Episode 99.
          Kenneth Markham arrives by helicopter. 

MEL:      The dialog starts before the narration. 
KS:       Kim says, "Amy."
DS:       Doris says, "No, Kim, it's not Amy.  Amy is not coming here.  
          I'm sorry."

MEL:      Now the Warner Anderson narration: 

WA:       For a small New England town, or I suppose for any small town, 
          a traveller's arrival by helicopter is an event.  For many of 
          the residents of Peyton Place, it is an event that will change 
          their lives.
Intro:    A helicopter preparing to land on the square.  Matthew Swain 
          comes out of the Clarion newspaper office to watch.  Dr. 
          Michael Rossi and Dr. Vincent Markham hear the approaching 
          helicopter.  Dr. Markham looks through the blinds in Dr. 
          Rossi's office.  The Helicopter lands on the square in front of 
          the Town Hall and fire station.  Doris Schuster talks with Kim.  
          Kim still hopes that her adult friend and teacher, Amy Warren 
          will be coming to town.  Kenneth gets out of the helicopter and 
          speaks briefly to the police officer.

          One the left side of the screen is seen what looks like a 
          small satellite dish.

Written by Lionel E. Siegel and Michael Gleason.
Directed by John Newland.
Produced by Feliz Feist.

Scene 1:  Dr. Vincent Markham calls Dr. Rossi a presumptuous meddler.
          He accuses Dr. Rossi of asking his brother, Kenneth, to come to 
          Peyton Place.  Rossi says he called Kenneth, but he didn't ask 
          him to come.  Kenneth comes in to Rossi's office and introdces 
          himself.  Vincent asks Kenneth if Dr. Rossi asked him to come.  
          The brothers talk.  There is obviously great hostility.  Rossi 
          says that since they are twins, then Kenneth has the same 
          susceptibility to the blood ailment as does Vincent.  Rossi 
          says he is going to the Inn for lunch and invites the brothers 
          to dine with him.  They both decline.  Kenneth says he wants to 
          get pictures for the children.  He talks about his wife, 
          Elizabeth.  Vincent is wearing a white suit, Kenneth is dressed 
          in black.  Kenneth tells Vincent that he wants him to take care 
          of his health.  [This is, of course, a 1965 special effects 
          scene as Leslie Nielsen plays both Markham brothers.] 

Scene 2:  Matthew Swain walks across the square and chats with Elliot and 
          a man named Ralph Colby.  Ralph is a skilled loom operator who 
          has been laid off at the Mill and says that he is looking for 
          "odd jobs."  He asks Matthew if he knows of anyone looking for 
          a laborer.  Matthew says that he doesn't but promises that he 
          will tell Ralph if he hears of anything.  Matthew and Elliot go 
          in the Clarion.  

          Matthew talks about how far things have come since the depression 
          in the 30's.  Elliot discusses economic conditions with Matthew.

Scene 3:  In the Peyton-Harrington mansion, now the Schuster house, Doris 
          Schuster is showing some books to Kim.  She tells Kim that 
          Allison won't be caring for her anymore.  She has, in effect, 
          fired Allison.  

          Norman comes to the door and Doris lets him in.  He says he 
          wants to talk with Mrs. Chernak.  Anna Chernak comes down the 
          stairs and talks with Norman about Joe.  She tells Norman that 
          Joe has left town because he needs work.  

          Allison rings the mansion chimes and is admitted by Anna 
          Chernak.  Allison sees Norman and asks him why he is there.  
          Norman says he was just about ready to leave.  He thanks Mrs. 
          Chernak, excuses himself, and leaves.  Anna finds Doris and 
          tells her that Allison is there.  

          Doris tells Kim that Amy is not coming.  She tells Allison that 
          she is grateful for what Allison has done but she won't be 
          needed any more.  Allison starts to leave and asks to say 
          goodbye to Kim.  Doris declines.  Kim runs over and hugs her.  
          Allison tells Kim to be a good girl.  Allison leaves. 

Scene 4:  Allison goes in the Book Gallery to tell her mother about 
          losing her job taking care of Kim Schuster.  

Scene 5:  Steven comes into Schuster's outer office to find Julie 
          yawning.  They chat for a while.  He asks Julie if she knows 
          who arrived by helicopter.  She says she doesn't.  Rodney comes 
          in to talk with Schuster.  Steven says he came for the monthly 
          mill report.    Julie suggests that the men go into Mr. 
          Schuster's office.  Julie goes to get coffee for Rodney and 
          Steven.  While she is gone Steven offers a truce to Rodney.  
          Rodney tells Steven he expects to take a job at the mill for 
          the summer.  Steven says that Rodney is the very model for a 
          young executive.  Rodney says, "Well my father started as a 
          mill hand."  Steven says, "I know the family history.  Rodney 
          retorts, "Well, so do I.  Yours included." 

Preview:  Norman talks to Elliot.  Schuster talks with Julie.  Kenneth 
          talks with Dr. Claire Morton. 

          NH:  It's just that the other night, she acted funny.  There 
               wasn't anything.  Well, I didn't do anything to change 
               her the night of the prom.  But she was scared, Mr. 

          DS:  This is not going to make me very popular, Julie.  It may 
               even send me back to New York.  I'm afraid I've made an 
               irrevocable decision. 
          JA:  I'm afraid you have, Mr. Schuster.

          KM:  I'm his brother, Claire.  You don't have to pretend with 
          CM:  But I don't have to cut Vincent's throat to satisfy any 
               brotherly need of yours, either.

Blood ailment.
Amy Warren, only mentioned.
Dr. Vincent Markham-Leslie Nielsen.
Kenneth Markham-Leslie Nielsen.
Ralph, terminated mill worker-uncredited.