Episode 79.
          Allison and Kim become close.
WA:       David and Doris Schuster have spent their first social evening 
          in Peyton Place.  They have been guests of Theodore Dowell, a 
          man who has been presented with an opportunity and a challenge.  
          Whatever Dowell decides to do, will affect David and Doris 
          Schuster, more than they know. 

          Now as Theodore Dowell leaves the Inn and a meeting that has 
          deeply upset him, he ponders on a decision to be made.  But he 
          is also troubled by the arrival in Peyton Place of a man who 
          has confronted him with still another decision, a man named 
          Steven Cord. 

Intro:    David and Doris Schuster walk from the Colonial Post Inn over 
          to their car.  David helps Doris into their car parked by the 
          Pillory.  As they drive off, Steven Cord peers out the second 
          floor window of the law office, over the bank.  [The town 
          council of Peyton Place is very lenient about parking on the 
          square.  Parking is permitted on either side of the street.  
          Except, of course, in front of the fire station on the west end 
          of the square.  Parking is restricted near the side entrance of 
          the hospital, one half block east of the square.  Parking is 
          also restricted in some areas near the train station.  See 
          episode 1.] 

Scene 1:  Leaving the Colonial Post Inn, Theodore Dowell walks by the 
          Pillory and goes in the Clarion office.  The PEACE 
          newspaper is displayed on the wall beyond the entrance.  Andrea 
          Dowell has been talking with Matthew Swain, while waiting for 
          her husband. 

Scene 2:  David and Doris are driving to the mansion and are talking 
          about how good the lobster was.  She has made arrangements to 
          join the hospital auxiliary to give her something to do.  She 
          mentions that they will find out that David had been married 
          before.  They talk about the fact that Kim is not ordinary.  
          They begin to argue.  Then they make up.  David stops the car 
          and they kiss. 

Scene 3:  Ada is tending bar as Steven comes in and introduces himself.  
          Ada asks if he is Hannah's son.  He acknowleges that he is.  
          They talk and she tells him not to come back.  He mentions 
          remembering how beautiful she was when he was a child.  With 
          her long golden hair. 

          Rita is in the living quarters of the Tavern.  She has been 
          watching Steven through the window in the door.  Ada comes in 
          and talks with Rita.  Ada mentions that Hannah was Martin 
          Peyton's housekeeper.  She asks Rita what she did that night.  
          Ada discourages Rita from seeing Norman.  about the possibility 
          of her going to a girls' school. 

Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi comes in the reception area and is joined by Claire 
          who tells about delivering her first baby at Doctors Hospital.  
          It was delivered to Bob and Janet Sinclair, friends of Rodney 
          Harrington.  Rossi tells her that Betty and Rodney were married 
          and that Betty lost a baby. 

Scene 5:  Rodney and Bob Sinclair go around the corner to the nursery and 
          Betty holds up the baby for the father to see. 

Scene 6:  Claire and Rossi have coffee and a long chat in the hospital 

Scene 7:  David and Doris arrive back at the mansion and find Allison 
          asleep with her school books on the floor.  She awakens and 
          talks with them a while.  David says he'll drive her home. 

Scene 8:  While driving Allison home, David says he was the only boy in a 
          family of six.  That means three sisters.  And it did not give 
          him an advantage. 

Scene 9:  When they arrive at the Carson house, Allison introduces David 
          Schuster to Elliot and Constance.  Elliot mostly glares at 
          Schuster.  Schuster leaves and Allison tells Elliot how nice 
          the Schusters are.  [Elliot perceives Schuster as a pedophile.  
          This particular line didn't go far.] 

Preview:  Miss Choate talks with Betty.  Steven talks with Theodore 
          Dowell.  Elliot talks with Allison. 

          MC:  Are you being impertinent? 
          BA:  Am I being impertinent because I tell you I'm getting 
               tired of your hounding and harassing? 
          MC:  ...

          SC:  Why are you assuming that?  ...
          TD:  That is a very difficult and perceptive question.

          EC:  Lets talk about it some other time.  to get yourself 
               involved.  Lets let it rest for a while and talk about 
               it some other time. 
          AM:  Are you postponing the question or dismissing it?

The script for this episode indicates that Mrs. Dowell's name is Agnes.  
  We haven't yet resolved this.