Episode 76.
          Claire is disconcerted. 
WA:       A dark night in Peyton Place.  A dark night for Norman 
          Harrington.  Driven by his loneliness and his loss of identity 
          he tried to go back into the house where he was born, and found 
          it was forever occupied by strangers.  Still lonely, more 
          confused than ever his return to the apartment he shares with 
          his brother. 

Intro:    The square.  The fire station.  Norman drives by the fire 
          station and parks his convertible in front of the Pharmacy. 

Scene 1:  Rita opens the apartment door and lets Norman in.  Rita is 
          wearing jeans.  Norman takes off his jacket and asks Rita where 
          "the big man" is.  Rita tells him that she was worried to death 
          about him.  Norman says he knows that Rita likes him.  She made 
          it clear at the Pond, the night before.  Rita is leaving as 
          Rodney returns.  Norman compares Rodney to their father.  
          Rodney asks Norman about breaking into the Schusters.  This 
          doesn't go over well with Norman. 

Scene 2:  In Kim's room, Doris is trying to get Kim to sleep.  The mobile 
          is casting eerie shadows on the walls.  [1965 Special effects].  
          Doris leaves and sits by David who is resting on the third step 
          of the stairs.  She says that Kim is sound asleep as though 
          nothing had happened.  David says that this is a warning.  
          Doris says that this will never happen again.  They yell at 
          each other some more.  Kim screams.  Probably a nachtmare.  
          Doris starts up.  David stops her.  Kim screams again.  Doris 
          goes up.  The moving shadows of the mobile may have frightened 

Scene 3:  David drives over to the Carson house and rings the chimes.  On 
          the way to the front door from the kitchen, Allison says, "Now, 
          here," said the queen, "It takes all the running one can do to 
          stay in the same place."  Allison answers the door.  David 
          apologizes for the way he acted the previous night as Allison 
          had found Kim and brought her home.  Allison realizes that the 
          bacon is burning and runs to the kitchen.  David comes in.  The 
          milkman comes to the front door because he didn't get an answer 
          at the back.  Allison introduces Mr. Schuster.  Allison doesn't 
          call the milkman by name.  The milkman leaves.  David asks 
          Allison if she is holding something back the previous night.  
          David says that Kim hasn't spoken one word to them since they 
          came to Peyton Place.  Allison says that she doesn't remember 
          anything.  David thanks her and leaves.  Allison again says, 
          "It takes all the running one can do to stay in the same 

Scene 4:  In Doctors Hospital, Claire and Dr. Rossi talk.  Claire says 
          that Rossi is criticizing her.  Claire has just agreed to 
          replace Dr. Burgess on the staff there.  Rossi says, "Welcome, 
          Dr. Morton."  Claire observes that they seem to argue every 
          time they talk. 

Scene 5:  At the mansion, Rodney has come to talk with Doris.  Doris says 
          that he is not intruding.  Rodney apologizes for Norman's 
          breaking into the mansion.  Doris minimizes the incident.

Scene 6:  In the Book Gallery, Allison is completing a non-sale to a lady 
          as Doris Schuster comes in the Book Gallery.  Doris apologizes 
          for her husband and her behavior the previous night. She says 
          that it was so ungracious.  Doris says that it wasn't a very 
          auspicious beginning to their life in Peyton Place.  Allison 
          says that her Latin teacher has a proverb on the wall:  

                      Many a time from a bad beginning 
                      great friendships have sprung. 

          Doris asks Allison to baby sit that night.  Allison says that 
          she can't.  Her parents are coming home tonight.  Allison says 
          she will call her, she may change her mind.  As Doris is 
          leaving she runs into Norman Harrington.  His manners are even 
          worse this time. 

Scene 7:  Rodney is kicking the tires on Norman's car and looking inside 
          as Betty attracts his attention.  Dr. Rossi comes up and joins 
          them.  Betty is on her way to the hospital.  She says that miss 
          Choate is a dragon.  Rodney tells the doctor that the car is 

Scene 8:  Allison walks home, stops at the gate for a moment, and goes to 
          the front door.  Elliot opens it and smiles broadly.  Constance 
          is behind him.  Allison smiles. 

Preview:  Doris Schuster asks the limo driver about Peyton.  Matthew 
          talks with Dowell.  Doris and David tell Allison goodnight as 
          they leave for a dinner engagement.  Allison talks to Kim. 

          DS:    How is Mr. Peyton?
          LD:    Not better, but then not worse, neither.
          DS:    Did you think I was trying to get information from you?

          MS:    I imagine this legal work concerns the Peyton mill.
          TD:    That's one of the reasons for this dinner tonight.  I 
                 want to get some idea of what sort of a man Schuster is. 
          Doris: Good-night, Allison.
          David: We'll see you later.
          AM:    If we hurry, we can finish this picture before it is time 
                 to go to bed. 

The limo driver, Raymond Gorby in the preview looks like Mr. Death.
Raymond Gorby, Martin Peyton's man-uncredited.
Note:  The name Golby was changed to Gorby possibly because 
  of Rodney's pronunciation in episode 151.  
Dr. Burgess leaves.
Allison's reference in scene 3 is from Lewis Carroll's Alice through the 
  looking glass.