Episode 75.
          Allison and Rodney look for Kim. 

WA:       For Doris Schuster, a decision to move to Peyton Place has 
          tonight returned to haunt her.  With her husband and the whole 
          town searching for a lost child, Doris is alone and terrified 
          of a threat she now seems to face. 

Intro:    Peyton Mansion.  Doris is alone in the livingroom of the 
          mansion as Norman comes to the door. 

Scene 1:  Norman comes in the front door and apologizes for frightening 
          her.  She asks Norman what he wants.  She asks what he is doing 
          here.  She asks who he is.  He says that he is Norman 
          Harrington and that he used to live there.  She asks if he has 
          seen Kim.  She describes her daughter.  He asks if there is 
          anything he can do to help.  He tells her that he hasn't seen 
          her.  She asks what he wants.  He says that he just wants to be 
          there, to look around. 

Scene 2:  In the Book Gallery, Allison has found Kim and is restraining 
          her.  Rodney comes in.  Kim breaks loose and Allison tells 
          Rodney to catch her.  Rodney catches and holds Kim.  She smiles 
          at Rodney and then at Allison.  Allison telephones the mansion. 

Scene 3:  The phone rings in the Schuster (Peyton / Harrington) mansion 
          and Doris answers.  Allison tells Mrs. Schuster that they have 
          found Kim and that she is all right.  They offer to bring her 
          directly home, and Doris agrees and thanks them.  Doris tells 
          Norman that Kim has been found.  Norman mentions the changes 
          that have been made.  Norman says that nothing is the same.  
          Doris invites Norman to come back some time and talk.  She says 
          she knows something about lonliness, too.  Norman leaves. 

Scene 4:  Schuster goes to a phone booth on the east end of the square 
          and calls Doris.  Doris tells David that Kim has been found.  
          He says he will be right home.  Schuster tells Rossi that Kim 
          is on her way home.  Schuster tells Rossi how relieved he is.  
          Dr. Rossi drives Schuster to the mansion. 

Scene 5:  Betty Anderson walks home from the hospital and goes in the 
          house.  Julie comes downstairs.  Betty asks Julie if she knew 
          Jerry Bedford before he left Peyton Place.  Julie says that 
          there was something special about Jerry and that she would like 
          for Betty to start dating again.  Betty asks what Julie intends 
          to do concerning George. 

Scene 6:  Rev. Jerry Bedford is working in his office as there is a knock 
          on the door.  It is Claire Morton who has come to talk.  Jerry 
          says that he has been working on a sermon.  Jerry tells an army 
          joke about a calm lieutenant.  Claire asked why Jerry decided 
          to try. 

Scene 7:  The mansion chimes ring and Rodney comes in carrying Kim.  
          Doris takes Kim in her arms and gives her a big hug.  David and 
          Rossi arrive.  David introduces Dr. Rossi to Doris.  Rossi says 
          that he is sure that Kim is ok.  David says that Kim should be 
          put to bed.  Doris agrees and Kim runs over to Allison.  

Scene 8:  Rossi says goodnight and leaves.  David says that Kim should be 
          put to bed.  David picks up Kim to carry her upstairs.  Allison 
          says that Kim was talking to her doll.  Doris says that Kim 
          should be put to bed.  David carries Kim upstairs.  Allison 
          follows.  Rodney talks with Doris.  Kim was lost.  Norman broke 
          in like a common thief.  Doris tells Rodney that the mansion is 
          her house now and she wishes people would leave her in peace. 

Scene 9:  In their hotel room in Boston, Constance and Elliot are 
          discussing colors for the livingroom.  Elliot says that he 
          would like a workbench in the garage, and some tools.  
          Constance says that he can start his woodworking career by 
          making a coffee table.  She says that she will call Mr. Payne 
          for a painting estimate.  Elliot hugs Constance. 

Scene 10: Rodney takes Allison home.  Allison says that it is quiet.  
          Rodney tells her that Doris told him about Norman breaking in 
          to the house.  They say goodnight.  Allison invites Rodney in.  
          He declines.  She says goodnight again.  Rodney asks Allison 
          why she went down to the schooner.  She explains that it seemed 
          like a good place to think.  Allison and Rodney kiss.  Allison 
          goes in. 

Preview:  Claire talks with Dr. Rossi.  Norman talks to Rodney.  David 
          and Doris Schuster raise their voices to each other. 

          CM:    Doctor, there's no point in this conversation.  
          MR:    All right, I'll be as blunt as I know how.  Do you 
                 think it would be impossible for the two of us to 
                 work here together on the staff without constant 

          NH:    I've already got one father.  If it's all the same to 
                 you, I don't need another one.  As a matter of fact I 
                 don't need the father I've got. 

          David: Doris, I am at the mill all day long.  She is with 
                 you most of the time. 
          Doris: Let me promise you that this will never happen again. 

Mr. Payne, painter.
Rev. Jerome Jerry Bedford-Ted Hartley