Episode 74.
          Kim Schuster runs away. 

WA:       Tragedy has been a frequent guest at the Harrington house, 
          now the Schuster house.  Tonight, tragedy arrives for the 
          unsuspecting Schusters, for their child, Kim, sensitive and 
          intelligent but deaf since birth, flees the intolerable 
          lonliness of a new house and a new town. 

MEL:      Kim Schuster runs away.  Rita decides that she wants to be 
          part of the crowd. 

Intro:    Peyton mansion.  David and Doris are looking for Kim.  Kim 
          is seen hiding.  The Schusters first search the house. 

Scene 1:  David Schuster goes downstairs.  Shuster gets his coat from 
          the downstairs foyer closet.  Doris finds Kim's pajamas.  He 
          tells Doris to stay there in the house while he goes outside 
          to search.  David reminds her that it was Doris' idea to 
          come to Peyton Place. 

Scene 2:  Dr. Claire and Dr. Michael are having an intimate dinner at 
          the Colonial Post Inn.  Rossi asks Claire why she didn't 
          accept her father's offer to work in the hospital.  This 
          annoys Claire and she gets up to leave.  Rossi asks her not 
          to leave.  Rossi is told he has a phone call.  Matthew Swain 
          is calling from the police station to tell him that Kim is 
          missing.  Matthew asks Rossi to stand by in case Kim is 
          found so he can check on her.      

Scene 3:  Police Sgt. Edward Goddard is talking on the phone in the 
          squad room of the Peyton Place Town Hall jail.  He hands the 
          phone to Matthew Swain.  Kim has disappeared.  The phone is 
          then handed to David Schuster.  A Teletype® machine is 
          heard in the background.  Matthew tries to re-assure 
          Schuster that this is not a dangerous area. Dr. Rossi comes 
          into the squad room and offers to drive Schuster around.  
          Schuster speaks to Goddard and leaves with Dr. Rossi. 

Scene 4:  Claire comes home and talks with her mother Grace.  [The 
          Morton house has a double front door.]  An air-mail special 
          delivery letter has come.  Claire folds the envelope and 
          puts it in her pocket.  Grace mentions that Robert offered 
          Claire a place on the staff of Doctors Hospital.  And that 
          she refused it.  Grace says that the hospital needs another 
          doctor.  Claire says she is not ready for it.  Ahe says that 
          she turned the job down because she likes Dr. Rossi too 
          much.  Claire says that she is lonely, but she is married. 

Scene 5:  In Boston, Elliot and Constance go into their hotel room.  
          Elliot starts complaining about his scalped $35.00 theater 
          tickets.  Constance says that she has really enjoyed the 
          extra day, the dinner, and the show.  She re-assures Elliot 
          that the $35.00 wasn't wasted. 

Scene 6:  In the apartment over the Pharmacy, the teens are continuing 
          the housewarming-painting party.  Rita and Allison have a 
          chat.  Rita is uncomfortable because Allison is Norman's 
          date and Rita knows only Norman.  Rodney talks with Abby 
          Chapman.  Allison asks Rodney to talk with Rita.  Allison 
          leaves.  Rodney offers to help Rita.  One of the girls 
          notices a police car down stairs.  She says that there must 
          have been an accident.  Rita calls the police station 
          because Norman is gone.  She is told that Kim Schuster is 

Scene 7:  Rossi drives David Schuster around looking for Kim.  
          Schuster tells Rossi that Kim is totally deaf.  He mentions 
          the Wade School in New York City.  Rossi responds that he is 
          familiar with the Wade school, that he is from New York 
          City.  Schuster says that Kim was happy at the Wade school.  
          She learned how to lip read quite well. 

Scene 8:  Allison searches on the wharf.  She hears something from a 
          boat and goes b'low to find Kim trying to talk to her doll.  
          Kim says, "I hate you."  Allison watches.  Kim says, "I hate 
          mommy."  Allison goes over to Kim and tells her not to be 
          frightened.  Allison tells Kim that she wants to be her 
          friend.  Kim breaks away and tries to run.  Allison snares 
          Kim and tells her that she is going to take her home. 

Scene 9:  Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Doris is waiting in the 
          livingroom by the fireplace.  She goes over to the front 
          window and looks out.  Norman shows up at the front door.  
          His shadow is seen on the window by the door.  Norman scares 
          the bejeebers out of Doris.  Doris announces that she 
          is going to call the police.  Norman doesn't respond. 
Preview:  Betty talks with Julie.  Jerry Bedford talks with Claire.  
          Rodney talks with Allison. 

          BA:  You're still young.  Are you just going to wait for 
          JA:  Betty, whatever happens to your father, I am going to go 
               on living. 

          JB:  That's why I've always envied you.  You knew what you 
               wanted from the first.  You never let anything sidetrack 
          CM:  Jerry, I'm here because I'm not only side tracked, I'm 
          RH:  Why did you go down to the schooner?
          AM:  Seemed like a good place to think.
          RH:  Think about what?
          AM:  About everything.
          RH:  Me included?

Amy Warren, New York City deaf teenaged student, tutor, and friend of 
Kim Schuster.