Episode 73.

          Rodney and Norman move into the vacant Hanley apartment over 
          the Pharmacy. 

WA:       Constance and Elliot Carson have extended their brief honeymoon 
          in Boston by one more day.  But Allison's less than 
          enthusiastic reception to this news has cast a shadow over the 
          evening at least for one of them. 

Intro:    Boston Skyscrapers. 

Scene 1:  Elliot and Constance are enjoying their room in the Dorset 
          House hotel in Boston.  Elliot tells Constance that he was the 
          victim of a scalper.  He paid $35 for two tickets to a 
          Broadway style musical.  He tells Constance that they have 
          6:30 dinner reservations and she needs to get ready. 

Scene 2:  It is after 6:00 o'clock when Dr. Rossi comes out of the Peyton 
          Professional Building, walks east by the jewelry store, Peyton 
          Place Realtors, and goes into the Book Gallery.  Allison greets 
          Dr. Rossi and puts the post cards she is holding in the display 
          rack.  She asks Rossi if he came by to ask how she is.  He 
          does.  He leaves. 

Scene 3:  Overhead camera shot.  Allison gets her purse and a grocery 
          sack from under the counter near the cash register, locks the 
          Book Gallery, and prepares to drop by the Chandlery.  Rodney 
          drives up and honks.  They talk and he offers to drive her 
          home.  She says she can't.  She says that her parents have 
          decided to stay in Boston one more day.  She says goodbye and 
          goes in the Chandlery.  [There is a grocery store in Peyton 
          Place but the viewers never have the privilege of seeing it.] 

Scene 4:  Rodney is in the Harrington apartment over the Pharmacy and 
          hears a knock on the door.  It is lawyer Theodore Dowell.  
          Rodney explains that he is cleaning up the mess that Norman was 
          supposed to clean up.  Dowell asks Rodney why Norman bought a 
          car.  Dowell feels that Norman should have saved that money for 
          college.  He tells Rodney that he must look after Norman, now 
          that Leslie has gone. 

Scene 5:  Allison comes home with her sack of groceries, fondles the bird 
          feeder, goes in and glances upstairs.  She hears in her mind, 
          Elliot's voice.  Elliot tells her to continue to be a 
          Mackenzie.  She then hears Constance' voice telling her that 
          Elliot is her father.  Now she hears Rodney's voice telling her 
          to come to the party.  She goes upstairs. 

Scene 6:  Rodney is having a house-warming and painting party for himself 
          and for Norman.  Rodney makes a speech.  Norman says that he 
          and Rodney have the apartment that Paul Hanley didn't want.  
          Norman uses the phrase, "half of Paul Hanley's cast off 
          apartment."  Allison arrives unexpectedly in pigtails.  Allison 
          goes over to the corner in the kitchen area where Norman is 
          sulking.  Norman leaves and soon the sound of police cars is 
          heard.  Rita is worried about Norman and calls the hospital.  
          She is told that Kim Schuster is lost.  Allison talks with 
          Norman, the teenagers continue to paint.  But Allison doesn't 
          feel like painting.  Rita asks Norman if he likes the curtains 
          that she had made.  Norman tells Rodney that they don't belong 
          there. Allison fondles the Harrington mailbox.  
          Transmografication to a Schuster nameplate. 

Scene 7:  David Schuster returns to the mansion and is handed a drink by 
          Doris.  He sits down, looks around, and compliments her on the 
          appearance of the house.  Doris mentions Anna Chernak who had 
          worked part-time for the Harringtons.  Doris says that she 
          retained her.  Doris tells David that Kim is upstairs asleep.  
          Kim comes down the stairs.  Kim watches Doris' lips and reads 
          them.  David mentions that Amy Warren was Kim's apprentice 
          teacher.  Doris tells David that she had talked with Amy's 
          mother and the mother would not agree for Amy to come to Peyton 
          Place to care for Kim.  Doris suggests that Kim could be put in 
          a special school in Boston.  Kim then slips out the front door 
          unnoticed.  David goes upstairs to check on Kim.  David calls 
          to Doris to come upstairs.  Kim is not in her bed.  David 
          notices that one of her dolls is missing. 

Preview:  Dr. Rossi talks to Claire.  Elliot talks to Constance.  Abby 
          Chapman speaks to the painting party. 

          MR:  Why can't we discuss this simply, as two doctors?
          CM:  There are areas in my life, I just don't want to discuss.
          EC:  I think you are making up excuses for things you've 
               already have decided to do. 
          CM:  Elliot, I do have obligations to Allison.
          EC:  We have obligations.

          AC:  There must have been an accident.

Dorset House, Boston's finest.