Episode 82.
          David Schuster asks Julie to return to the mill. 

WA:       David Schuster has only recently arrived in Peyton Place to 
          take over management of the mill.  Already he as problems.  His 
          attempts to solve them will involve both Julie and Betty 

Intro:    The square.  David Schuster is driving over to the Anderson 

Scene 1:  Julie is sewing [on a Singer®] as Betty comes in the front 
          door.  Julie doesn't hear her and is surprised when she 
          notices.  Betty and Julie are talking in the Anderson 
          livingroom.  The door chimes ring and Julie asks Betty to 
          answer the door.  Julie goes upstairs.  [Repeat of last scene 
          of previous episode.]  Betty answers the door and admits David 
          Schuster.  Schuster comments on the dress dummy with no arms 
          and no legs.  He has come to ask Julie to return to the mill as 
          his secretary with a substantial raise.  Julie asks about 
          Marian and is told that Marian is moving to accounting.  He 
          wants help with personnel procedures.  Julie tells David that 
          she will think about his offer and will tell bim by the end of 
          the week.  He thanks her and leaves.  Betty tells her that she 
          should take the job. 

Scene 2:  In the Mackenzie [now Carson] kitchen, Elliot slips the wrapped 
          present into his pocket.  Elliot is having coffee as Allison 
          comes in.  Elliot gives Allision the bracelet.  It was made 
          from a solid gold fob which had belonged to his great 
          grandfather Carson.  Allison says that now she feels that she 
          really belongs to the Carson family.  It is inscribed in french 
          as follows: 

                       JE VEILLE SUR CEUX QUE JE V'AIME

                          I watch over those I love. 

          Constance joins them in the kitchen.  Allison pronounces the 
          french inscription.  Allison leaves for school.  Elliot says 
          that Allison likes it. 

Scene 3:  Downtown across the street south from the square, Allison is 
          walking east toward the Book Gallery.  Allison stoops to pick 
          up a newspaper, dropping a school book.  Steven, who just 
          happens to be walking by, helps her pick things up.  
          Steven buys a newspaper for a dime.  Norman, looking out the 
          window of the apartment, sees Steven Cord.  Steven continues 
          toward the bank building where the law offices are.  Norman 
          calls Rodney over and points out Steven Cord.  Rodney says, 
          "Hannah Cord's son?"  Norman tells Rodney that Steven is 
          working with Theodore Dowell.  Norman tells of having coffee 
          with Steven in the Pharmacy.  Norman tells Rodney that their 
          grandfather Peyton doesn't believe that Catherine had 
          anything to do with the murder of Elizabeth Hanley Carson. 

Scene 4:  Steven comes in the law office and places his hat on a file 
          cabinet.  Dowell comes in and tells Steven that he is having 
          office cleaned out.  Dowell notes that Steven is reading the 
          Clarion.  Steven says that he is comfortable.  Dowell leaves.  
          Steven looks out the window toward the square.  It is thursday 
          the 12th.  Steven has a pensive look. 

Scene 5:  A student of color is dashing down a hall and bumps into 
          Allison who is coming out of a classroom.  Allison drops her 
          load of books.  The student apologizes and hurries on without 
          even waiting for a reply from Allison.  It isn't Allison's 
          fault, but she apologizes anyway to no one.  Rodney 
          comes over to help and bumps into yet another student.  Allison 
          talks about baby sitting with Kim Schuster.  Rodney says that 
          he is taking chemistry and that it is tough.  He says that he 
          has been meaning to call her.  They chat.  Rodney said that the 
          other night when he took her home and kissed her that he wanted 
          to stay.  A class bell rings.  Rodney hands her the load of 
          books and they part. 

Scene 6:  In Doctors Hospital, Dr. Claire Morton speaks to miss Choate 
          and asks about her father.  If he is busy.  She goes in to see 
          Dr. Morton in his office.  Morton is getting a book out of a 
          credenza.  He mentions that he forgot to tell Dr. Rossi about 
          dinner the following night.  She says that she loves him.  She 
          then tells him that she is married.  He is surprised, but he 
          knew something was wrong.  He says that they have always 
          respected each other's privacy.  He asks why it was so hard to 
          tell him.  Dr. Claire admits that she had failed. 

Scene 7:  Betty reports to Choate and is told that Rossi wants to talk to 
          her about insubordination.  Jerry Bedford appears and tries to 
          make a date with Betty to drive her home.  Betty goes in to see 
          Rossi.  Rossi tells Betty that she must show respect toward 
          miss Choate.  She promised to apologize to miss Choate.  Betty 
          says, "Certainly, Doctor.  I'll find her immediately and tell 
          her I'm sorry that she is a vicious nagging old witch." She 
          leaves his office and speaks to Steven Cord.  She asks how much 
          he heard.  He was waiting to see Dr. Rossi.  Betty tells Rev. 
          Bedford that she is ready if he would like to take her home.  
          She excuses herself to get her coat. 

Preview:  Allison talks to Doris.  Betty talks with Jerry.  Allison talks 
          to Norman in the library. 

          AM:  Mrs. Schuster, please.  I told Kim to do something and she 
               refused.  If you let her get away with this, she'll never 
               respect me again. 
          BA:  Why is it you asked me out.
          JB:  You serious?
          BA:  To bring me back to the fold?
          JB:  Do you think they give me an expense account to wine 
               and dine prospects? 

          AM:  You think you have everybody classified in a nice neat 
               little niche, don't you?  Well, one day that girl will 
               leave you in the dust, and I hope you choke on it. 

Running gag-Allison and her plethora of books, and dropping them. 

MEL:      Dr. Rossi apparently never dated any of the nurses.  He let 
          several ladies slip through his fingers.  The special ladies 
          in Rossi's life were as follows:

Dr. Rossi's Lady friends  
  1. Constance Mackenzie
  2. Laura Brooks
  3. Betty Anderson
  4. Julie Anderson [Rossi danced with Julie at Constance' Wedding]
  5. Claire Morton
  6. Ann Howard
  7. Stella Chernak
  8. Rachel Welles
  9. Jill Smith (potential sister-in-law)
  10. Marsha Russell [and her daughter]
  11. Carolyn Russell.