Episode 85.  
          Matthew Swain feels his age. 

WA:       Rodney Harrington has brought Allison Mackenzie home from a 
          date many times.  But tonight he brings her to a house that has 
Intro:    Rodney walks Allison to her door. 

Scene 1:  Allison says, "Thank you for a lovely evening."  Rodney rings 
          the chimes and Elliot opens the door.  Constance comes to the 
          door and invites them in.  She says that it is time for coffee 
          and cake.  Elliot invites them in.  They chat a while.  Elliot 
          asks if Rodney has heard from his father.  Leslie is in Paris 
          and he has seen aunt Laura.  Allison says that Paris must be 
          lovely.  Rodney says that they are going to Switzerland.  Laura 
          has taken up skiing.  Leslie and Constance go in the other 
          room.  Elliot says that everytime he sees Rodney he sees 
          Leslie, the man who sent him to prison for 18 years.  Allison 
          and Rodney kiss.  Rodney leaves. 
Scene 2:  Rossi comes into his office to find Julie.  Julie gives notice.  
          She has been offered her old job back at the mill.  She says 
          that she will put the patients records in order.  Julie offers 
          to find someone to replace her.  

Scene 3:  Matthew Swain comes into Theodore Dowell's law office and asks 
          miss Marsh if he can speak with Theodore Dowell.  Swain and 
          Dowell discuss Steven Cord and the Harrington brothers.  
          Matthew Swain has been appointed Rodney and Norman's guardian. 

Scene 4:  Rodney Harrington comes into the office and asks to see Steven 
          Cord.  Dowell greets Rodney and invites him into his office.  
          Rodney explains that he came to see Mr. Cord.  Rodney goes in 
          to see Steven.  Rodney says tht it was difficult to talk at the 
          Inn.  Steven says that he ran into Norman at the Pharmacy.  
          Rodney says, "Why open it up again?"  Rodney asks Steven why he 
          came back to Peyton Place.  Rodney leaves and Dowell comes in 
          and talks with Steven.  

Scene 5:  The square.  Allison walks from the library over to the Book 
          Gallery.  She goes in and Elliot greets her.  Constance is 
          there also.  Allison tells them that she has taken a job at the 
          Schusters.  Allison says that she has gotten some books on 
          deafness.  She says that she won't be home for dinner.  She 
          tells them that Rodney is coming over.  Constance says that she 
          doesn't mind as long as her school work doesn't suffer.  She 
          says that she will be home late and leaves.  

          John Pearson comes in the Book Gallery and is introduced to 
          Elliot.  John says that Constance has turned him down for a 
          date for the last 7 years.  He hands a book catalog to 
          Constance and leaves.  Elliot tells Constance that she makes 

Scene 6:  In the Chandlery, Eli is explaining the family tree to Allison.  
          He talks about Ezekial Carson, Josea Carson, Eli, Elliot.  Eli 
          gives the solid gold fob to Allison.  Matthew comes in.  
          Allison muses that she is the Great-Great-Granddaughter of a 
          genuine sea dog.  She kisses Matthew.  Allison leaves.  Eli 
          suggests that they play checkers.  Matthew talks about being 
          old.  Matthew says that he is lonely. 

Scene 7:  Steven is on the phone with Hannah.  He tells her that he is 
          coming to Boston to get some papers signed.  Hannah asks about 
          Norman and Rodney.  Steven says that it was just the right 
          thing coming back to town. 

Preview:  Rita talks with Norman.  David Schuster talks with Rodney and 
          Allison.  Dr. Morton talks with Dr. Rossi. 

          RJ:  Please Norman, just stay away from me.  
          NH:  I'll do what I want to do.
          RJ:  I don't need you to protect me.
          NH:  You don't know what you need.

          DS:  I had an emergency call to go to the mill.  I had to come 
               here to get my other keys. 
          RH:  Well, I wonder how you spell disaster.  One s or two? 

          RM:  What are your feelings about Claire?
          MR:  She's a good doctor and a good friend.  And she thinks of 
               me in the same way. 
          RM:  Are you sure of that?

John Pearson, book salesman-uncredited, appeared earlier in episode 51.
Miss Marsh, receptionist for Theodore Dowell-Elinor Audrey.