Episode 78.
          Steven Cord pressures lawyer Theodore Dowell for a position in 
          his office. 
WA:       Into Peyton Place has come a man named Steven Cord.  To Steven 
          Cord everything looks a little familiar and a little 
          unfamiliar. It has been years since he was here last and under 
          very different circumstances.  

          Steven Cord has been returned to Peyton Place by Martin Peyton. 

Intro:    Square at night.  Steven walks by the courthouse and up to the 
          door of the Colonial Post Inn. 

Scene 1:  Steven walks into the Inn.  Mr. Raymond Gorby, who looks like 
          "Mr. Death" gets up from a small desk and goes over to 
          chats with Steven.  Gorby gets a key from the desk clerk and 
          hands it to Steven.  He asks how it feels being back.  Steven 
          says he just arrived.  He leaves his hat and coat with the 
          clerk and goes in the restaurant to order a scotch on the 
          rocks.  Doris Schuster comes up to the bar asks for a phone and 
          Doris calls 555-3140.  She orders a drink.  When she pulls out 
          a cigarette, Steven chivalrously lights it for her.  Doris has 
          called the mansion, to check on Allison and Kim.  Allison tells 
          Mrs. Schuster not to worry, that everything is all right. 

Scene 2:  Allison is trying to gain control of Kim and refuses to let her 
          have some cake.  Kim tries to run away again but Allison 
          intercepts her at the front door.  Allison advises Kim to wear 
          a sweater for it is cold outside.  Allison goes in the 
          livingroom and sits on the couch and presently Kim joins her.  

Scene 3:  Steven is still drinking at the bar.  Across the restaurant, 
          Dr. Michael Rossi is dining with Norman and Rodney.  Norman 
          mentions that he is thinking about going to college.  Norman 
          announces that he may join the army [service].  The three 
          discuss single life.  Rossi says it takes time adjusting to 
          living alone.  Theodore Dowell walks over and indefinately 
          invites the Harrington boys to dinner some night.  Norman only 
          glares at him.  Norman tells Dr. Rossi that Theodore Dowell is 
          his father's lawyer.  Rodney suggests to Norman that his 
          manners could use some improvement.  Dr. Rossi tells Norman 
          that he must stop feeling sorry for himself.  Norman excuses 
          himself, gets up, and leaves.  Across the room at the bar 
          Steven Cord drinks. 

Scene 4:  Meanwhile back at the mansion, Allison is telling Kim that it 
          is time for her to go to bed.  Kim resists but Allison insists.  
          Kim desists.  She gets in bed and pretends to sleep.  Allison 
          leaves closing the door.  Allison sees the bedroom light go 
          back on and goes back in to take the book from Kim.  Allison 
          leaves again and the light goes on again.  Allison goes back in 
          the room and gets Kim in bed one more time and leaves.  Allison 
          waits outside and this time returns to find Kim under the 
          covers reading with the use of a flashlight.  "[Electric 
          torch" for our British friends.]  Allison confiscates the 
          flashlight.  Allison sits in Kim's bedroom waiting for Kim to 
          go to sleep.  Kim begins almost talking.  She makes vocal 
          noises that are almost words.  It is obvious to Allison that 
          Kim could talk if she really wanted to. 

Scene 5:  At the Inn, David and Doris Schuster, and Matthew Swain are 
          being dined and vinoed by Theodore and Andrea Dowell.  To 
          initiate some polite conversation, Andrea asks Doris where she 
          met David.  Doris gives an appropriate non-committal answer.  
          Dowell tells Schuster that he has been asked to handle Martin 
          Peyton's local interests and he wanted to meet Schuster outside 
          the mill office environment.  Doris tells Matthew and Theodore 
          that she would be interested in joining the hospital auxiliary.  
          Andrea suggests that they wait until the Schusters get more 
          settled and that Kim will take a lot of their time.  About this 
          time, Steven comes over and introduces himself.  Steven says he 
          has some papers to give Schuster.  They agree to meet later in 
          Steven's hotel room. 

Scene 6:  Betty is comforting Janet Sinclair as Dr. Claire Morton comes 
          in.  Janet is in labor and says that she is scared.  She is not 
          so sure whe wants to have the baby.  Claire tells "miss 
          Anderson" to please get miss Choate.  Claire tells Janet to 
          breathe deeply. 

Scene 7:  Meanwhile back at the Inn, Dr. Rossi is still dining with 
          Rodney as the doctor receives a call from Dr. Claire Morton.  
          She tells him that Janet Sinclair, one of Dr. Burgess' 
          patients, is about to have a baby.  Rossi invites Rodney to 
          join him since Bob Sinclair, Janet's husband, played Football 
          with Rodney in high school. 

Scene 8:  Steven Cord gives Theodore Dowell a personal letter from Martin 
          Peyton and asks him to read it.  Steven says he knows the 
          contents of the letter.  Steven tells Dowell that Peyton 
          suggests that Dowell bring Steven into his office.  Dowell says 
          he has always worked alone.  Dowell says he will think about 
          it.  Steven says, "Suggesting." 

Preview:  David talks with Doris.  Steven Cord talks with Ada Jacks.  
          Claire Morton talks with Dr. Michael Rossi. 

          David: If we do, if you feel that we do, then we better go back 
                 to New York. 
          Doris: Are you blaming me for making you come here?  Are we 
                 back to that again? 
          David: Well you brought me to it.
          SC:    Mrs. Jacks, I didn't come here to start an argument.
          AJ:    That's good.  
          SC:    But I did come here for a reason.  I wanted to see you. 
          AJ:    Why?
          CM:    I tried to be a saint.  He wanted me to be a woman.
          MR:    Who?
          CM:    Why, my husband.

Andrea Dowell-Heather Angel
Theodore Dowell-Patrick Whyte
Janet Sinclair-Bonnie Beecher [TZ Episode 154, Come Wander with me.]
Bob Sinclair, who played high school football with Rodney-uncredited

Written by:  Rita Lakin and Don Balluck
Directed by: Ted Post

The name Golby was changed to Gorby possibly because 
  of Rodney's Pronunciation of the name in episode 151.