton, who has been waiting in the outer office is introduced 
          to Doris and her daughter.  Claire chats briefly with the 
          doctor.  She asks Rossi to drive her to the hospital [over half 
          a block away].  She says that she likes his office.  She 
          apologizes for the previous evening.  

Scene 5:  Julie is in the outer office of the mill as David Schuster 
          comes in.  He welcomes her back to the mill.  He says there 
          have been some changes.  She mentions that David has gotten the 
          water cooler fixed.  He asks for the file on Gus Chernak.  They 
          talk about the Chernaks.  Schuster tells Julie to write out 
          Gus' termination notice.  Julie talks him out of it.  Schuster 
          goes in his office and closes the door. 

          Rodney comes in the outer office and asks to see Mr. Schuster.  
          She says that he is on the phone right now.  He chats a while 
          before going in to see Schuster.  He asks how long she has been 
          working for Mr. Schuster.  She tells Rodney that she has just 
          started this morning.  She asks of Leslie.  He says that Leslie 
          is in europe.  Rodney says that he saw Betty at the Inn the 
          other night with Rev. Bedford.  Julie picks up the phone and 
          announces Rodney.  Rodney goes in to see Schuster.  

          Rodney has come to apologize for what happened last night.  
          The Schusters had returned to the house as Rodney was smooching 
          with Allison.  Rodney says that nothing really happened.  
          Rodney says that he didn't want Schuster to blame Allison for 
          what happened.  Schuster graciously offers Rodney a job at the 
          mill for the summer.  Rodney replies that the offer is very 
          generous.  Schuster says to think about it.  Rodney tells Julie 
          goodbye and departs. 
          Julie tells Schuster that Rodney and Betty were married for a 
          short time.  He tells Julie that that Rodney may come to work 
          at the mill and he hopes that this doesn't cause any problems.  
          Julie says that it shouldn't. 

Scene 6:  As Rodney is leaving the mill he encounters Joe Chernak.  Joe 
          introduces himself and tells Rodney that he used to go with 
          Rita Jacks.  Joe says that Rita is a problem.  Rodney says, 
          "Not for Norman."  Joe tells Rodney that he is not Kitch.  That 
          he doesn't rough up kids in the Pillory.  Joe tells Rodney to 
          talk with his brother.

Preview:  David talks with Doris.  Steven talks with Julie.  Norman 
          talks with Rita and warns Joe. 

          David: Let's be careful that we don't outsmart ourselves, 
          Doris: I'm always careful, David.

          SC:    I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Inn.  With the 
                 good Reverend.  
          JA:    Jerry Bedford?
          SC:    Yeah, good old Jerry.
          JC:    Same old Rita.  She always starts out by saying, "No".
          NH:    You're not going to see her again.  Understand?
          RJ:    Norman.
          NH:    Stay away from her or I'll ...
          JC:    Or you'll what Norman?

Joe Chernak-Don Quine.
Mrs. Barber, patient on the phone.