Episode 100.

          Dr. Claire Morton meets Vincent's twin brother.

WA:       Vincent and Kenneth Markham have come to Peyton Place.  Vincent 
          Markham has lived his life in the world of compassionate 
          medicine.  A life of service, of dedication.  But as he 
          approaches middle years he remains a twin.  In his mind, only 
          one half of a complete human being. 

Intro:    Waterfall, town square. 
          A 1957 Ford drives by the bank.

Written by Sonya Roberts and Lionel E. Siegel
Directed by Ted Post

Scene 1:  The phone rings in Dr. Vincent Markham's room 206 at the 
          Colonial Post Inn.  A call from a Mr. Ferguson in Philadelphia.  
          The operator has made a mistake because the call is actually 
          for Kenneth Markham.  Dr. Vincent Markham admonishes her and 
          slams the phone down. 

Scene 2:  Kenneth Markham is having breakfast with Dr. Rossi at the 
          Colonial Post Inn.  Norma, the waitress, comes over and Vincent 
          asks her to instruct the switchboard to put his call through to 
          him in the Restaurant.  Rossi asks Norma for his check.  
          Kenneth tells Rossi that he is going to set up a foundation for 
          him.  Dr. Markham tells the waitress that he can be reached at 
          Dr. Rossi's office. 

Scene 3:  In Doctors Hospital, Rossi introduces industrialist Kenneth 
          Markham to Dr. Claire Morton.  She asks why Kenneth wanted to 
          meet her.  Rossi's phone rings and it is Ferguson who tells him 
          $110 thousand a year is available for the foundation. 

Scene 4:  David Schuster comes into his office and tells Julie he was 
          tied up in traffic.  She has a report for him.  The wording is 
          rather strong and Julie offers to retype it with softer 
          language.  [This was before the days of word processors.]  She 
          tells Schuster that Rodney Harrington is waiting to see him.  
          She begins typing.  She goes in the inner office and asks him 
          why he is always comparing himself to Leslie Harrington.  She 
          uses the expression Monday's Heroes in reference to Schuster 
          and Harrington.  As Julie is leaving, Rodney comes in.  
          Schuster hires Rodney. 

Scene 5:  At the Book Gallery, Constance is talking with Elliot.  Elliot 
          is typing a letter to the editor.  Norman comes in to talk 
          with Elliot.  Norman asks Elliot what he knows about what 
          happened to Rita the night of the prom.  Elliot doesn't give 
          him much information.  Norman leaves. 

Scene 6:  On the square, David Schuster talks with Allison.  He takes 
          hold of her wrist.  Elliot is watching from the Book Gallery.  
          Allison says to give her love to Kim.  

Scene 7:  Allison goes back into the Book Gallery and tells them that 
          David Schuster didn't know that Allison wasn't going to take 
          care of Kim anymore.  Doris had not told him.  Constance says 
          that Allison will get over it.  Constance meant get over Kim.  
          Elliot meant Schuster.  Elliot tells Constance he doesn't like 
          the way Schuster touched her. 

Preview:  Elliot talks with Matthew.  Schuster talks with Rodney.  Leslie 
          talks with Rodney on the phone. 

          EC:  Under attack, Schuster is going to have to reveal the kind 
               of a man he is.  He's going to have to defend his actions 
               and his ideas. 
          MS:  This letter could cause trouble.  
          EC:  But what if it's the truth? 

          DS:  I've never have eaten crow.  I don't think I'd like it. 
          SC:  But if that were the only thing on the menu?  
          DS:  I'd go to another restaurant. 
          RH:  Dad, I want our name to be respected again.  
          LH:  I never intended to leave that burden with you, Rod.  
          RH:  Well, my name is Harrington, too, you know.

Norma, a Colonial Post Inn waitress-uncredited.
Monday's hero.
Schuster hires Rodney.