Episode 81.
          David Schuster plans to progressively limit the staff. 

WA:       Much has happened since the tragic night George Anderson shot 
          Elliot Carson.  But there are two women in Peyton Place to whom 
          this is still a matter of vital personal concern.  George's 
          wife, Julie, and his daughter Betty. 

Intro:    Julie and Betty walking near the square toward the Peyton Place 
          Bank Building and the upstairs law offices of Theodore Dowell 
          and Steven Cord. 

Scene 1:  Lawyer Theodore Dowell has been perusing a letter from Martin 
          Peyton and calls Steven into his office.  He complains about 
          Peyton's order for a signed requisition for a stock 
          verification which has already taken place.  Dowell asks Steven 
          to take some papers over to Schuster this afternoon.  The phone 
          rings and he asks Judge Mark about his ruling on the [George] 
          Anderson case. 

          Julie and Betty go into the law office and meet up with Steven 
          in the outer office.  Julie introduces Steven to her daughter, 
          Betty.  Steven says they can go on in to talk with Theodore 
          Dowell.  Dowell discusses the fact that George is a mental [or 
          insane] asylum and that he will remain there until he improves 
          enough to go to trial.  Betty complains mentions that George is 
          behind bars.  Julie wants George to be transferred back to 
          Greenvale sanitarium.  It is inferred that Greenvale doesn't 
          have bars and is not a prison. 

          Julie tells Dowell that George is criminally insane and that 
          she wants a divorce.  She is told that in Massachusetts, 
          insanity is not grounds for divorce. 

Scene 2:  Doctor Rossi comes out of Dr. Morton's office and is accosted 
          by a playful Claire Morton.  Rossi tells Claire that he has 
          been invited to dinner at her parents' house.  She tells Rossi 
          that her father doesn't know that she is married.  Rossi says 
          that he has respect for her father.  Claire admits that she 
          hasn't told her father that she is married.  Betty walks by 
          speaking to Dr. Rossi. 

Scene 3:  Dr. Rossi drops in on Constance at the Book Gallery and asks 
          when she got back.  He asks about Elliot.  He observes that 
          everyone thinks marriage seems to agree with her.  Allison 
          comes in and talks with Dr. Rossi and her mother.  Rossi says 
          he has some patients in his [private] office upstairs.  He 
          excuses himself and leaves.  Allison asks Constance to have 
          dinner with her.  Constance suggests that she go down to the 
          Chandlery and get her father.  Allison complains that she and 
          Constance haven't had two minutes alone together. 

Scene 4:  Elliot Carson tells Eli he would like to do something for his 
          wife and daughter.  Eli asks how it is working out with Allison 
          and Constance.  Elliot tells about great grandfather Carson's 
          watch fob and that he is having it made into a bracelet.  
          Allison comes in and invites them to dinner. 

Scene 5:  Inside his inner office, David talks with a Mr. Boudreaux about 
          laying off men from the mill.  [They shout].  He calls Marian, 
          his temporary secretary, into his office and asks her to select 
          men for layoff, and to base the selection on efficiency 
          ratings, not seniority.  Marian goes back out to the outer 
          office.  Doris Schuster goes in the inner office to talk with 

          Doris goes in David's office and kisses him.  She talks to him 
          about Elliot Carson and the time he spent in prison.  She says 
          that Elliot Carson is not Allison's step-father, but rather her 
          father.  David and Doris argue and shout at each other.  

          As Doris is leaving the office, Steven Cord introduces himself 
          to Doris and goes in the inner office to see Schuster.  
          Schuster asks Steven what he can do for him.  Steven gives 
          Schuster some papers to sign.  Steven leaves.  Schuster paces 
          around the office. 

Scene 6:  Julie Anderson is sewing [on an ancient Singer®] as Betty 
          comes in the front door of the Anderson house.  Julie is 
          startled when she notices Betty.  [There is a dress on a 
          woman-a-kin.]  Julie tells Betty that she can't divorce 
          George.  Insanity is not grounds for divorce in the state of 
          Massachusetts.  Julie says that she will start supper.  The 
          chimes ring.  Julie asks Betty to answer the door, and starts 
          upstairs.  David Schuster has come over to ask Julie to return 
          to the mill to be his secretary. 

Preview:  David Schuster talks with Julie Anderson.  Dr. Rossi talks with 
          nurse's aide, Betty.  Rodney talks with Allison. 

          DS:  I ask a lot of my secretaries, Mrs. Anderson.  That's why 
               I have come to you.  I have gathered you were more than 
               that to Harrington. 

          MR:  Then I can assume you will apologize to miss Choate. 
          BA:  Certainly doctor.  I'll find her immediately and tell her 
               I'm sorry that she is a vicious, nagging old witch. 

          RH:  The other night when I took you home.  I wanted to stay.
          AM:  You could have.

Judge Mark-on the phone