Episode 98.
          Matthew Swain talks about leaving Peyton Place. 
WA:       A child's scream in the middle of the night has shattered the 
          quiet of the Harrington house.  The house now occupied by David 
          and Doris Schuster.  A child's scream that eventually will be 
          heard throughout Peyton Place. 

Intro:    Kim in her room.  Shadows from a toy merry-go-round. 

Scene 1:  Dr. Rossi arriving at the mansion.  Doris is talking with Kim.  
          David Schuster takes the doctor up to Kim's room.  Dr. Rossi 
          and David join them.  Dr. Rossi talks with Kim.  Rossi shows a 
          medical hammer to Kim and then taps on Kim's knee.  David 
          leaves with Doris.  Rossi continues to examine Kim.  Outside 
          the room David and Doris talk about Kim and about David's 
          position at the mill.  David says that he left his wife 
          Margaret for Doris. 

Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi comes down the stairs and talks briefly with David 
          and Doris before leaving.  David says that Kim wants to go back 
          to New York. 

Scene 3:  In the Harrington brothers' apartment over the Pharmacy, Rodney 
          is tying his tie.  Rodney says he is going to the mill to talk 
          with David Schuster to accept the job offer. 

Scene 4.  Norman goes downstairs to the Pharmacy and talks with Rita 
          Jacks.  She tells Norman that she is sorry about what she said 
          the previous evening.  Norman says that his mother used to say, 
          "Tell me where it hurts."  The pharmacy phone rings.  Rita 
          answers.  It is a call from Joe Chernak in Boston.  Joe says 
          that he is sorry about last night. 

Scene 5:  On the square, Rodney talks with Allison.  He is in his suit.  
          Allison asks if he is going on his job interview.  He is.  
          Allison says that they are going to have a wonderful summer. 
          [This prediction did not come true.] 

Scene 6:  Matthew Swain comes in the Book Gallery to talk with Constance 
          Carson.  He talks about leaving Peyton Place.  He talks about 
          the lure of far off places.  He says that this time he may just 
          pack up and go.  He says that the only one buying newspapers is 
          the syndicate.  Constance suggests that he find someone to run 
          the paper while he is gone.  He says that when he is gone his 
          estate will sell the Clarion to the syndicate. 

Scene 7:  Doris and Kim are in Rossi's office.  Rossi is looking at an 
          x-ray and says, "No breaks, no fractures, no swelling."  Doris 
          asks Kim if she would like an ice cream cone to celebrate.  Kim 
          opts for double chocolate.  Or one scoop of Rocky Road and one 
          scoop of chocolate.  Doris even offers to bring Rossi a cone.  
          Kim selects double chocolate.  As Doris and Kim are about to 
          leave, Dr. Vincent Markham is seen in the outer office.  He is 
          introduced to Doris and Kim.  Doris asks if he is in town to 
          lecture.  He says no.  Doris and Kim leave. 

Scene 8:  Doctors Markham and Rossi go in the inner office.  Markham is 
          there for an examination.  Markham says that he has confirmed 
          Rossi's diagnosis with a doctor he trusts.  Rossi says that 
          would be Dr. Vincent Markham.  Markham asks Rossi if he has had 
          dealings with foundations.  Markham says that he wants to live.  
          He says he has another reason for coming to Peyton Place.  He 
          says that he wants Rossi to join him in Peru.  Markham says 
          that his motives are purely selfish.  He wants Rossi to keep 
          him alive.  Rossi says he can't give him an answer now. 

          A helicopter is heard.  

          Matthew Swain comes out of the Clarion office to watch the 
          helicopter land.  A policeman, with a grim and serious look, 
          walks over to the square.  Across the square Doris says, "Oh, 
          Kim, Look.  It's a helicopter.  It's like a plane."  The 
          helicopter lands in front of the fire station.  Kim shouts, 
          "Amy."  Doris says "No, Amy is not coming.  I'm sorry, Kim."  
          [Repeated at the beginning of episode 99, prior to the 
          narration].  Kenneth Markham gets out of the helicoptor. A 
          police officer walks over to Markham and talks briefly with 

Scene 9:  Dr. Markham says, "Rossi, you presumptious meddler.  What did 
          you tell my brother to force him to come here?"  

Preview:  Vincent talks to Kenneth.  Norman talks with Anna Chernak.  
          Rodney talks with Steven Cord. 

          KM:  You're not interested in medicine.  You're more interested 
               in becoming a martyr.  
          VM:  Get out, and stay out of my life. 

          AC:  What do you want with my Joe?  Joe left town.
          NH:  When?  When did he leave?
          AC:  Why are you asking me these questions.

          RH:  If you want to see Betty.
          SC:  I am.
          RH:  Then see her.  But don't get your hopes up.  She's too 
               sharp to stick with a phony. 
          SC:  You're not speaking from personal experience, are you?

Kenneth Markham-Leslie Nielsen.
Dr. Vincent Markham-Leslie Nielsen.
Margaret Schuster, David Schuster's first wife.