Episode 77.
          Steven Cord arrives in a limousine from Boston. 
WA:       A moment that has hung suspended in time, has now suddenly 
          descended with unexpected swiftness.  Allison Mackenzie's 
          parents have come home.  And for the first time in her life, 
          Allison finds herself looking at her house with the eyes of a 

Intro:    Traffic on the square.  Allison, carrying flowers, walks up to 
          the front door of the Mackenzie, now Carson, home. 

Scene 1:  Elliot opens the door and says, "Hello, Allison.  Come in.  
          Come in."  Constance goes to get Allison's presents.  Allison 
          hands the flowers to Elliot.  She receives a Theodore Roosevelt 
          bear.  Allison says that she has never been further than the 
          ski lodge.  [She is referring to her conscious recollection, 
          for she was conceived and born in New York City.]  Allison 
          mentions "Alice in the Looking Glass."  Elliot offers to take 
          his new family to eat at the Inn.  Allison declines saying that 
          she promised to baby sit for the Schusters.  She asks for a 
          rain check.  She says that she is glad they are both back.  
          Allison goes upstairs.  Elliot tells Constance that there was 
          so much he wanted to say. 

Scene 2:  David Schuster comes in the mansion and announces to everyone 
          in earshot that he is home.  Doris answers that she is 
          upstairs.  He says he is going to fix a drink.  She calls him 
          upstairs.  She has martinis up there.  He goes upstairs and 
          finds his wife primping for their evening meal as guests of 
          Theodore Dowell.  David says he went to see the Travers mill in 
          White River.  She tells him that "the Mackenzie girl" will sit 
          with Kim.  Doris says that she is very intelligent.  

Scene 3:  David comes down the stairs and lets Allison in.  They chat for 
          a brief moment and he goes back upstairs to get ready for 
          dinner with the Dowells. 

Scene 4:  Bob and Janet Sinclair are waiting at the Information Desk.  
          Betty walks up and Miss Choate tells her to take Mrs. Sinclair 
          to room 115. 

Scene 5:  Betty helps Janet into her bed and talks with her a moment.  
          Dr. Rossi soon arrives and is updated by Betty.  She tells 
          Rossi that she and Rodney used to double date with Bob and 

Scene 6:  Outside view of the mansion.  ]The address is almost legible.  
          Could be 72 or 75.]  At the mansion, Allison is tending Kim as 
          Doris comes over to give last minute instructions.  Doris says 
          that 8:00 is bed time.  They say their goodbyes and leave.  
          They have been drawing a picture and Kim messes it all up. 

Scene 7:  The Peyton limousine arrives at the Colonial Post Inn and 
          Raymond Gorby, the driver, assists Steven out of the back.  He 
          takes Steven's luggage into the Inn.  Matthew Swain sees them 
          and goes into the Clarion. 

Scene 8:  Inside the Clarion, Matthew checks his pocket watch and puts it 
          back in his pocket.  Lawyer, Theodore Dowell comes in to talk 
          with Matthew about Martin Peyton.  Dowell says he wants to know 
          what kind of man David Schuster is.  

Scene 9:  In the apartment over the Pharmacy, Norman and Rodney are 
          preparing for dinner.  Rodney offers Norman the loan of his 
          tie.  Dr. Rossi has invited them both to dinner. 

Scene 10: David Schuster drops Doris off in front of the Inn and tells 
          him she will wait for him in the lobby.  The limo driver, Mr. 
          Gorby, recognizes Doris and speaks to her.  They chat about 
          Martin Peyton for a moment. 

Preview:  Dr. Rossi talks with Norman.  Theodore Dowell talks with Steven 
          Cord.  Betty Anderson talks with Janet Sinclair. 

          NH:  Did you and Rod set up this dinner?
          MR:  I set it up alone.  I wanted to talk with you.
          NH:  Observe me.  
          RH:  You're doing it again.
          MR:  What?
          NH:  Attacking.

          TD:  Why is Martin Peyton so anxious that you come into my 
               office? I'm not going to hire you because he demanded 
               that I do so. 
          SC:  Suggested.

          JS:  I don't want it.  I don't want it.
          BA:  Yes you do, Janet.  You do want the baby.
          JS:  No.

Dinner with the Dowells, scene 3.
Janet Sinclair-Bonnie Beecher.
Bob Sinclair-uncredited.
In the credits at the end of this episode lawyer Cord's first name is 
  spelled STEPHEN.  This spelling is, however, correct for Stephen 
  Oliver who plays the role of Leroy "Lee" Webber. 
The name Golby was changed to Gorby possibly because of 
  Rodney's pronunciation in episode 151.