Episode 80.
          Betty Anderson grows up. 

WA:       It is early morning in Peyton Place.  For Allison Mackenzie and 
          her mother, this morning begins a new phase in their lives. 

Intro:    Barn.  Country.  Mr. Foley, postman puts mail in the Carson 

Scene 1:  Allison opens the refrigerator and Constance suggests that she 
          also get the orange juice.  Elliot comes down to breakfast.  
          Elliot compliments Allison.  He asks her how school is.  
          Allison talks about David Schuster asking her to take care of 

Scene 2:  Meanwhile at the mansion, David Schuster comes down the stairs 
          to the dining room.  Doris rings a bell and then kisses David.  
          Doris tells Mrs. Chernak that she may serve breakfast now.  
          David says that he only wants coffee.  He tells Doris that he 
          is going to have to lay off several workers at the mill. 

Scene 3:  In the apartment over the Pharmacy, Norman and Rodney talk 
          about Norman's upcoming graduation day.  Norman says he is 
          cutting class this morning to eat.  Norman says he wants Rodney 
          to be his buddy, his friend.  They leave the apartment 

Scene 4:  Norman is sitting at the counter in the Pharmacy as Steven Cord 
          comes over and sits on the adjacent stool.  Norman greets him 
          as though he were truly glad to see him.  Steven says he will 
          be working with Theodore Dowell.  Kennerly and Wainwright have 
          been handling Martin Peyton's affairs but now Theodore Dowell 
          will.  Steven assures Norman that Martin Peyton is firm in his 
          belief that Catherine did not killed Elizabeth Hanley Carson. 

Scene 5:  In front of the Information desk in Doctors Hospital, Betty is 
          looking at a chart as Rodney comes in the reception area.  They 
          talk briefly.  Betty leaves and Dr. Rossi walks over and talks 
          with Rodney.  Rossi tells Rodney that he knows how he feels.  

Scene 6:  Janet Sinclair, a new mother is talking on the phone in her 
          hospital room in Doctors Hospital as Betty enters.  She exudes 
          joy and emotes as Betty looks on in envy.  As Betty leaves, 
          miss Choate fails to miss an opportunity to harass her. 

Scene 7:  In their law office above the bank building, Steven Cord 
          watches Theodore Dowell putt.  They discuss some of Martin 
          Peyton's legal matters. 

Preview:  Doris talks to David.  Rossi talks with Claire Morton.  Julie 
          Anderson talks with Theodore Dowell. 

          Doris: You have no right to condemn, David.
          David: Neither of us has, especially us.
          Doris: I wasn't talking about that.  You were condemning me.

          MR:    Dr. Morton, you have to grow up.  Stop acting like a 
                 frightened child.  Don't put everyone in a false 
                 position. Yourself, your husband, your father, or me. 

          JA:    He's insane.  Criminally insane.  He's in an asylum.  
                 Isn't that grounds enough? 
          TD:    In the eyes of our law, the marriage still has the

Janet, cook for the Schusters.  Alma Chernak works there as well.
Janet Sinclair-Bonnie Beecher.
Robert Bob Sinclair, Janet's husband-uncredited.
Mr. Foley, postman-uncredited.