Episode 83.
          David Schuster must comply with his boss's plans. 

WA:       For Rita Jacks, a new life promised to begin when she met 
          Norman Harrington.  And to begin that new life Rita was 
          determined to forget, in every way, her old one.  But in Peyton 
          Place it is not easy to bury the past.  Especially when others 
          insist on uncovering it.  
Intro:    Rita is walking along the south side of the square as Joe 
          Chernak and Earl drive up in Joe's coupe.  They get out and 
          walk over to Rita. 

Scene 1:  Joe and Earl speak to Rita.  They tell her that Kitch is 
          leaving town and wants to talk with her.  Allison comes out and 
          invites Rita into the Book Gallery. 
Scene 2:  Rita goes inside the Book Gallery and sits down to talk with 
          Allison.  Rita says she doesn't want to start trouble.  Joe and 
          Earl drive off.  Rita says that she and Norman have not been 
          hitting it off too well lately.  Rita says she is thinking 
          about going back to school.  Norman comes in and talks with 
          Allison and Rita.  Rita leaves.  Allison fusses at Norman for 
          the way he has been treating Rita. 

Scene 3:  Rodney goes over to the Schuster house to talk with Allison.  
          He announces himself using the brass knocker on the front door.  
          There is a brass name plate with the following engraved: 


          Rodney is greeted by David Schuster and they sit in the 
          livingroom and chat.  Schuster asks Rodney if he and Allison 
          are going steady.  Rodney says that they enjoy each other's 
          company.   Doris joins them.  They hear a crash and go 
          upstairs.  Allison is having trouble with Kim.  Doris takes up 
          for Kim.  Allison says that if they let Kim get away with this 
          she will never respect her.  David agrees and lets Allison 
          enforce the discipline.  David and Doris leave and shut the 
          door.  Kim is still defiant but Allison prevails.  

Scene 4:  Downstairs, Doris tells Allison that they need her the 
          following evening.  Doris asks Allison if she could babysit the 
          next evening.  Allison says she has a study date, but agrees to 
          shift it to the Schuster house.  David offers Allison a part 
          time job caring for Kim.  Allison and Rodney leave.  Doris 
          fusses at David.  David fusses at Doris.  They fuss at each 
          other.  David asks if they should go back to New York.  

Scene 5:  Betty is reclining on the sofa, reading, as Julie comes in and 
          suggests that Betty should date Jerry Bedford.  Julie asks what 
          is wrong with the Rev. Jerry Bedford.  Julie makes it clear 
          that she wants Betty to accept a date with Jerry when he calls.  
          Betty talks about her "past."  The phone rings.  Julie answers.  
          She calls Betty to the phone.  Betty asks if Jerry is still 
          desperate for someone to keep him company at dinner.  

Scene 6:  Rev. Jerry Bedford and Betty Anderson are dining at the 
          Colonial Post Inn.  He asks Betty if his collar makes her 
          uncomfortable.  Jerry starts to tell her a war story.  He 
          insists that she call him Jerry.  Frances Wilkerson comes into 
          the Inn and is introduced to Betty by Jerry.  She asks Betty if 
          she is a new member of the congregation.  Jerry says no, she is 
          a friend.  Frances tells Betty that it is nice to meet her.  
          Betty starts to tell Jerry that she was married once to Rodney 
          Harrington.  He interrupts, saying that he knows all about her.  
          He says that he can use all the friendly faces in his 
          congregation he can get. 

Scene 7.  In his office,  Dr. Rossi is pouring a drink for Claire Morton.  
          She has provided the champagne.  He tells her that he is moving 
          back into the beach house.  Claire tells Rossi that she has 
          decided to divorce Vincent.  She has written him a letter to 
          that effect.  Dr. Morton comes in and is offered champagne by 
          Claire.  He declines.  Claire leaves.  Claire goes in his 
          office and talks with her father.  Dr. Robert tells her that 
          Dr. Rossi is a fine doctor.  Her father reminds her that she is 
          still married to Vincent.  She tells him that she is going to 
          divorce Vincent. 

Sceme 8.  The cash register has rung and Frances hands Steven his change. 
          [coins].  Betty and Jerry are just leaving the Inn and Bedford 
          thanks Frances, the waitress.  Steven comes over and introduces 
          himself to Rev. Jerry Bedford.  Steven remembers that Jerry 
          beat him at high jump but  Steven was better at high hurtles.  
          Steven offers to buy Jerry a drink but Jerry declines.  Outside 
          Jerry tells Rodney and Allison they had a great dinner. 

Preview:  Matthew Swain talks with Dr. Rossi and Constance.  Rodney talks 
          with Allison.  Rita talks with Norman. 

          MS:  Moving back in?
          MR:  To the beach house, yes.
          CM:  Michael has always felt at home at the beach.
          MS:  I wasn't about to make a comment.
          MR:  There will be plenty of comments, Matt.
          RH:  I never liked Steven Cord.
          AM:  But that's all past.  You said ...
          RH:  It isn't the past any more, Allison.  Mr. Cord is here, 

          RJ:  You can just leave, Norman.
          NH:  Wait a minute, Rita.  I'm sorry.  I only ...
          RJ:  Just get out of here, will you?.  Get out.

MEL:      Schuster tells Peyton that he wants to automate the mill.  
          Peyton doesn't.  It is clear that Peyton wants to manipulate 
          people not robots. 

Produced by Felix Feist.
Executive Producer-Paul Monash.
Joe Chernak-Don Quine.
Rev. Jerome "Jerry" Bedford.
Frances Wilkerson, the parishioner-uncredited.  She is mentioned by the 
  doctors in episode 122 at the research hearing for Dr. Rossi.
Frances the waitress at the inn-uncredited also appears in episode 143.