Episode 84.
          Rita and Norman grow close. 

WA:       For Betty Anderson, eager to bring change into her life, 
          tonight could mark a new beginning.  With Jerry Bedford, Rev. 
          Jerome Bedford, there is promise of a future but not without 
          sad reminders of the past. 

Intro:    The square.  The Colonial Post Inn sign.  Rodney, Allison, 
          Jerry, Betty. 

Scene 1:  Rodney and Allison are just entering the Colonial Post Inn as 
          Betty Anderson and the Rev. Jerry Bedford are leaving after 
          having dinner. 

Scene 2:  Steven Cord is sitting at the bar as Rodney and Allison come in 
          the restaurant area of the Inn.  The hostess greets the couple 
          and seats them not far from Steven.  Steven comes over to speak 
          to Rodney and Allison.  Steven reintroduces himself to Rodney 
          and Allison.  Allison mentions that Steven came in the Book 
          Gallery and bought a Clarion newspaper from her.  

          Steven said that he had gotten in the habit of buying a morning 
          paper from a broken-nose thug in a leather cap, in Boston.  
          Rodney mentions tht Steven will be working in Theodore Dowell's 
          office.  They chat a while and Steven asks Allison if she has 
          ever met Martin Peyton.  She says she hasn't but has seen him 
          from a distance.  Steven excuses himself and leaves.  

          Rodney explains to Allison that Steven's mother used to be the 
          Peyton housekeeper.  Later in the series Hannah is portrayed 
          more as a manager of the mansion, not as a servant.  Rodney 
          says that he never liked Steven Cord. 

Scene 3:  Meanwhile in the Anderson house, Betty comes down the stairs, 
          turns off the small screen TV, and begins talking with her 
          mother.  Julie had encouraged Betty to date the Rev. Jerry 
          Bedford and Betty tells her mother about the date.  Betty says 
          it was so good to get out of the house. 

Scene 4:  In the living area back of Ada Jacks' Tavern, Rita is at the 
          breakfast table talking with Ada, her mother.  Ada observes 
          that Rita is studying more than she ever did whan she was in 
          school.  Ada saks if Rita is doing this for Norman.  Rita says 
          that she is doing it for herself.  Presently Rita hears a knock 
          at the door and lets Norman Harrington in.  Norman asks Rita to 
          come out and play.  He has brought her a grammaphone record.  
          Norman talks about Rita's old friends.  A horn sounds and 
          Norman says that they are playing her song. 

Scene 5:  Matthew Swain is at the Carson house.  He is telling Elliot how 
          much he enjoyed dining with the Carsons that evening.  Elliot 
          talks about the war in the pacific and how he spent his war 
          effort in the European zone.  Rossi is there to get the key to 
          the beach house and tells Matt that he is moving back in.  
          Matthew imposes on the doctor to drop him off at the square on 
          his way back to the Inn.  [It seems rather strange that the 
          local newshound doesn't have modus transportus.] 

Scene 6:  Dr. Rossi stops the car and talks with Matthew Swain about the 
          bachelor life.  Rossi talks about how lonely he was in New York 
          City.  Matthew talks about the times when he and Elliot used to 
          play checkers.  Then one day Eli opted out to see his 
          son, his son's wife, and his grandson.  Matthew felt left out.  
          Matthew talks about being an observor, not a participant.  
          Steven shows up and talks briefly with Dr. Rossi and Matthew 
          and then leaves. 

Scene 7:  Elliot is downstairs in the Carson house pacing near the front 

          Outside Rodney and Allison are talking about life.  Allison 
          tells Rodney that her evening is complete.  She made him smile. 

          Constance comes down stairs and talks with Elliot.  

          Rodney gets out of the car, walks around, helps Allison out, 
          and walks her to her door.  Rodney is about to kiss her as 
          Elliot abruptly opens one of the front double doors. 

Preview:  Steven talks with Rodney.  Matthew talks with Theodore Dowell.  
          Elliot talks with Constance. 

          SC:  I thought it would ease Norman's mind if I told him that 
               your grandfather was convinced your mother didn't commit 
               the murder.
          RH:  Why open it up again?  It is a closed issue.  

          MS:  It's admitting to yourself you chose between them and 
               their grandfather's interests. 
          TD:  I acted perfectly ethically.
          MS:  Only if you recognize the choice.

          EC:  Why the devil did I have to bring that up?
          CM:  It has to be faced.
          EC:  I want to like that boy.  But, everytime I look at him, I 
               see his father.  I see the man who sent me to prison for 
               18 years. 

In this episode the viewers are told once again that Matthew Swain will 
   be leaving town. 
Steven Cord-James Douglas.
Rev. Jerome "Jerry" Bedford-Ted Hartley.
Ted Hartley eventually became CEO of RKO Pictures.