Episode 86.
          Rita and Norman grow close. 

WA:       Rita Jacks is continuing her struggle to break free of the 
          life into which she was born.  A struggle that will bring 
          danger to her and to others. 

Intro:    Night.  Wharf.  Sign outside the tavern on the wharf.  

                          ADA JACKS' TAVERN 

Scene 1:  In the apartment back of the Tavern, Norman and Rita talk.  
          They are talking about her school studies.  Norman gets up to 
          play the record he brought her.  Norman kisses Rita on the 
          cheek.  Rita stands up and they kiss again.  The phone rings.  
          It is Joe Chernak, calling to annoy Rita.  She puts him off.  
          She tells him to leave her alone and hangs up. 

Scene 2:  Allison is tending Kim as Doris comes over to talk.  David 
          comes over and asks Doris if she is ready.  Davis and Doris 
          leave for the country club.  

Scene 3:  Kim is holding her doll and writing.  Allison says that is 
          enough studying.  Allison tells Kim about a lady horse and her 
          colt.  The chimes ring and Allison lets Rodney in.  Rodney has 
          brought a box of candy.  Kim bangs on the table.  Rodney asks 
          where the Schusters are.  Kim bangs on the table again.  
          Allison says, "Kim, lets have dinner now."  Kim bangs on the 
          table.  Allison says she will tell the story later.  Allison 
          says, "Dinner time." 

Scene 4:  Betty reports to miss Choate.  Betty apologizes.  Choate says 
          that there has to be no further insubordination.  Betty says it 
          won't happen again.  Choate tells Betty that she may report to 
          pediatrics.  Steven Cord walks up and visits with Betty.  He is 
          still calling her, "Miss Anderson."  Steven says that he is 
          very patient.  Very methodical.  Steven talks about seeing her 
          the previous night.  Rossi comes out of his office and goes 
          over to talk with Betty.  He asks if Betty apologized to miss 
          Choate.  She says that she did.  He asks what she said.  She 
          tells him.  Rossi says that Choate is not the easiest person to 
          get along with.  Dr. Morton comes over to Rossi and says that 
          he owes him an explanation.  They go to Morton's office. 

Scene 5.  In Morton's office, Rossi is asked how he feels about Claire.  
          Morton tells Rossi that he is concerned about Claire.  Morton 
          tells Rossi that he feels that he has failed Claire.  Rossi 
          tells Morton to give Claire time to let Claire decide how she 

Scene 6:  Rodney gives Kim a chocolate and tells her that they are going 
          to play downstairs.  Not to go upstairs.  Allison tells Kim to 
          hide and she and Rodney will look for her.  Rodney says that he 
          will hide and Kim and Allison can look for him.  Rodney waits 
          while Allison and Kim hide.  He goes in another room to look 
          for Kim.  He finds her.  They go to look for Allison.  They 
          find her behind the drapes.  They race to home base.  Rodney 
          tells Allison that she is it.  Kim hides behind a chair.  
          Rodney grabs Allison and pulls her into the foyer closet.  
          Rodney kisses Allison.  

          David Schuster comes in to find Rodney and Allison kissing.  
          He asks what they are doing.  He says that he had an emergency 
          call to go to the mill.  And that he came home to get the other 
          keys.  Rodney asks Allison how you spell disaster, "one s
          or two?" 

Scene 7:  Elliot tells Constance a war story.  How he saved the life of a 
          young native girl on Tahiti.

Scene 8:  Allison comes in the front door and greets her parents.  
          Allison says that David was called to the mill and he brought 
          Doris back to the house.  Doris started taking care of Kim so 
          she came home early.  Constance asks Allison if she has eaten 
          supper.  Allison says that everything is changing.  Nothing 
          stays the same anymore. 

Preview:  Rodney talks with Joe Chernak.  Rita talks with Norman.  Rossi 
          talks with Doris Schuster. 

          RH:  Don't tell me your troubles.
          JC:  I'm not, Rodney.  I'm just telling you that Rita is a 
          RH:  Not for Norman.

          RJ:  I don't know how you like your coffee.
          NH:  Hot.  Served by you.
          RJ:  You're my first customer.
          NH:  I'd better be.

          MR:  What is really troubling you?
          DS:  Nothing.  At least, nothing that I can think of.